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«Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1283: The Path Of Apocalypse (6)

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Chapter 1283: The Path Of Apocalypse (6)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

It was the escape capsules.

All the escape capsules had exploded.

“Our spaceship…”

If the escape capsules were under the Elder’s control, then…

“Hurry up and check everything!”

Everyone rushed into the control room in fear.

Not many people stayed back. These people knew that they couldn’t help much so they just stayed put.

Bai Zhu stood together with Xing Hun. They were both silent. No one spoke to each other.

“Closing the energy system…”

A cold and mechanical voice sounded. Everyone got a shock. Their blood froze.

Sure enough…

The Elder didn’t plan to let them escape.

“Closing all the doors…”

Ming Shu grabbed Qi Yu and they rushed into the control room. The door closed behind them. Bai Zhu and Xing Hun were locked outside.

Qi Yu didn’t say anything when he was dragged in. He took over someone’s operation.

“Activate R mode.”

The voice continued speaking.

“What is R mode?” Ming Shu asked.


“Are you crazy? Why did you install a self-destruction system on all your spaceships?”

“…” I don’t have time to argue over this topic. I just know that I’m not crazy!

The people beside Qi Yu couldn’t keep up with his speed. Ming Shu took a deep breath and helped Qi Yu.

When the energy system of the spaceship got turned off, they started plummeting into the atmospheric layer.


Water spurted everywhere. The huge spaceship fell into the sea.

The sea was vast.

A few people appeared on the surface of the sea.

Ming Shu stepped on the surface of the sea as though it was land. The sea flowed underneath her.

Everyone was astounded.

The lady’s dress flowed in the wind. She smiled brightly.

The slightly glaring sunlight enveloped her.

She seemed to be shining.

The lady took out her hand. Qi Yu grabbed it. She pulled him slightly and Qi Yu landed in her arms.

Everyone: “…”

Ming Shu tried to leave with Qi Yu.

Qi Yu pulled her and pointed to the other people in the sea.

This was the sea. There were no signs of land around them. They would not be able to survive for long.

“I don’t have an obligation to save them.” The voice was gentle but the words were harsh.

Qi Yu kissed her.

“I didn’t expect you to be so kind.”

Ming Shu teased him. She was slightly puzzled too.

Qi Yu pursed his lips. Ming Shu didn’t understand the emotions in his eyes. “We have worked together for so long.”

“You don’t look like an emotional person.”

Qi Yu frowned. He softened his tone and begged her shamelessly. “Please.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Ming Shu looked through her space. Little Beastie didn’t have anything useful. In the end, she found some ropes and an object that could float in water. She asked the people to hold onto the object and dragged them to the shore.

The people felt lucky to be alive so they didn’t care about how haggard they were.

Everyone sprawled on the shore. They had no energy to talk.

Xing Hun took a deep breath and started inspecting their surroundings.


Qi Yu looked at the sky. It was blue. White clouds hung high in the sky. Occasionally, a few seagulls flew past them.

No one said anything.

Their director…

Was not back yet.

After resting for a while, someone asked, “Shall we contact the base?”

They had to return to their base quickly and save their director.

“Wait a moment.” Xing Hun stopped the person. “Don’t use your communication device. Throw away all the things on your body.”

The person understood what he meant and quickly threw away his communicator.

If he contacted their base, the Elder would be able to control the base too.

They couldn’t contact the base now, but they were able to know their position.

After all the devices were taken care of, Xing Hun drew a simple map. “We are too far away from the base. We need a transportation tool. This is the nearest city… I hope that we’re lucky.”

Ming Shu felt that everyone’s expressions were strange. Xing Hun’s words were weird too.

Someone looked at Ming Shu She could fly over the sea…

Of course, this was nothing shocking. They had seen all kinds of weird things.

If this lady didn’t cooperate with Lord Nine on the spaceship, they would have exploded along with the spaceship.

Hence, even though the man was curious, he didn’t dare to ask about the identity of this lady.

Everyone rested for a while before helping each other to get up.

Xing Hun looked at Bai Zhu. He held him up. “Are you okay?”

Bai Zhu’s face was pale. “Xing Hun, the director…”

Xing Hun said, “That’s why we need to go back as quickly as possible and find a way to rescue him. The longer we take, the more danger the director is in.”

Bai Zhu nodded. “I know.”

“Lord Nine, the director is not here so I will have to trouble you to lead everyone.” Xing Hun turned and spoke to Qi Yu. “You know that we have no right.”

Qi Yu wanted to argue with him but he only sneered.

He held Ming Shu and followed behind everyone.

“Are you hungry?” Qi Yu suddenly asked Ming Shu. He never saw her eating anything along the journey.

“I’m fine,” Ming Shu replied.

Qi Yu remembered that she was a spirit now. “Is this tiring for you? Don’t waste your energy to maintain this body.”

Ming Shu smiled. “If I don’t maintain this body, you will not be able to touch me.”

Qi Yu released her voluntarily. “I will not touch you. Don’t waste your energy.”

Maintaining the body indeed required much energy so Ming Shu listened to him.

Although Qi Yu was the one who requested Ming Shu to do this, he still felt depressed. Of course, his wife’s body was more important.

He couldn’t harm her.

Soon, Ming Shu understood why Xing Hun said those words.

The city in front of them was dilapidated and filled with debris. There seemed to be no sign of humans.

Xing Hun stood outside the city and observed it carefully. There were no movements inside the city, but everyone was on their guard.

Ming Shu asked curiously, “What are they doing?”

Qi Yu sat beside Ming Shu. He couldn’t touch her but he still wanted to stay beside her.

“There are many invaders in our world,” Bai Zhu answered. His cute face was covered with dust.

Qi Yu glared at Bai Zhu angrily.

His wife was talking to him!

How dare you answer her question!

Bai Zhu shrunk his neck and hugged his head. He didn’t dare to say anything else.

He just answered one question. What did he do wrong…

“Invaders refer to those things.” Qi Yu pointed at a huge black shadow that suddenly appeared among the debris.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “Aliens?”

They were like those ugly-looking creatures that had slimy liquids all around them.

Qi Yu replied, “Erm… this is just one kind of invader. There are many different kinds. However, aliens are intelligent and will hunt us. Hence, they are dangerous.”

Ming Shu asked, “Your world… is it Doomsday?”

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