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«Circle of Inevitability (Web Novel) - Chapter 606 Faith Conversion

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Chapter 606 Faith Conversion

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At 8 a.m., in the prayer room on the third floor of the cabin, Lugano stepped in. Father Montserrat, draped in a brown priest’s robe, was already preaching. Five or six individuals were scattered in the rows of chairs before the Sacred Emblem of Life.

Without disturbing the sanctified ambiance, Lugano chose a spot at the front, near a supplicant.

As Father Montserrat concluded his sermon and closed the Holy Bible, the supplicants rose, spread their feet, and raised their palms high, chanting in unison, “Praise the Earth, praise the Mother of All Things!”

Lugano instinctively turned his head, noticing a tightly-wrapped up supplicant with brown eyes and a pale complexion in the same row—Enio, the special patient who had lost his internal organs.

H-he’s not dead? Wait, isn’t the evil warlock, Prinpino, supposed to be dead? Why is Enio, the special patient, still alive? Lugano was stunned, almost convinced he’d encountered a ghost.

Being a Sequence 8 of the Planter pathway, he was ill-equipped to handle ghosts.

But then, Lugano observed that Enio’s face wasn’t as deathly pale as before. The brilliance in his eyes had returned, and vitality coursed through him.

Wh… Lugano raised his hand, tapping his glabella to activate his Spirit Vision.

He observed Enio’s Ether Body, no longer as ashen as before. Whether it be the yellow hue symbolizing the digestive system, the orange hue denoting detoxification and organ excretion, or other shades, they had reverted to a semblance of normalcy, albeit faint and thin.

Is that even possible? Hadn’t he lost his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, intestines, stomach, and kidneys? Lugano stared at Enio as though he were an aberration until Enio pivoted and pleasantly recognized him.

“Doctor, your treatment works wonders. I feel like I’m recovering!” Enio exclaimed joyously.

And this was just the initial treatment sans pinpointing the specific cause!

Lugano’s lips twitched stiffly.

“That’s reassuring, indeed.”

“Are you also a follower of Earth Mother?” Enio beamed, pleasantly surprised.

I’m not. Spare me the talk of Mother God or Mother… As an Intisian, how can I subscribe to the Earth Mother faith? Lugano gestured toward Montserrat, evading a direct response.

“I need to discuss matters with the priest.”

Enio nodded.

“When can I seek further treatment in the morning?”

You don’t require treatment anymore. It’s time for recuperation and repose… Lugano grumbled, forcing a smile.

“In about an hour.”

“Thank you, Doctor!” Enio waved, exiting the prayer room.

When only Lugano and Father Montserrat remained, Lugano hushed his voice, gesturing toward the door.

“H-how was he healed?”

Father Montserrat, still relatively youthful with sincere eyes, smiled and responded, “Thanks to Earth Mother, his fortune was favorable.

“As a Doctor yourself, you must be aware that internal organs can be transplanted as long as they maintain a certain level of vitality. For the ritual to succeed, Prinpino utilized his Beyonder powers to sustain the vitality of those internal organs. Moreover, the set he employed was extracted from Enio, eliminating the need to consider transplant rejection effects.

“Furthermore, Enio remained alive, relying on mystical power to uphold a certain level of vitality. This was a crucial factor.”

“Did you perform surgery on him last night and transplant all his internal organs back?” Lugano was enlightened.

Father Montserrat nodded.

“For regular surgeons, this is an operation with nearly zero chances of success. Even if successful, keeping the patient alive long enough to navigate the most perilous stage is challenging. However, for us, it falls within our capabilities.”

Indeed… Compared to ordinary surgeons, Beyonder Doctors like us wield mystical powers akin to miracle-workers… Lugano sighed, dismissing further concern about Enio. Turning to Montserrat, he inquired with worry, “Father, I heard a baby crying again.

“Has that so-called Child of God set his sights on me?”

Father Montserrat reassured him, “Fear not. It’s an inevitable repercussion of the corresponding corruption. It will gradually dissipate over time. If you’re concerned about any unforeseen events or accidents on your path, I can help you eliminate them now.”

Is that so? You’re merely a Sequence 8 Doctor. Do you possess the capability to rid me of the remaining corruption? Set up an altar and seek Earth Mother’s aid? Lugano remained skeptical.

“Thank you, Father!”

Montserrat gestured toward Lugano’s previous spot.

“Follow the believers’ example. Close your eyes, listen to my preaching, and simultaneously, pray to Earth Mother. Remember, it’s specifically to Earth Mother, no other deity.”

“Understood.” Lugano resumed his seat, crossed his arms, and shut his eyes.

