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«Chaotic Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2402 - The Might of the Way of the Sword

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Chapter 2402: The Might of the Way of the Sword

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“Goldensword Beasts—limbless, sword-shaped, and extremely tough. They move through outer space at extremely great speeds and use the tip of their bodies to stab their opponents…” The information regarding the species of space beast flashed through his mind the moment he saw them.

He was no longer as ignorant as before. Even though he did not have any in-depth knowledge about the beasts that lived in outer space, he knew about them to a certain degree.

“Goldensword Beasts form huge swarms. There will be many of them every time the swarm moves. Now that the spatial battleship has been surrounded by Goldensword Beasts, it’ll be very difficult to break free if we don’t kill them.”

“The spatial battleship moves very quickly, but it’s still difficult to outspeed Primordial realm Goldensword Beasts. After all, they live in outer space and thrive here. Shaking them off won’t be easy,” Jian Chen thought quickly and understood the situation that they faced.

“Sir, you must understand the situation we face right now as well. The formations on the spatial battleship cannot be maintained for too long. If we don’t kill these Goldensword Beasts, everyone will be in trouble once the formations run out of energy.”

“After all, the Goldensword Beasts possess astonishing speed in outer space, and there are even existences equivalent to us at the Primordial realm. They can even outspeed the spatial battleship. Once we lose the spatial battleship, it’ll be impossible for us to shake them off with our strength in outer space.

An old voice rang out. The six people who served the Float Empire gathered together on another part of the deck. They were all stern as they made their way towards Jian Chen.

The one who spoke was a white-robed old man. He was ruddy and seemed rather sage-like.

However, his eyebrows were as straight and sharp as swords, giving him a piercing presence.

“Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime!” Jian Chen’s heart leapt. He saw through the old man’s strength. He was the most powerful person out of the six Primordial realm experts, having reached peak Infinite Prime.

The five other old men were much weaker compared to him. Clearly, they followed his lead.

The Fa Yun that Jian Chen encountered several days ago also happened to be among them.

“I am Yi Jianping. I hope that you can assist us in killing the Goldensword Beasts,” continued the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, requesting Jian Chen’s assistance sincerely.

“I can already sense twelve presences that belong to the Primordial realm among the Goldensword Beasts. One of them is close to Chaotic Prime. It’ll be extremely difficult for us few to kill them all,” said Jian Chen.

“Do not worry, sir. There are a few more people at the Primordial realm on the ship. They’ve already come…” Yi Jianping said. With that, another two people arrived on the deck as expected.

They were a middle-aged man of medium stature and an extremely handsome young man.

Including Jian Chen, a total of nine Primordial realm experts had now gathered on the deck.

“Two First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.” Jian Chen glanced past the two Primordial realm experts and saw through their strengths with a single glance, causing him to shake his head secretly.

It would be fine if the two First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes possessed extraordinary battle prowess, but they would struggle to protect themselves if they were just regular Infinite Primes.

This was because the battle prowess of Goldensword Beasts were able to overwhelm cultivators of the same level.

As a result, only those with extraordinary battle prowess could handle one of these space beasts at the same level of cultivation.


At this moment, the spatial battleship shook violently again. The twelve Primordial realm Goldensword Beasts all launched powerful attacks. Under the leadership of the Goldensword Beast that had almost reached Chaotic Prime, a total of twelve Primordial realm strikes landed on the same location of the spatial battleship. It was devastating.

The combined might of the strikes had surpassed Infinite Prime and reached Chaotic Prime.

The strikes immediately ripped open a great hole in the formations of the spatial battleship. The formations rapidly dimmed, and their defences suddenly plummeted.

“I’ll keep the most powerful Goldensword Beast busy. I’ll leave the rest to you…” Time was tight, so it was already too late for them to come up with any special arrangements. With that, Yi Jianping left the spatial battleship first, engaging in a battle with the strongest Goldensword Beast.

Immediately, booms rang out, and the entire region distorted. Powerful sword Qi engulfed the battlefield, ripping open gashes in space.

