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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 2274: Heishan Race! Heishan Emperor Physique!

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Chapter 2274: Heishan Race! Heishan Emperor Physique!

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Indeed, it’s excellent. Is this a healing pill with 100% efficacy?” Yizang Xinnuo suddenly thought of something and looked at Wang Teng in surprise.

Yes!” Wang Teng nodded, not hiding anything.

“100% efficacy! Such pills are rarely seen. Brother Han, you gave me one to take.” Yizang Xinnuo was somewhat moved.

“No problem, I have plenty of them.” Wang Teng said casually.

Yizang Xinnuo thought Wang Teng was joking. Such pills must be extremely precious, and he couldn’t have many of them.

If Wang Teng knew what she was thinking, he would only say one thing - don’t overthink it, beautiful lady!

“Brother Han, you’re being unfair. How can you give one to Xinnuo and not to me?” Shouzang Caiyun pretended to be sad.

“Cough, if you need it, I can give you one too.” Wang Teng looked at the “drama queen” in front of him, coughed, and took out a pill, handing it to her.

“Hehe, thank you so much, Brother Han.” Shouzang Caiyun happily swallowed the pill, her eyes revealing a hint of surprise.

A100% efficacy pill was indeed extraordinary!

“That black-horned youth was quite ruthless. I didn’t expect him to be so vicious to both of you beauties,” Wang Teng shifted the topic and couldn’t help but tease.

Yizang Xinnuo seemed to recall some unpleasant memories and snorted lightly, saying, “He’s too arrogant. He even wanted us to be his maids. Unfortunately, he’s not even a match for you, Brother Han.”

“That’s right, he’s too arrogant. In the end, he was defeated by Brother Han.” Shouzang Caiyun nodded in agreement.

“Cough, I also won by a stroke of luck,” Wang Teng said, seeing the admiration in the eyes of the two women.

“Luck or not, we understand,” Yizang Xinnuo and Shouzang Caiyun looked at each other and laughed in unison.

Wang Teng:…

Luck or not, we understand,” Yizang Xinnuo and Shouzang Caiyun looked at each other and laughed in unison.

Wang Teng nodded, scanned the area, and collected all the attribute bubbles before leaving with the two women.

Yizang Xinnuo quickly brought Wang Teng to an estate and said, “Brother Han, this is where 1 live. If you don’t mind, you can stay here for now.”

“Your estate? How can I accept this?” Wang Teng replied.

“It’s nothing. You’re our honored guest, and the elders arranged for us to take good care of you. There’s no place more convenient than here.” Yizang Xinnuo insisted.

“In that case, I won’t be too polite,” Wang Teng nodded.

Come in quickly,” Yizang Xinnuo smiled and opened the gate, leading the way. Inside the estate, a group of servants was already waiting. Seeing them arrive, they respectfully greeted.


“Alright.” Yizang Xinnuo nodded and asked, “How is the room I asked you to prepare?”

“It’s all set!” A woman who seemed like the housekeeper stepped forward and respectfully said, “Please follow me.”

They went directly to the second floor of the estate, and the woman opened the door to a room.

Brother Han, this is your room. Our rooms are right next to yours. If you need anything, just call us,” Yizang Xinnuo said.

“Thank you!” Wang Teng was surprised. These two actually arranged his room right next to theirs. Wasn’t this a test?

“As for this lady…” Yizang Xinnuo hesitated and looked at the woman who had been following Wang Teng.

“I’m sharing a room with him,” Tracy replied calmly.

Yizang Xinnuo and the others exchanged a slightly strange glance between them.

Cough, this is Xinnuo’s place. It’s very safe. You don’t need to follow me.” Wang Teng couldn’t help but cough.

Tracy frowned. She wanted to say something.

“Go ahead,” Wang Teng glanced at her and said calmly.

“Okay!” Tracy’s heart skipped a beat seeing his reaction and she chose not to say more.

“Let’s arrange a room for this aunt too,” Yizang Xinnuo said to the housekeeper at the side.

“Aunt?” Wang Teng grinned.

Tracy shot a glance at Yizang Xinnuo, and a glint of cold light flashed in her eyes.

Wang Teng immediately signaled her with his eyes, transmitting a message,

“Don’t be impulsive! Don’t be impulsive!”

“Hmph!” Tracy snorted coldly and followed the housekeeper.

A sly smile appeared on Yizang Xinnuo’s face.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but feel speechless. A woman’s scheming was scary. “Brother Han, we’re going to rest now, and we won’t disturb you,” Yizang Xinnuo said.

“You go ahead, don’t worry about me,” Wang Teng replied.

The two women left, leaving Wang Teng alone to rest.

He entered the room, closed the door, and released his spiritual power to sweep through every corner. After confirming the safety of the room, he didn’t retract his spiritual power. Instead, he created a protective barrier in the room to prevent external probing.

Then, he sat cross-legged on the bed, closed his eyes slowly, and his consciousness entered the attributes board.

While collecting the attribute bubbles earlier, he noticed that he seemed to have picked up some extraordinary ones.

These attribute bubbles were from the black-horned youth!

Divine Level Lightning Talent*12ooo

Divine Level Fire Talent*8ooo

Divine Level Earth Talent*ioooo

Heishan Emperor Physique*3ooo

Three-Colored Light*5ooo

Cosmos Realm Spirit*i3ooo

Universe Realm Enlightenment*H5oo

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