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«Chaotic Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2463 - The Sacred Grounds of the Legacies

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Chapter 2463: The Sacred Grounds of the Legacies

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There was an extremely wide space within the cave. The space was filled with memorial tablets for the departed.

The memorial tablets were crafted from a wondrous type of jade. They were completely snow-white and shone with a faint, white glow. There were countless of them.

Jian Chen was stunned by all the memorial tablets he saw as soon as he entered the came.

He too became extremely solemn at that moment. He slowly glanced past the memorial tablets and looked at the foreign names on them. For some reason, his heart suddenly became extremely heavy. Deep sorrow filled him.

Without any explanation, he already understood that the memorial tablets represented the past seniors of the Martial Soul lineage.

Throughout history, the Martial Soul lineage had never had more than nine successors. There were even extremely few times when eight successors appeared. Most of the time, there would be five or six of them.

Yet, with all the memorial tablets places before him, Jian Chen struggled to imagine just how lengthy the Martial Soul lineage’s history was.

Hun Zang looked at the memorial tablets with a heavy heart and said sternly, “Every single memorial tablet here represents a past senior of our Martial Soul lineage. The final mark after they die will be left here for the future people to remember.”

“However, these memorial tablets only represent a portion of our past seniors. There were some who died without leaving behind memorial tablets.”

“Our Martial Soul lineage has encountered many major disasters throughout our lengthy history. Every disaster means that all successors of our Martial Soul lineage would be killed off, leaving none alive.”

“With everyone dead, there would naturally be no one to create memorial tablets for the fallen seniors. Although many memorial tablets have been added by successors from the next generation, there are still a few seniors who are unknown by others. Naturally, it would be impossible to add their memorial tablets.”

“Some of the memorial tablets here existed in a time in history even more ancient than the current Grand Exalts. However, they were protected by the power of the Martial Soul Mountain. As such, despite the passage of so many years, these memorial tablets were never destroyed. They were maintained like they had just been created.”

“All the secret techniques of our Martial Soul lineage come from these seniors, so these seniors are the masters of every single future junior in our hearts.”

Hun Zang looked at Jian Chen and became extremely stern. He said, “Jian Chen, please pay respects to our masters with us!” With that, Hun Zang knelt down first and brought his head to the ground to pay his respects to the departed.

Chu Jian, Yue Chao, Yun Ziting, Su Qi, Bai Rufeng, and Qing Shan all knelt down one after another as well. Their faces were filled with respect.

The cultivation methods that they practised came from the owners of the memorial tablets, and many precious cultivation resources came from these past seniors as well. As a result, all of them treated these past seniors as their masters.

It was the principle of the universe for a disciple to kneel and pay respects to their master.

Jian Chen looked at the memorial tablets deeply before kneeling slowly as well to pay his respects to his masters.

Not only was he a member of the Martial Soul lineage, but he was also about to practise the cultivation method and various secret techniques from these past seniors. As a result, he had already accepted these departed masters.

It was also at this moment that Jian Chen formally became the eighth successor of the Martial Soul lineage. He referred to Hun Zang and the others as his seniors.

The memorial tablets were the masters that they all shared.

After paying his respects, Jian Chen was brought to one side of the cave under Hun Zang’s lead. He entered an obscure tunnel.

The tunnel wound around and around, plummeting straight into the ground. After walking for who knows how long, he finally arrived in a huge cavern.

The cavern was empty. Only the surrounding walls possessed various simple, engraved diagrams and inscriptions. Every single diagram and every single inscription possessed the bearing of ways. It was as if the profound laws of the world were being invoked.

“Here is the true core of our Martial Soul lineage. All our legacies are engraved on the surrounding walls. Every single inscription and every single diagram on the wall presents the cultivation method, battle skills, and various knowledge on cultivation passed down by our seniors. They’ve used a unique secret technique of our Martial Soul lineage to condense all the information into a point, forming an imprint of ways that can be passed down from each generation so that the juniors can benefit from…”

“Under the protection of the Martial Soul Mountain’s power, these imprint of ways will never vanish regardless of how much time passes. As long as our Martial Soul Mountain remains, these  imprints of ways will never vanish…”

“Everlasting imprints…” Jian Chen stared at the diagrams and inscriptions on the stone walls as his eyes shone.

“Eighth junior, many of these imprints contain introductions to Martial Soul Force and the method of use. You need to understand this area of knowledge since it’s your first time here. Once you completely understand Martial Soul Force, I’ll take you the place where you can collect Martial Soul Rock,” Hun Zang said to Jian Chen.

“Martial Soul Rock?” Jian Chen became curious as soon as he heard that.

“Hahaha, eighth junior, Martial Soul Rock is a special product of our Martial Soul Mountain. You can’t find it anywhere else aside from our Martial Soul Mountain. Martial Soul Rock is crucial if you want your Martial Soul Force to grow rapidly. However, eighth junior’s current understanding of Martial Soul Force is far too shallow. It’s nowhere near enough to use Martial Soul Force, so it’s not the time to collect Martial Soul Rock yet. You can only cultivate here for a while first.” Qing Shan chuckled from beside Jian Chen.

“Alright, let’s leave first and let eighth junior cultivate here. Don’t worry about the divine hall from the Gloomwater sect for now, eighth junior. Once you reach a certain level of cultivation with Martial Soul Force, the obstinate artifact spirit will be perfect for you to test your Martial Soul Force on…”

Hun Zang and the others left, leaving Jian Chen alone in the large cavern.

As he looked at the ancient imprints engraved in the surroundings of the cavern and sensed the power of ways within them, Jian Chen was unable to contain his excitement.

Being unable to strengthen and cultivate Martial Soul Force had once been his greatest pity. Now, he had finally come to the sacred grounds that held the legacies for Martial Soul Force. He was extremely excited over the fact that he could unconditionally view the many legacies of Martial Soul Force.

With a deep breath, Jian Chen slowly calmed himself down. After a while of hesitance, he sat down in the centre of the cavern and began to observe the ancient diagrams and inscriptions on the walls.

Hun Zang had already explained to Jian Chen in detail which regions were cultivation methods, which regions were secret techniques, and which regions were the notes on cultivation left behind by past seniors.

Jian Chen’s current usage and knowledge of Martial Soul Force remained at a rudimentary level. As a matter of fact, he did not even possess a rudimentary grasp over it, so the inscriptions he looked at first explained how to gain a basic grasp of Martial Soul Force.

The ancient inscriptions that detailed the basic knowledge of Martial Soul Force gradually blurred in his eyes. At that moment, the entire inscription seemed to become a space, a world in his eyes. The world contained vast amounts of knowledge and memories.

At this moment, the knowledge and memories had turned into a tremendous flood of information that poured into his mind.

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