As Father Montserrat delivered his sermon, Lugano silently echoed the verses of the Holy Bible. Gradually, his thoughts blurred, and amidst the discourse, Lugano discerned a mother’s gentle murmur and felt the comforting warmth of her embrace.

His tense heart eased, reminiscent of seeking solace in his mother’s arms after childhood bullying.

It was a blend of dependency, reliance, and a sanctuary for the mind.

Unbeknownst to him, tears trickled down Lugano’s cheeks, as if purifying his body and soul.

Slowly, his emotions settled, dispelling the fear and unease.

“Done.” Father Montserrat’s voice seemed to waft from the distance, reaching Lugano’s ears.

Opening his eyes, Lugano raised his right hand, wiping away the tears.

Standing up, he lifted his hands.

“Praise the Earth, praise the Mother of All Things!”

It was an almost reflexive response.

In that moment, sunlight streamed through the window, casting a faint golden glow upon the prayer room, as if heralding forthcoming abundance.

Father Montserrat nodded in satisfaction.

“Earth Mother has purged the corruption from your body. Tonight, pay attention and see if you still hear the baby’s cries.”

“Alright, Father!” Lugano replied, his body and mind now at ease.

The next morning, he awoke with a sense of happiness.

Throughout the night, he experienced no dreams of a beckoning mother, nor did he hear the cries of the so-called Child of God.

Filled with joy, Lugano, after serving Ludwig breakfast, hurried to the prayer room to share the uplifting news with Father Montserrat.

Father Montserrat gazed at him for a moment and asked with a smile, “Are you interested in embracing Mother Earth?”

“Me?” Lugano hesitated before inquiring, “Are you willing to accept the conversion of a heretic?”

Father Montserrat smiled and replied, “In the Mother’s eyes, there are no heretics. There are only children who are or are not willing to return home.”

Lugano’s heart wavered, reflecting on his past actions of merely going through the motions in cathedrals—praying, listening to preaching, and attending Mass. He hadn’t truly believed in any deity, and the Church hadn’t provided substantial assistance.

Moreover, if I truly become a believer in Earth Mother, I might gain access to subsequent potion formulas and Beyonder ingredients from the Church or the three Orders… Even if not, I’ll surely receive corresponding mysticism guidance… Lugano hesitated, finding various excuses to convince himself.

Father Montserrat patiently waited, not pressuring him. He simply smiled, anticipating Lugano’s decision.

Eventually, Lugano raised his hands.

“Praise the Earth, praise the Mother of All Things!”

He responded to Father Montserrat’s proselytization in this manner.

Father Montserrat’s smile broadened as he extended his arms.

“Welcome home.”

Those words oddly warmed Lugano’s heart. It felt as though, after years of wandering and adventuring, he had finally returned home.

Fatigue lifted, and a sense of grounding enveloped him.

“Praise Mother Earth.” Lugano crossed his arms over his chest.

Father Montserrat nodded and commenced his true preaching.

“You believe in the source of life, the mother of all things, the propagation of the fertile land, the symbol of the crimson moon and reproduction, as well as the destination and the starting point of everything…”

Lugano listened attentively, committing the information to memory.

Though not devout yet, this might become his future sanctuary. He recognized the importance of presenting his good side at all times.

Upon returning to the first-class suite, Lugano glanced nervously at Lumian, who was engrossed in studying the Southern Continent’s Dutanese, and stammered, “I-I’ve changed my faith to Earth Mother.”

As a fellow Intisian, would he despise and scorn me?

Lumian looked up and chuckled.

“Then make sure to radiate maternal brilliance. Ludwig is counting on you for some fresh fish.”

He doesn’t mind at all… Lugano mumbled, not willing to let Ludwig go hungry. He embarked on a busy day.

Late at night, after tending to Ludwig until bedtime, Lugano pondered briefly and decided to visit the prayer room.

If the door was still ajar, he intended to offer a prayer before retiring for the night.

He had to make a good impression right from the beginning!

Lugano treaded the dimly lit stairs, approaching the prayer room with cautious steps on the creaking floor.

His footfalls grew hushed, wary of disturbing those engaged in prayer and potentially interrupting Father Montserrat’s embodiment of Mother Earth’s teachings through reproductive activities with a female believer.

Reaching the door quietly, Lugano extended his right hand, gently pushing it open.

The wooden door eased ajar, revealing a small gap without a sound.

It’s not shut tight… Is he truly in the midst of reproduction? Lugano cautiously peered into the opening.

He observed the crimson moonlight enveloping the prayer room and Father Montserrat, draped in a brown priest’s robe, standing before the Sacred Emblem of Life. Folding his arms, Father Montserrat swayed gently, as if cradling a newborn child.

However, there was nothing within his embrace.

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