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«Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1993

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Chapter 1993

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They would need baby clothes, baby shoes, baby bottles, prams, and even baby walkers. It was best to prepare them in advance.

As for the milk formula…

Lu Xingzhi smacked Jiang Yao's chest again and said, "We don't have to worry about our son's rations."

Jiang Yao lowered her head to look at her chest. She realized that Lu Xingzhi's gaze was fixed on her. She bristled and covered Lu Xingzhi's eyes with her hand.

"Look at my face! Don't look anywhere else!"

"There's still time. What are you afraid of? Besides, is it something I haven't seen before?" Lu Xingzhi lowered the hand that covered his eyes and kissed her lips. "We're an old married couple. Why are you still so shy?"

Lu Xingzhi smiled. "When Mom called me earlier, she was worried that you were too skinny and the baby wouldn't have enough milk. She said she wanted someone to send us some milk formula from abroad for the baby. It seems that there's no need for it now. We just need Mom to send some milk powder to nourish your body."

Initially, Lu Xingzhi wanted to praise Jiang Yao for being so good. It was a sincere compliment. He wanted to praise her for being a good mother. It seemed like he did not need to worry about her.

However, on second thought, his wife probably would not be happy to hear such a compliment, so he swallowed his words.

They sat in the study for a while before Lu Xingzhi dragged Jiang Yao to the living room. He went to the kitchen to cook while she stayed in the living room to watch some TV.

It rained overnight, and Lu Xingzhi had not been home for two days, so there were not many ingredients at home. There was no other choice. They had some vegetables, fried eggs, and seaweed egg soup for dinner.

Jiang Yao was not a person who would create a fuss. Two dishes and a soup were more than enough for a couple.

Since dinner was almost ready, Jiang Yao helped to set the table.

Lu Xingzhi did not need to turn his head to hear Jiang Yao humming happily. Jiang Yao's singing was not very pleasant. However, it did not need a rhythm to signify her mood. It sounded pretty ordinary too. It would be perfect if no one knocked on the door.

"That must be Zhou Junmin."

Jiang Yao held the bowl and turned to look at Lu Xingzhi. "Is he here to eat?"

Of course, that was just a joke because Zhou Junmin's knocking on the door sounded urgent. "Go and take a look." Jiang Yao urged him.

"Don't touch the soup. Wait for me to do it." Lu Xingzhi was afraid that Jiang Yao would do that, so he warned her. After Jiang Yao nodded in agreement, he quickly went to open the door.

"Colonel, something terrible has happened. The road leading to the base from the village had collapsed. The family blocking that road was also buried in it. The higher-ups told us to rush there as soon as possible to join the rescue team," Zhao Junmin said.

"We repaired that road. How did it collapse?" Lu Xingzhi's face darkened.

"The villagers said that the family ignored their advice and knocked down the bricks that we put up. They moved them to the side of the road and used them as temporary tools to build a shed." Zhou Junmin shook his head. "They are too unruly. They even stopped the soldiers when they tried to send Colonel Shao to the hospital. Fortunately, Doctor Jiang was there. We also wanted to clear the road in the afternoon, but the family complained that we were hurting them…"

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