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«Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1957 - The Sudden Arrival of Dark Clouds

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Chapter 1957: The Sudden Arrival of Dark Clouds

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

“No, never. The owner of Huaiyuan Palace could never be anyone’s concubine!” Elder Muray looked straight into Feng Yexiao with a red face out of great fury. He didn’t fear Feng Yexiao’s power as a shadow knight at all; instead, he just pointed at Feng Yexiao by finger out of fury and said seriously, “Even if I, Zhang Muray, had to die here, I would never allow anyone to insult Huaiyuan Palace!”

“Although our owner is a disciple of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, she’s also the owner of Zhang Clan. Across Taixia Country, if any order from a person’s sect violates the benefits of the person’s own clan, it will be regarded as a reasonable order. Any disciple could refuse to accept it!” Elder Muyu said with high spirits as he watched Lan Yunxi.

However, Feng Yexiao just ignored the two furious elders of Huaiyuan Palace. After glancing at them, he fixated onto Lan Yunxi, saying, “The 9th prince is going to ascend to the throne of Xuanyuan Emperor. Even though the concubine of the 9th prince couldn’t take charge of the imperial harem in the future, she will also be a highest-ranking imperial concubine. Many women in the world dream for that position. Huaiyuan Palace shall be wise!”


‘9th prince is going to ascend to the throne of Xuanyuan Emperor?’

After hearing Feng Yexiao’s words, Lan Yunxi, Elder Muray and Elder Muyu felt their hearts palpitating once.

“Huaiyuan Palace is not qualified to intervene with the disputes in Xuanyuan Hill; however, the owner of Huaiyuan Palace shall never be a concubine!” Elder Muray stuck to his opinion with the same fury.

“Yea, even Xuanyuan Emperor could make our owner as his concubine, not to mention his 9th prince!” Elder Muyu said in a muffled sound.

“What’s your opinion?” Feng Yexiao asked as he watched Lan Yunxi.

“Yunxi is inauspicious. I’ve already prepared to stay alone for the rest of my life for the sake of Huaiyuan Palace. Thanks for your kindness, but I cannot take it…” Lan Yunxi said calmly as she lowered her head.

Lan Yunxi’s father and master were both killed. Even her fiance Xuanyuan Wuji who was going to be engaged to her was also killed. Her sufferings had long been spread across Taixia Country 30 years ago. According to a fortune-teller, Lan Yunxi was so inauspicious that she would cause her husband to die. Therefore, over 30 years, none of the major clans across Taixia Country dared to propose marriage to her.

After hearing Lan Yunxi’s opinion, Elder Muray and Elder Muyu finally relieved a sigh.

“You also know that you’re inauspicious. It means that you’ve not forgotten about Elder Zhu’s kindness towards you. Previously, Elder Zhu always protected you in Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Finally, she was killed by Yun Zhongzi for the protection of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Don’t you want to avenge your master?”

When she heard her master Zhu Qianqian, Lan Yunxi finally revealed a grieved look. Zhu Qianqian treated Lan Yunxi like her daughter. However, she was killed by Yun Zhongzi. As for Lan Yunxi, such a strike was as painful and impressive as losing her father. She could never forget about that.

“Is there any connection between marrying the 9th prince and avenging my master?”

“Yun Zhongzi is already a sage-level knight. You could barely avenge Elder Zhu even in 200 years. Additionally, even though you could promote to a sage-level knight, you will find that Yun Zhongzi is more powerful than you. It could be said that you have no hope to avenge your master for the rest of your life. However, if you marry the 9th prince and give birth to a son, as long as the 9th prince ascends to the throne, he will have people bring Yun Zhongzi’s head to you. It’s tantamount to avenging your master…”

“Does the 9th prince know where is Yun Zhongzi?”

“Of course!”

“Where’s Yun Zhongzi?”

“Where do you think he is?” Feng Yexiao sneered as he watched Lan Yunxi in a profound look, adding, “Yun Zhongzi is a member of Great Wilderness Sect. When the Great Wilderness Dongtian in the southern region of Taixia Country was discovered, it fell in the hands of Immortal Qianji together with its top rarity. When Taiyi Fantasy Sect sent a black card to Immortal Qianji with the other two major clans, Taiyi Fantasy Sect suffered a sneak attack by Yun Zhongzi on the same day so as to reduce our battle force in the battle of Yinhai Desert. Do you think it’s just a coincidence?”

Feng Yexiao’s words hit Lan Yunxi’s heart like a heavy hammer. In an instant, Lan Yunxi’s calm face turned pale, dreadfully pale!

Elder Muray and Elder Muyu changed their faces greatly.

“Impossible… impossible… he wouldn’t do that… he wouldn’t do that…” Lan Yunxi mumbled as she shook her head.

Zhang Tie had already killed her father. As for the detailed reason, Lan Yunxi didn’t want to think about it anymore. However, she couldn’t accept the fact that even her master’s death was because of Zhang Tie.

Feng Yexiao’s words rove Lan Yunxi’s scar in her deep inner heart, poked it ferociously and scattered some salt on it.

Some place in Lan Yunxi’s heart had completely been shattered into pieces. This world was too cruel to her.

“Nothing is impossible. You’re too naive. According to Yun Zhongzi’s flagrant crimes in the holy war, he shall never be forgiven. Additionally, he shall be severely punished. He’s already the No. 1 criminal being wanted by the Supreme Court in Taixia Country. If Huaiyuan Palace hides such an important criminal, Huaiyuan Palace shall be exterminated as a whole!” Feng Yexiao then took a look at the sky outside the Shrine Palace of Huaiyuan Palace with a sneer, “At this moment, I’m afraid that the supreme justice, one of the nine cabinet members of Taixia Country and the 13 censors of the censorate might have already arrived at Irondragon City. Additionally, thousands of knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavens Holding Pavilion and Qionglou Pavilion have already arrived at Yanzhou Province. They’ve not entered Youzhou Province yet. As long as Jinwu Palace dares find trouble, our three major sects will exterminate Jinwu Palace and Iron Dragon Sect, leaving not a single tile.”

Elder Muray and Elder Muyu finally knew why Feng Yexiao dared come to Youzhou Province by that airboat.

Iron Dragon City that Feng Yexiao mentioned it was the region where Irondragon Sect’s mountain gate was located. Since the 907th year of Black Iron Calendar, as Jinwu Palace developed rapidly, Iron Dragon Sect had started to build a city according to Zhang Tie’s opinion based on Xuantian 18 mountain peaks. With almost constant financial assistance, Iron Dragon City’s construction almost carried on every day without any stop. Even so, it still took nearly 20 years to complete its construction.

After Iron Dragon City was completed, it became the biggest city in Youzhou Province, even in the northern region of Taixia Country.

At this moment, Iron Dragon City was already famous across the world. With the popularity and promotion of fiery oil, this region where fiery oil and the first airplane in Black Iron Age were created had long been the most famous, sacred region for rune equipment manufacturers and machine craftsmen with the halos of Immortal Qianji and the financial assistance of enormous gold coins of Jinwu Palace; especially after Military Province was collapsed and Craftsmanship City was occupied by demons when all the craftsmen and technicians had been moved to Iron Dragon City by Jinwu Palace by airboat and settled down there. The rune equipment and various quality machinery produced in Iron Dragon City had already become the third brand and “fist” product of Jinwu Palace after all-purpose medicament and fiery oil…

The dark clouds which had long been schemed finally arrived, making the atmosphere in Iron Dragon City intense at this moment…

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