Yi Jianping comprehended the Laws of the Sword. Not only was he the person with the greatest cultivation on the spatial battleship, but he was also the one with the most terrifying battle prowess.

Against Yi Jianping was a Goldensword Beast that was thousands of metres long. It flickered with golden light and constantly stabbed and slashed at Yi Jianping like a huge flying sword. It was extremely fast.

At the same time, the five other Primordial realm protectors from the Float Empire charged off at the spatial beasts. They each kept a Primordial realm Goldensword Beast busy.

Only Jian Chen and the other two First Heavenly layer Infinite Primes remained on the spatial battleship now.

Jian Chen remained calm, but the two other Infinite Primes were stern as if they were about to face a great enemy.

“Jian Chen, Primordial realm Goldensword Beasts are basically covered in treasure. They’re priceless, so don’t forget to collect their corpses,” said Kai Ya to remind him. She had spent a long period of time with him, and they had fought together many times as well. She understood Jian Chen’s strength extremely well, so she did not worry about him at all.

“Brother, do not get blinded by greed. The Goldensword Beasts are very powerful. The slightest carelessness can even claim the lives of Primordial realm experts. Surviving is what’s important,” said the middle-aged man nearby to Jian Chen. With that, he charged off into space, beginning a battle with the weakest Primordial realm Goldensword Beast.

In the end, the handsome young man glanced past Jian Chen indifferently. He said nothing and charged off the spatial battleship.

“Kai Ya, take care of yourself.” Jian Chen reminded Kai Ya and stopped hesitating. With a single step, he charged towards the crack in the formation and arrived at the battlefield.

The eight Primordial realm experts kept eight Goldensword Beasts busy. Apart from the strongest Yi Jianping, none of the others faced the Goldensword Beasts in open combat. They maneuvered their way around the beasts.

Yi Jianping engaged in an extremely intense battle to the death against the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldenbeast.

“There are four more Primordial realm Goldensword Beasts left. Two of them are at the Second Heavenly Layer, one is at the Third Heavenly Layer, and one is at the Sixth Heavenly Layer!” Jian Chen glanced past the four other Goldensword Beasts.

The four Goldensword Beasts continued their wild attack at the spatial battleship. Due to their lesser intelligence, they did not know how to adapt to the situation. They only mindlessly followed the orders of their leader, attacking the formations of the spatial battleship. Even when cultivators brushed past them, they would completely ignore them as long as the orders from their leader were not completed yet.

As a result, the spatial battleship would remain their target as long as they were not provoked.

Even though these space beasts possessed an advantage in terms of battle prowess, they suffered from a fatal disadvantage of low intelligence.

At this moment, a powerful sword intent suddenly appeared. It surged and seemed to be filled with a supreme bearing of the ways. It was like the ruler of the world had arrived, making everything in the surroundings yield to him. Even the supreme laws and order in the surroundings changed ever so slightly.

Jian Chen struck out. He was clad in light as his bearing became abstruse, filled with a sense of ‘immortal’.

His will engulfed a region of a hundred thousand kilometres. Wherever his will was present, all the powers below him became his own way, something that he could control.

At that moment, Jian Chen seemed to rule over the world as he unleashed his bearing as a Sword Immortal.

This was the Ultimate Way of the Sword he had comprehended!

At this moment, he slowly raised his right hand, and he pointed it above him. Immediately, all the Godhood Goldensword Beasts within a range of a hundred thousand kilometres froze.

In the next moment, heavy booms erupted. All the Goldensword Beasts there actually exploded. Golden body fragments and dazzling golden blood surged out like a flood. All of it gathered above Jian Chen, forming a huge sword completely condensed from the remains of the Goldensword Beasts.

The Goldensword Beasts had been killed by Jian Chen’s powerful will.

Jian Chen comprehended the Ultimate Way of the Sword, so he was a ruler that possessed the power to kill all things. His will had become the laws of the world there, forming his own domain. Within it, all existences and powers below him were under his control. A single thought was all he needed to decide life or death.

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