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«Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1958 - The Fatal Trick

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Chapter 1958: The Fatal Trick

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

Bang, bang, bang…

When the night was going to fall, neat and muffled sound of footsteps suddenly drifted from the main road inside Iron Dragon City which hit the hearts of people on the roadside like hitting battle drums.

Many people looked outside through the windows of roadside stores, boites and houses one after another. All the passers-by stopped their footsteps and looked at the direction where the sound came from. They found that a brigade of soldiers of the Fiery Dragon Army were trotting neatly and solemnly on the main road.

All the soldiers were in fiery full-body alloy outfits and carrying various weapons as if they were going to fight.

The brigade of over 10,000 people marched forward silently like a fiery dragon. They raised and landed their feet at the same time. As a result, the entire brigade only made one neat sound of footsteps at the same time. With heavy outfits and battle boots, their sound became more shocking as if a giant was walking in the city.

Behind this brigade were many latest Iron-Armor 3 multi-purpose caterpillar armored vehicles.

The same scene appeared on different roads of Iron Dragon City at the same time.

A part of the Fiery Dragon Army had started to enter the city.

The passers-by and those people who looked outside through windows were surprised first; then they became dumbfounded; finally they became confused——is that another drill…

They had only seen such a grand scene twice since Iron Dragon City was founded. However, both times were drills. Additionally, a few days before the drills, the officials in Iron Dragon City had already noticed the citizens in the city. The two drills were all for responding to the sneak attacks of demon knights.

However, this situation became abrupt as nobody had noticed them in advance.

When people looked up at the sky, they found that air cavalries became dense over there. Additionally, they saw brilliant meteors flying towards somewhere inside Iron Dragon City one after another. Of course, those shiny meteors were the battle qi responses of knights at their full speeds. They all flew towards the same direction, where the mountain gate of Iron-Dragon Sect was located…

When everyone inside Iron Dragon City was shocked, confused and guessing various possibilities, the soldiers and armored vehicles of Fiery Dragon Army entering Iron Dragon City started to control main roads and intersections while declaring to enforce martial law.

On the city wall of Iron Dragon City, ballistas’ coverings had been unveiled while centrifugal cannons had been lit and pressurized. Soldiers of Fiery Dragon Army were running everywhere on the city wall.

Not only Iron Dragon City, all the cities across Fiery Dragon Bounty Territory and Jinwu Palace started to enforce martial law at the same time. All the corps outside the city started to set off their encampments. Those airports for air cavalries were in a shocking commotion. Air cavalries and ground crew were running rapidly between runways and hangars. Battle airplanes started to fly off one after another.

Jinwu Palace had already started an emergency plan.

Of course, such a sudden action aroused the attention of commoners. As a result, the entire Youzhou Province was startled.

Everyone knew that Iron Dragon City was going to have a big trouble.

‘Are demons coming? Not like that. Why does Iron Dragon City suddenly feel so intense?’

Nobody knew what was going to happen.

According to the intelligence from the Yanzhou Provincial Government, the airboats of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavens Holding Pavilion and Qionglou Pavilion suddenly arrived at Yanzhou Province. They were hovering on the border between Youzhou Province and Yanzhou Province.

However, Youzhou Provincial Government didn’t receive any intelligence about the arrival of the airboats of the three top sects. It was those patrolling air cavalries who found over 10 airboats without any marks of clans or sects in that air territory. As they felt those airboats were a bit weird, they reported it to Yanzhou Provincial Government. The Cheji General of Yanzhou Province went there to check them when he found that they were airboats of the three top sects which carried over 1,000 knights in total.

The atmosphere inside the lobby of the headquarters of Iron Dragon Sect in Xuantian Mountain Peak, the main peak of the 18 mountain peaks, had long been at daggers drawn.

Nobody across Iron Dragon Sect could imagine these uninvited guests who came from the airboat, which suddenly arrived at the mountain gate of Iron Dragon Sect, could pose such a requirement.

If they were ordinary knights, given their frivolous words and behaviors in the base of Iron Dragon Sect, they might have long become sh*t.

However, these uninvited guests were of significant roles. What was more, they were here on behalf of Taixia Country and Xuanyuan Hill, the power center of the country.

Strangely, Iron Dragon Sect didn’t receive any message about their arrival in advance.

Therefore, Iron Dragon Sect became passive.

‘Did anything happen to Xuanyuan Hill?’

Watching the supreme justice, one of the 9 cabinet members of Taixia Country, with a solemn look, Zhang Tie said decisively, “Even if you want to catch the important criminal, it’s nothing to do with Iron Dragon Sect. In the base of Iron Dragon Sect, the backroom being exclusive to the owner of Iron Dragon Sect in Xuantian Peak could not be casually searched even by the Supreme Court of Taixia Country!”

“Presumptuous, unscrupulous!” An old sergeant in official uniform with a black face and gray hair stood straight as he roared in the lobby of the base of Iron Dragon Sect. “The Supreme Court is investigating the case and chasing after important criminals. Do we have to notice Iron Dragon Sect in advance for that? This old man has long heard that Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace are shutting out the heavens with one palm in Northeast Military Region and Youzhou Province when in Xuanyuan Hill, even Youzhou provincial governor would be in a blue funk in front of Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace. I’ve not imagined that it’s true. Open your eyes and look at what’s in the hand of supreme justice?” the old sergeant pointed at a token in the shape of a bizarre beast in the hand of the supreme justice as he continued, “This is golden xiemao token. People who hold it could even search the imperial palace in Xuanyuan Hill, not to mention Iron Dragon Sect. Does Iron Dragon Sect want to rebel?”

“Motherf*cking break wind. Do you think that you can frame Iron Dragon Sect only by speaking nonsense?” Sun Tiancheng, the herbal king, jumped out as his saliva shot onto the imperial sergeant’s face. “When Immortal Qianji was killing demons at the bank of Weishui River, where the f*ck were you? When the Fiery Dragon Army fought demons, where the f*ck were you? Open your f*cking eyes and look at the sky of Taixia Country, without Iron Dragon Sect or Jinwu Palace, there wouldn’t be any air cavalries? Without our help, old useless things like you have long been demons’ snacks. Do you think that you could frame people up casually in the uniform of imperial sergeant…”

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