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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 1347 Time Freeze, Save Them! (3)

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Chapter 1347 Time Freeze, Save Them! (3)

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Wang Teng wouldn't give the elder apparition any opportunity to succeed. His confidence grew once he was sure the three robots could withstand the bashing, so he continued attacking the enemy with the robots coordinated moves.

Of course, he wouldn't send the three robots to go head-to-head with the apparition. It would be a useless strategy and the robots would be even more damaged.

They could cross the line where they would become unusable.

Wang Teng was now adopting a long-range attack, maintaining some distance from Bare Brain. He kept bombarding from afar to harass the latter.

General Cameron was the main force. He took note of the creature's weaknesses and dealt a severe blow.

Bare Brain was put in a spot by the sly stratagem. He wanted to catch the three robots, yet he couldn't. Wang Teng was able to make them evade the attacks, which annoyed the former.


Roaring in frustration nonstop, he could only attack the general frantically while trying to find a point to break through.


Suddenly—a strange wave spread around Bare Brain's body and covered the surroundings.

That was his domain!

He had finally deployed it.

General Cameron's pupils shrank. Not daring to be complacent, his body emanated an overwhelming wave that also covered his surroundings.

A dark yellow domain unfolded, encompassing the nearby space.

On the other hand, Bare Brain's domain was dark red, which clashed directly with General Cameron's.


There were sounds of explosions.

“That's not a dark domain!” Wang Teng frowned. Bare Brain had always used the dark domain while he was teaching him; he didn't expect that the latter would use a different domain. Could it be that the dark red domain was even more powerful?

“Looks like the dark apparition is getting desperate to survive!” Bai Shanhou's eyes flickered as he got up. “Let's go there and have a look.”

He took Wang Teng and vanished from the spot, to reappear directly inside the general's domain.

Red and yellow glows were clashing against each other, and the powers of origin persistently tried invading each other's domains.

A universe-stage domain was different from an ordinary one, since they contained the law of origin and were much more powerful than those of ordinary martial warriors” domains.

Both Bare Brain and General Cameron used the laws of origin. Their fight turned into a confrontation of laws.

General Cameron's law of origin was the Earth Origin, while Bare Brain seemed to be using the solar dragon's origin law; the dark red power seemed to be the fusion of the Flame Origin and the Darkness Origin. It was naturally stronger.

Being able to master two origin laws had always been a measure of great talent and gifts.

The solar dragon race was a gifted race. Bare Brain had snatched a body from that race because he valued their talents and potential.

“Human, you are not my match.” Bare Brain's voice was cold. The power of origin was wrapped around his battle mace as he swung against his opponent.

General Cameron's domain was violently shaken by the attacks, as if about to shatter.

Bare Brain noticed the arrival of Wang Teng and Bai Shanhou, but he merely took a glance before dismissing them altogether. He had no fear since Bai Shanhou couldn't take action.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two domains clashed, booming sounds persisting. Wang Teng felt anxious; he tried to send the three robots to join in, but they wouldn't be of much use inside the domains.

Bare Brain scoffed, as if expecting this a long time before.

The general's expression became grimmer as time passed. He had never felt as aggrieved since he became a universe stage martial warrior.

“You will lose this battle!” the general declared.

In the end he seemed to have taken a certain decision and became ruthless. He kept mobilizing the power of origin, manifesting a surging wave in his domain.

Bai Shanhou raised an eyebrow as he looked at the general.

“What is General Cameron going to do?” Wang Teng's expression changed. He felt the violent fluctuations around him and his heart pounded.

Before Bai Shanhou could answer—Bare Brain's expression changed drastically as he roared in shock and anger, “You're crazy!”

“Hmph, I said it before. You will lose this battle.” General Cameron's expression remained unchanged. There was a flash of determination in his eyes. With the surge of origin power, the fluctuations inside the domain became even more violent, as if something horrible would happen at any time.

Wang Teng had already guessed what the general was planning to do; there was a look of shock in his face. He wanted to stop his senior, but he didn't know how.

“Let's go; it's his decision. Anyway, he might be able to live through it.” Bai Shanhou shook his head and took the young man out of the general's domain.

Both of them stepped out of the affected area, immediately appearing more than ten kilometers away. They continued to observe the battle from that vantage point!


There was a loud explosion.

Just as the pair left, the dark yellow domain exploded; a terrifying burst of energy swept out, completely engulfing the dark red domain.

Wang Teng's eyes trembled as he stared at the explosion.

It was a terrifying blast, its wake sweeping to the surroundings, even shattering Defense Planet No. 29's protective barrier.

Bai Shanhou waved a hand to manifest an invisible force and block the blast wave.

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