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«Crazy Leveling System (Web Novel) - Chapter 838

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Chapter 838

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Since Yi Tianyun became the Tower Lord, he began to add and change the existing rules inside the Tower and even appointed the Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s descendants as the Deacon and Elder of the Tower! However, the Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s descendants didn’t kick anyone out of the Tower and instead welcomed them with open arms. Ancient Netherworld Divine Nation was declining now in terms of number, so it was necessary to replenish their number again!

At the same time, the Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower’s rule has changed, and anyone could enter and exit the Tower at will without any limitation. Meaning that one wouldn’t lose their Flame Imprint if they chose to leave the Tower!

Now, the rest of the problem in the Tower was handled by Fan Hongde as Yi Tianyun didn’t know how the Tower should operate. Yi Tianyun chose not to partake in the Tower’s management as he saw that Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s descendants had more rights to do that!

Yi Tianyun then walked towards Tower Lord’s Palace and began checking the loot that he got from killing all those Evil Spirit Race. Furthermore, he also had a Gift pack that he could open now, which was the Gift Pack that he got after breaking through to the Divine King stage!

“Open level 81 Gift Pack!” Yi Tianyun said to himself.


‘Successfully opened Level 81 Gift Pack!’

‘Reward: X150 Exp Card, X20 CP Card, X20 Sp Card, 50% Shop Discount, Shop purchase clearance, Ring Equipment Slot!’

“Is that it? what about the next Gift Pack?” Yi Tianyun said as he was confused by the content of the Gift Pack that he had just opened. The content was amazing, Yi Tianyun could say that for sure, but he usually got a new Gift Pack every time he opened one, but he didn’t get one this time! The Shop Purchase clearance was probably to reset his purchased item back to its original price!

He would be able to buy the Exp Card back at its original price, which obviously made Yi Tianyun excited! But no matter how many questions Yi Tianyun was asking towards the System, he didn’t get any answer! For now, Yi Tianyun had to be content for not getting a new Gift Pack!

“Did the system stop giving me gift packs after I reach Divine King Stage?” Yi Tianyun said while frowning, but he quickly set that aside as he had to check another reward. He couldn’t do anything about it as he didn’t have any say in the reward that he got from the System.

He checked his status and noticed that the Exp required for level up was at 600 billion points. It was a relief as the required Exp only went up by 100 billion, instead of 400 billion like the last time. This was still acceptable as it was not such a huge margin like last time. However, 600 billion Exp was not a small amount nonetheless.


‘Successfully creating an alliance with Flower Rock Empire!’

‘Reward: 3 billion Exp, 300.000 Cps, 150.000 Sps, …’

The alliance notification suddenly shattered the silence. It seemed his Heavenly Clouds Empire was working hard as ever in the Mortal World to form an alliance for the sake of fighting the Evil Spirit Race in the future! He believed that the Mortal World would be able to put an end to the entire Evil Spirit Race there in the near future!


‘Divine General Hua Yiuca successfully breakthrough to the next level!’

‘Reward: 800.000 Exp, 10.000 Cps, 5.000 Sps.’


‘Divine General Luo Xue successfully breakthrough to the next level!’

‘Reward: 600.000 Exp, …’


‘Divine …’

A new notification popped up, and it was about the Divine General that successfully breakthrough to the next stage of their cultivation. It was a nice addition of Exp for Yi Tianyun, but it rarely appeared. Surely, once they got to breakthrough once more, Yi Tianyun would get more Exp!

“I should find something to do now!” Yi Tianyun said as he walked towards the Material Room. He came to the Medicinal Ingredient room as it had a lot of precious items inside. Among them, Soul Accumulating Grass was in abundance, but it wasn’t really useful for Yi Tianyun right now as the Exp he gained from them was too little compared to the amount he needed.

Furthermore, if he wanted to forcefully gain Exp through the Soul Accumulating Grass, the Tower didn’t have enough Soul Accumulating Grass to achieve such a goal! It wouldn’t even level him up once!

“Use the Mastery Point to level up Pill Refining Proficiency!” Yi Tianyun said to himself.


‘Successfully consumed 10 million Mastery Point and 5 Million Sin Point to level up Pill Refining Proficiency to Peak Grandmaster stage! Levelling up to Creator Rank would require 30 Million Mastery Point! Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised as he found out that Sin Point could be used as a mastery point. Moreover, he had enough Sin Point to buy another suit now, but still, he couldn’t buy the Evil Demon God Set yet!

“Start Pill Refining!” Yi Tianyun said as he took out his furnace and refined the materials he needed to create a good Spiritual Medicine. He planned to create at least the 6th Refinement Stage pills to strengthen his people later, especially the 12 Golden Hairpins, as they had a clear goal to follow.

It was his reason to level up his Pill Refining Proficiency as he wanted to refine high-grade medicinal pills for his generals! And so, Yi Tianyun’s gruelling Pill Refining time has begun. He managed to refine so many medicinal pills in a few days without any sleep in between.

Because of how thorough he hunted for the Evil Spirit Race earlier, Yi Tianyun had so much Flame Imprint that he started to exchange them for many useful materials. He also made a lot of Evil Spirit Race Necklace in between as he knew that the normal cultivator would need it to distinguish the Evil Spirit Race from the normal humans.

Just like what he did in the Mortal World, he had to share and distribute the Evil Spirit Race necklace to everyone in Ghost World to make sure that the Evil Spirit Race couldn’t proliferate anymore! It was impossible to think that the Evil Spirit Race would change their way in the future as aggression was in their blood!

Unless their homeland was destroyed, Yi Tianyun doubted that they would stop harassing the Three Realms! At the same time, there was a change outside of the Tower. The news about Yi Tianyun’s feat had spread to the Ghost World area, and the people were shocked to know that Yi Tianyun was connected to the Phoenix Clan!

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