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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 2033 This Is The Correct Way To Hunt For Treasure! (1)

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Chapter 2033 This Is The Correct Way To Hunt For Treasure! (1)

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The space ring landed in Wang Teng’s hand. His spiritual power surged out and entered the space ring.



The spiritual imprint left by the universe-stage martial warrior before him shattered immediately.

After all, this individual had been dead for a long time, and the spiritual imprint inside had corroded over time, becoming extremely weak. With Wang Teng’s spiritual power, he could easily break through it.

Very soon, the situation in the space ring appeared before Wang Teng’s eyes.

Weapons, energy stones, various types of pills sealed in jade bottles, as well as various spiritual herbs, ores, and more. The collections of a universe-stage martial warrior were indeed not to be underestimated.

Wang Teng glanced at the forehead of the Giant Horn Race martial warrior.

What a pity.

His consciousness was destroyed and the small world in his body was probably destroyed. Most of its contents were lost in an unknown space, making them impossible to retrieve.

Some universe-stage martial warriors, before their deaths, would leave their created small worlds sealed somewhere, waiting for someone with an affinity to discover them.

However, if a universe-stage martial warrior met a violent death, their small world would generally not be preserved. It would either be thoroughly plundered or self-destructed, leaving nothing for their enemies.

The universe-stage martial warrior before him had been killed with his consciousness pierced, resulting in the collapse of his small world, which had vanished into the void.

Far away, Guang Yu was held back by the shadowy attacks and couldn’t attend to anything else.

Wang Teng turned around, displaying a genial smile. “Senior Guang Yu, I’ve obtained the space ring. I’ll go ahead.”


Guang Yu was drenched in cold sweat, with multiple wounds covering his body, all caused by the shadowy attacks. Waves of shadowy power entered his body, blocking the flow of his Force, and making his situation even more dire. When he heard Wang Teng’s words, he couldn’t hold back any longer and spurted blood, his face as pale as paper.

In the end, he not only got duped but also gained nothing.

It was infuriating!

“Oh, my god! He’s coughing up blood!” Wang Teng couldn’t help but exclaim, deeply shocked. He reflected on whether he had gone too far.

“Leader!” Ran Qian and the others, from a distance, witnessed this scene, and their expressions turned pale.

“Leader, the space ring has been taken by him. You need to retreat immediately!” Ran Qian urgently shouted.

Guang Yu was in a difficult situation at this moment. If he could retreat, he would have done so a long time ago. Why would he stay here and struggle for fun?

No, it was not fun at all!

He was on the verge of tears!

What were these shadowy attacks, and why were they so troublesome?

He cursed himself for his recklessness, charging in so close and allowing the shadowy attacks to surge suddenly, leaving him with no opportunity to retreat.

Wan Dong and the others looked at Guang Yu’s current state and couldn’t help but feel some sympathy. Being tricked like this would make anyone question their life choices.

How tragic!

Wang Teng leisurely made his way back, forming a stark contrast with Guang Yu. He was in no hurry and still had some attribute bubbles to collect.

Shadow Domain*450

Shadow Domain*520

Shadow Domain*400

Huh? There are a lot of attributes this time! Wang Teng was surprised. Was it because he was closer to the corpse? The closer he was, the more attributes there were.

Guang Yu thought Wang Teng was taunting him, deliberately moving so slowly, which made him tremble with anger.

However, Wang Teng didn’t have time to pay attention to him and continued collecting attribute bubbles.

After some time, he glanced at the attributes board.

Shadow Domain: 200/3000 (third-rank)

In just a short amount of time, Wang Teng’s mastery of the Shadow Domain had reached the third level, a significant improvement.

In his mind, various insights about the Shadow Domain kept emerging, giving him a deep understanding of its power.

The deeper his insights became, the more amazed Wang Teng was by the incredible capabilities of the Shadow Domain.

The shadowy attacks he faced were only the majority basic manifestations of the domain’s power. There were other aspects of the domain’s power that had not yet been showed in this place. This domain was originally established by some powerful figure and attached to those black rods. After so many years, it had nearly been depleted.

Even so, it was still powerful. Even a heaven-stage martial warrior like Guang Yu, who came from the Stellar Academies, was having a hard time.

Even if two or three more martial warriors came, it might be able to hold them back.

Of course, if they worked together, they would still be able to destroy this domain. That would depend on how smart they were.

Wang Teng silently considered the changes in the domain, pondering who might have left behind this Shadow Domain.

The nature of this Shadow Power was peculiar. It felt somewhat similar to the abilities of the dark apparitions but also exhibited distinct differences.

Were the two connected in some way?

Or was this Shadow Power belong to a certain special dark apparition race?

Wang Teng believed he had a good understanding of the dark apparitions, but in reality, his knowledge might not be as comprehensive as he thought. There were still many mysteries and secrets surrounding the dark apparitions that remained hidden from most.

The dark apparitions were already mysterious beings, and even scholars who specialized in studying them might not have a complete understanding of their nature.

“Well, let’s take it one step at a time. First, I’ll collect some gains, as they’re all mine anyway,” Wang Teng sighed, shook his head, and stopped dwelling on it. He continued to collect attribute bubbles.

Guang Yu was on the verge of collapse. The sheer number of shadowy attacks was one thing, but the invasive shadowy energy within his body was a greater threat. He couldn’t expel or suppress it, and continuing in this state would only result to his demise.

Now, he was almost unable to hold on, his face contorted with agony, and his eyes showed a sense of desperation.


Ran Qian and the others had observed his condition. They shifted swiftly, ready to rush in and assist.

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