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«Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 995: The Part-Time Expert (11)

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Chapter 995: The Part-Time Expert (11)

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“I need to leave. Qingqiu, are you leaving?” Yellow Crane Returning West wanted to leave the moment he left the arena. Wang Heyang was called away so no one stopped him.

When Wang Heyang returned, only Ming Shu and Jiang Liu were left.

“… Where are the rest?”

“They left.”


The president was right. There must be something wrong with him.

Ming Shu walked around the arena hoping to find her snacks coupon. However, she was nowhere in sight.

Ming Shu sighed and went to the washroom.


As she came out of the washroom, a strange sound came from the safety passageway beside her. It sounded as though something fell on the ground and was dragged.

Ming Shu walked straight ahead.

Then, she suddenly placed her hand on her chest and looked back at the direction where the noise came from.

The passageway was dark. Things were strewn on the floor. A fight seemed to have happened here.

However, there was no one in the passageway. The floors below and above were quiet too.

Ming Shu turned on the light on her phone and turned it toward the floor. She found a few drops of blood on the floor among the fallen objects. It left a trail upward.

Ming Shu followed the blood. She walked through a passageway linking this building to the building beside it. After that, the blood trail disappeared.

Ming Shu frowned. She went up to the top of the building based on her instinct.

The rooftop of this building was huge. She spent some time walking around before she saw a man wearing a cleaner’s uniform pushing another man in a suit up the rooftop.

The man didn’t notice Ming Shu. He pulled the man in the suit’s leg off of the rooftop and let it dangle in the air. With a slight movement, he would be able to push the man in the suit off the rooftop.

Just as the man was about to push, he felt pain at the back of his head. He fell unconscious. However, before he fainted, he pushed the man in the suit.

Ming Shu grabbed the man in the suit. The inertia caused her to move forward too. She grabbed an object beside her and stabilized herself.

She pulled the person back. Then, she stared at the face. There were no changes in the face at all.

“Wake up.” Ming Shu slapped his face. “Hey, wake up!”

There was no reaction from the other party.

Ming Shu placed her hand on her chin and looked at the two unconscious men.

In the end, she decided to beat the man in the cleaner’s uniform and then tied him up and threw him into a cupboard on the rooftop.


“Baby Ji He, you’re here.” Yun Yu heard the sound of a door opening and came to welcome her. “How was the preliminary contest… Who… who is this?”

Yun Yu watched Ming Shu carry a man inside. She was astounded.

“I picked him up along the way.” Ming Shu threw the man on the single bed. She panted and said to Yun Yu, “Hurry up and give me some snacks.”

Yun Yu passed Ming Shu the snacks in her hand.

Yun Yu leaned toward the man and observed him. “Baby Ji He, where did you pick him up from? He is so handsome. Sigh, are you in a relationship?”

“I really picked him up,” Ming Shu ate her snacks as she explained herself.

“Oh…” Yun Yu didn’t believe her. She looked at Ming Shu mysteriously.

Ming Shu focused on eating her snacks. She was too lazy to explain herself.

Yun Yu looked at the man for a long time. She touched her chin. “Baby Ji He, what happened to him? I don’t smell any alcohol.”

“He must have been knocked unconscious.”

Yun Yu looked at Ming Shu in shock.

She suddenly rushed toward Ming Shu and grabbed her shoulders. Then, she shook her. “Baby Ji He, even if you like him, you can’t do anything illegal.”

Ming Shu hugged her snacks.

I said that I picked him up.

Yun Yu let go of her and fell into deep thought. “However, he’s handsome. It’s fine to break the law once for him.”


I don’t understand what this 2D enthusiast is thinking.

Yun Yu left because she had something to do so Ming Shu was left alone in the dormitory. The man only woke up when the sun started setting.

The man narrowed his eyes as he looked at the unfamiliar ornaments above his head.

He had a splitting headache.

He touched his head. He felt the wetness on his hands.

He took a look at his hand. It was covered with blood.

The man: “…”

He calmed himself down. He sat up immediately and looked at the only other human in the room.

The evening glow shone on the girl. She was looking outside the window. The white curtain fluttered in the wind. It entangled itself with the girl’s shadow.

Everything looked dreamy.

“Where is this?”

Ming Shu turned her head slightly. “The girls’ dormitory.”

Girls’ dormitory? The man scanned his surroundings. “Why am I here?”

“You’re kidnapped.” Ming Shu smiled. “Are you afraid?”

“I saw you at the villa before.” The man expressed that he was not easily fooled.

“I went to the villa so that I can familiarize myself with you and kidnap you, Mr. Si,” Ming Shu replied calmly.

Si Chen: “…”

Si Chen looked out of the window. He saw a familiar building. He sneered. “You kidnapped me and brought me to the school?”

Actress Ming Shu folded her arms across her chest. She raised her eyebrows and said, “Who would guess that you will be in a school?”

Si Chen: “…”

Did he really get kidnapped?

Si Chen felt around his body. His phone was on him. He took it out. The girl had no response. He tapped on his phone. She still didn’t have any response.

This little girl was trying to fool him.

There were many missed calls on his phone.

At this moment, his assistant called him again.

Si Chen wanted to answer the call, but his phone suddenly shut down.

Si Chen: “…”

It ran out of battery.

“Did you see the person that hit me?” Si Chen stood up and looked down on Ming Shu. There was a malicious expression on his face. If he wasn’t handsome, he would look like a bandit.

“I saw him.”

“Who is it?”

“Why must I tell you?” Ming Shu smiled gently.

Si Chen was unhappy. “What do you want?”

Ming Shu smiled. “I saved your life. Shouldn’t you pay with your life?”

Si Chen narrowed his eyes at her. Anger shot out of his eyes. “One million.”

“Is one million enough to buy your life? Your life is quite cheap, Mr. Si. I pulled you back from the brink of death and even wasted so many snacks for you.”

Si Chen wanted to kick something, but there was nothing for him to kick here. He resisted the urge.

He replied unhappily, “Ten million. Tell me who hit me!”

“I don’t want to tell you.”

Si Chen: “…”

His head hurt.

His body swayed and he was forced to sit back on the bed.

Ming Shu sprung up. Si Chen thought he saw a hint of worry in her eyes. He wondered if it was his imagination.

When he looked at her again, she just smiled and walked to the side.

Si Chen lost quite some blood and stood just now. Hence, he was a little dizzy.

He saw Ming Shu holding something. She pushed him onto the bed and flipped his body.

“You…” Si Chen tried to struggle, but he had no energy.

“Don’t move.” Ming Shu pinned him down.

Si Chen felt the girl pressing on his valuable head.

How dare she touch his head?

Something dripped into his wound. Si Chen gasped and fainted.

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