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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 1345 Time Freeze, Save Them! (1)

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Chapter 1345 Time Freeze, Save Them! (1)

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"Oh my god, what is that?"

Wang Teng's eyes widened when he saw Bare Brain's appearance. He was dumbfounded.

Emperor No Brain still looked like a human a while before. Now, he wasn't anything like a human anymore!

Half human, half dragon!

Is that you? My cute little dragon?


There was nothing cute about it.

Bai Shanhou was sitting on a meteorite just waiting like a mere spectator.

He didn't panic. He remained calm, even while General Cameron was being hunted.

The expert glanced in Wang Teng's direction when he arrived, then said, "You're back. What happened? Did the dragon beast escape?"

Wang Teng was taken aback for a moment, but quickly regained his senses. He nodded bitterly. "Uh… Yes. It did escape."

He wouldn't let others learn of his fortune. What if the human boss asked him for the beast corpse?

Bai Shanhou looked at him suspiciously. Something was off, as the young man's expression seemed a bit exaggerated.

"Senior, this… What's going on?" said Wang Teng to quickly change the subject, as he looked at the battle taking place in space.

Bai Shanhou's gaze changed as he replied, "That's half of the solar dragon's true form."

"Half?" Wang Teng was startled. Isn't that the complete form?

"That's right. It's exactly what you think. The devil mind apparition has only mastered half of the solar dragon's true form. He still can't transform fully," Bai Shanhou explained.

"Why?" the young one asked.

Bai Shanhou didn't mind explaining, "Well, he isn't a real solar dragon. Solar dragons have to consume their blood essence when they want to reveal their true form. Devil mind apparitions can't produce any blood essence when they occupy a solar dragon's body."

"I see." Wang Teng nodded in deep thought.


Bare Brain became extremely fast after turning into a solar dragon, catching up with the general in a blink. He swung his dark red battle mace towards him.

The mace's ominous glow slammed downwards, producing a deafening roar.

It was like a huge meteor. A dark red flame was trailing at the end of the mace, drawing a stunning trajectory in space. It was beautiful, yet dangerous.

General Cameron's pupils shrank when he saw that. He stopped evading, sending a huge blade glow soaring into the sky.

A strong origin force was imprinted on the attack, causing strange lines and marks to appear on its surface, as if engraved with runes. It looked extremely mysterious.

Powerful waves appeared at the same time; the sword kept condensing. It seemed ready to cut anything.


General Cameron shouted angrily, slashing with the blade in hand.


Both energies clashed, generating a loud sound, akin to metals colliding.

The sound reverberated in space, an invisible wake that swept outwards. All the meteorites in the vicinity were shattered, turning into cosmic dust.

Wang Teng was astounded, marveling at the power of universe-stage martial warriors!

Even the sound waves generated by their attacks were terrifying!

If that move had been launched while on a planet, lands would be wrecked and continents would sink.

Both blade and mace glows were in a deadlock. A victor had yet to be decided.

"Roar!" Bare Brain let out a roar and a dazzling red light glowed in his eyes. He then pressed down his battle mace.


The scene was like a volcanic eruption; the mace radiance's power suddenly spiked up.


Sounds of the blade glow fracturing could be heard; clear cracks appeared on its surface. It then spread at an extremely fast speed.

Wang Teng's expression changed a bit. General Cameron is going to lose!

Bai Shanhou shook his head, letting out a soft sigh.


There was a loud bang the next moment. The blade glow was shattered and General Cameron suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood. He was hurtled down, as if struck by lightning.

"Solar dragons are too powerful," Bai Shanhou said with regret, "Even if the devil mind fellow hasn't attained the dragon's complete form, Cameron would still be incapable of winning."

"Hahaha!" Bare Brain laughed and said, "Human, you can't defeat me. You will be the ones losing this battle."

General Cameron remained silent. His face was pale as he wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. He stared at the enemy coldly.

Although unwilling to admit, the apparition was much stronger after partially manifesting the solar dragon's body. It was difficult for him to match up to his strength.

Wang Teng's expression turned grim. He couldn't get involved in a battle of that level, and could only watch from the sidelines.

He looked at Bai Shanhou and realized that the latter was still extremely calm. The young hero became anxious, his scalp starting to twitch.

"Senior, do you have any techniques you can use? Otherwise, we will really lose," Wang Teng said via voice transmission.

Bai Shanhou waved a hand and relayed back, "I don't have anything like that. I can't do anything; I'm just as helpless."

Wang Teng was speechless. He was about to continue when he suddenly realized that there was something in his hand.

"I'm out of ideas. But you can use that if you have some puppet robot able to display the strength of a universe stage martial warrior," said the human expert without turning to look at his junior.

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