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«Crazy Leveling System (Web Novel) - Chapter 684

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Chapter 684

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“What, an intruder?” the Elders of Heavenly Plum God Clan was confused with Great Elder Mei’s situation, but they immediately stared at Yi Tianyun and sensed the murderous aura that was coming out of Yi Tianyun. Everyone could see Jiang Yi and Elder Wan’s scared face, but they couldn’t really tell how an intruder could enter the Heavenly Plum God Clan palace. Did Jiang Yi bring him in?

They knew that Yi Tianyun’s cultivation was really high. After all, even the Great Elder couldn’t even deal with him.

“Yes, he is the intruder! He even killed my son!” Great Elder Mei said as she held Young Master Mei’s body in her arms.

The elders observed the Young Master Mei’s body, and they really couldn’t sense any trace of aura coming out of his body. It was unfortunate that he didn’t have the same protection as his mother. Otherwise, he might’ve survived Yi Tianyun’s attack!

“Wow, you aren’t just an ordinary vengeful woman, but also a liar! I already told you that if you didn’t block my path, you wouldn’t receive this much damage!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. He then turned his attention towards Elder Wan, “You may want to persuade them to back off. Otherwise, your Heavenly Plum God Clan would lose so many elders at one time here.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Although Yi Tianyun didn’t mind killing these people, he didn’t want to do it without warning. Young Master Mei was an exception as he really pushed Yi Tianyun’s patience!

“Elders, he is an intruder, but he didn’t come here for our treasure, so please calm down for a moment!” Elder Wan said as she was scared of what Yi Tianyun could do. She knew that Yi Tianyun could kill everyone here with ease, and thus the only one that would suffer a significant loss here was just Heavenly Plum God Clan in the end.

“Elder Wan, are you seriously trying to defend the criminal? Are you betraying us for this man? Or maybe you are the one who brought him in here in the first place?” Great Elder Mei said irrationally. She was so desperate to pit everyone against Yi Tianyun as she didn’t care about what happened to everyone after that any longer. She even branded Elder Wan as the traitor as she didn’t want her plans to be stopped!

“You have to kill the intruder! Ignore this traitor!” Great Elder Mei said maniacally. At the same time, more Elders and Deacons arrived the scene and because Great Elder Mei’s status was way higher than Elder Wan, people start to ignore her.

“What happened here?” a middle-aged man flew over and saw Young Master Mei on his mother’s arm, his face suddenly turn pale. “Who killed him?” he asked coldly.

“Qingyuan, it was him! He killed our child!” Elder Mei cried on the man’s arm.

“You! Who are you? How dare you killed my child on my ground!” Mei Qingyuan said coldly as he released a chilling killing intent.

“I didn’t do it out of contempt! I just want to bring back my aunt, but he insisted on getting in my way! I already warned you guys beforehand, so it’s not my fault if you decide not to heed my warning. Your son and woman were stupid enough to cross my path!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. He didn’t really care about this man, as this world was better off without people like his son and wife over there.

“How dare you!” Mei Qingyuan shouted as he immediately signalled for everyone to assume their battle stance. He could order everyone right now because he was the temporary Lord of Heavenly Plum God Clan. The real Lord has retired, and the Heavenly Plum God Clan still couldn’t find any respectful Lord right now.

“I don’t care what you’re here for, but the thing that matters now is that you killed my son! You will be executed here for breaking our sacred boundaries and killed one of us! I will not let any of you leave!” Mei Qingyuan said coldly.

In an instant, the elders were moving in formation, and some of them were flying in the air, surrounding Yi Tianyun from all directions. The Heavenly Plum began to light up at the same time. The little plum blossomed on the top started to blossom and releasing a rose fragrance all over the place. It was the Great Array that was covered with a strong Divine Rune and protected this place!

The entire Heavenly Plum God Clan’s palace was covered with an energy barrier in an instant, preventing anyone from leaving this place! The Great Array wasn’t made only to keep people out but also to prevent people from leaving. The Plum Blossom Tree lighted up as a response, brightening the entire Heavenly Plum God Clan.

But Yi Tianyun’s expression was still indifferent as he wasn’t afraid of something like this.

“Heavenly Plum God technique?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently as he observed everything with his Appraisal Eye.

Heavenly Plum God Array: A Great Array that was built on countless Tianmei, it had the effect of blocking attacks and preventing the enemy from escaping. With the place became all bright from the lights of Heavenly Plum Tree, no one could hide! Heavenly Plum Tree could also attack with a formidable ice attack, mobilizing the nearby Ice Spiritual Energy.

“Tianyun! This Great Array power is truly strong! Not even Saint King Expert can escape from it!” Shi Xueyun said worriedly.

“Well, let us see what happened after I tried withstanding it for the first time!” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face. He wasn’t afraid at all as he already knew about this Great Array from the start. He already expected this Great Array would be activated to prevent him from leaving with Shi Xueyun.

But the problem here wasn’t this Great Array. The people of the Heavenly Plum God Clan were so obsessed to capture him that they even trapped themselves here with him!

It was clear that these people couldn’t think clearly about what they were doing!

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