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«Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1230: Beautiful Music (27)

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Chapter 1230: Beautiful Music (27)

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Ming Shu thought the headline tomorrow would be something like: The school beauty is suspected of being kept by a rich man.

She turned to look at the young man getting out of the car.

He wore casual clothes and just stood there, but attracted everyone else’s attention.

The world had lost color facing him.

He was the brightest scenery in the world.

“Ah! He’s so handsome!”

“So cute…”

“Who is he waiting for?”

“He is looking this way, I can feel the breath of love…”

The excited voices of the girls nearby sounded constantly.

Ming Shu took a deep breath and slowly walked over.

The young man revealed a smile on his pale face.

Ming Shu heard another round of excited screams come from behind her, as well as the sound of countless flashes going off.

Ming Shu sped up and went to stuff him into the car at one go, then closed the door, shutting out those clicking noises outside.

The bodyguards standing outside also got into the cars in turn, and the onlookers watched the motorcade drive away.

“Was that… our school beauty just now?”

“Looks like… it was.”

Lu Zhan stood behind a row of girls and looked in the direction where the cars disappeared. A moment later, he took out his phone and answered the call which had been ringing for a while.

He put the phone to his ear and didn’t say anything. About a minute later, he responded with an indifferent “en” and then hung up the phone.

In the car…

“Don’t… Don’t come out casually.” Ming Shu was a little anxious in her heart and added, “Did you see those people outside? What if you cause them to commit crimes?”

Yu Shen held Ming Shu’s hands. “But I missed you.”

If he didn’t get outside just now, she was planning to turn around and leave.

Clearly under such a situation on TV, girls would be happy enough to rush over, but she intended to turn away.

“Missed what, don’t I come back every day?”

“I can’t see you for 36,000 seconds a day.”


Ming Shu glared at him.

Why was he so needy!

Something was not right…

He had been so needy all the time.

Ming Shu covered her forehead. She wanted a refund, where could she refund?

Yu Shen asked caringly, “Yinyin? Are you feeling uncomfortable? Or did you not like that I came to pick you up? I just wanted to see you, you…”

Ming Shu leaned over to block his mouth. Yu Shen’s body tilted a little and they both fell down.

The car drove very steadily. Ming Shu pressed against him and kissed him for quite a while, feeling that the anxiety inside seemed to improve slightly.

“Do you remember what I said just now?”

Yu Shen’s eyelashes quivered and he nodded slightly. “I won’t go outside… I’ll only show my face to you.”

Ming Shu closed her eyes a little, breathing slightly, and blocked Yu Shen’s mouth again.

This kiss lasted so long and held so much lingering affection, but then there was a knock on the fender ahead.

“Young Master, Miss Sang Yin, we’re here.”

Ming Shu smiled and kissed his red lips several more times, getting up from him and getting out of the car first.

Yu Shen glared at the fender in the front. When he went to pick her up, the road was clearly very long, why did it become so short on the way back?

Yu Shen lowered his head. Because Old Master Wen was at home, he followed after Ming Shu obediently.

Somewhere, KTV…

No one knew what kind of demons and ghosts lurked in the dim environment.

Yi Jiaojiao was taken to a box by someone, eyes covered by a blindfold. When the blindfold was taken off, it took a while for her to get used to the environment.

“Miss Yi, please have a seat.”

Yi Jiaojiao looked around. The man who spoke sat in the middle, and there were people all around the room.

She went to the man’s left and sat down. “Mister Hu, is this how you treat your guest?”

Mr. Hu laughed. “Apologies, Miss Yi, it’s just in case. I’ll drink a glass for self punishment!”

Mr. Hu drank a glass of wine racily.

Yi Jiaojiao had to let it pass. “Mr. Hu, what did you invite me here for?”

Mr. Hu: “Miss Yi, how did it go about what we discussed last time?”

Yi Jiaojiao: “I’ve approached the Supernatural Power Administration. If you don’t have any important things to discuss, Mr. Hu, you’d better not contact me.”

Mr. Hu lit a cigar and his expression gradually turned gloomy. “Recently the Mountain and Sea Gang has been rooted out by the Supernatural Power Administration. As you know, organizations like us have always been thorns in those people’s side. Who knows if it’s our turn next time.”

After finishing the above sentence, Mr. Hu paused, and the person beside him passed him a piece of paper.

Mr. Hu pushed the paper to Yi Jiaojiao’s front.

“This thing, Miss Yi, I hope you can get it ASAP.”

Yi Jiaojiao unfolded the paper with an unchanged expression. It was a drawn box.

“What is this?”

“You don’t need to know that, Miss Yi, you only need to take this from the Supernatural Power Administration.” Mr. Hu smiled. “Then, you’ll get back your own thing, Miss Yi.”

Yi Jiaojiao walked out of the room and clenched the paper in her hand.

If she hadn’t been caught last time, how could her most important thing fall into these people’s hands.

If not, how could she be controlled by others.

Thinking of what the situation was at that time, Yi Jiaojiao couldn’t help but get angry. She could have escaped, it was all because of Sang Yin!

Ming Shu had the monthly exam, so she could only take Yu Shen out for a trip after that. It happened to be the national day holiday after the exam.

But before Ming Shu had time to do that, she received an invitation from the Supernatural Power Administration.

Ming Shu didn’t quite understand why the Supernatural Power Administration would send such an invitation to a common person like her.

[Guest, please be a little self-conscious.]

Ming Shu: “???” I’m not self-conscious enough? Am I not a common person?

[…] Okay, Guest, you’re over acting now!

Not only did Ming Shu receive the invitation, Yu Shen received it as well.

Yu Shen explained, “The Supernatural Power Administration will organize such events every once in a while. First, they want to master the mutants’ dynamic conditions; second, the mutants can use the opportunity to meet each other; third, the mutants can learn from each other in fights. So most of the attendees are young mutants.”

“Then why did they invite me? I don’t have supernatural power.”

Yu Shen thought for a moment. “So can we not go?”

In that case, she could take him out…

Ming Shu thought it could be like that. Anyway, there was no reason for her to go. Could she go and remove the Supernatural Power Administration?

They were official!

I would be hunted down throughout the country, wouldn’t I?

Just as Ming Shu was about to refuse the invitation, her chef sent a message and asked her if she should go.

Her chef…

She also sent Ming Shu a list, which should be an internal list. She only sent a small part over and circled her own name.

But Ming Shu’s eyes slid down to the bottom and saw the only half-photographed but easily recognizable name.

Yi Jiaojiao.

She would go as well?

Ming Shu was still thinking about it when the picture was suddenly withdrawn.

Zhuang Mengmeng sent a crying emoji over and said she was going to be scolded.

Such a name list was not allowed to leak. Zhuang Mengmeng probably saw it through Fu Yubo.

Yi Jiaojiao would go…

Since the walking Hatred Points would go, would it be too disrespectful to her Hatred Points if she didn’t go?

Ming Shu looked at Yu Shen, who was staring at her with anticipation.

“We should… go.”

A wisp of disappointment flashed across Yu Shen’s eyes.

“Didn’t they say it was a small island?” Ming Shu said. “Let’s just take it as a vacation.”

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