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«Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1549: Don’t Ask So Much

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Chapter 1549: Don’t Ask So Much

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

They were both colonels. One’s daughter was older than the other’s wife, and the other was such a young man. When Colonel Ye heard his daughter compliment the other man, how could he feel at ease?

Fortunately, Colonel Ye was a person who knew his limits. He knew that Lu Xingzhi came from Jindo City. That kind of person’s identity and background were powerful. Even if he felt uncomfortable and jealous, it was useless. He could not go against that kind of person because he could not offend him.

Furthermore, Lu Xingzhi was the colonel in the Special Forces. There was no conflict of interest with him. Even if Lu Xingzhi did not become the colonel, it was not up to him to choose one.

Colonel Ye’s heart seemed to feel a little more comfortable when he thought of that. It would not bother him if there were no conflict of interest.

Colonel Ye’s wife, Zhu Suping, was surprised when she saw her stepdaughter. Her relationship with her stepdaughter and stepson was not perfect. After all, when she married Colonel Ye, both the children were already grown up. Ye Xueli, the eldest daughter, was already in high school, so her relationship with her was even colder.

“Why are you home, Xueli? Do you want to have lunch? “She greeted Ye Xueli with a smile on her face.

Usually, Ye Xueli would not pay much attention to Zhu Suping, but that day, she gave her an unusual smile and said, “I don’t have class in the morning, and I didn’t come home last weekend, so I took some time to come back and have a look. I’ll go back to school after lunch.”

The two women pretended to be at peace with each other in front of Colonel Ye. It was as if they were very close to each other.

On the surface, Zhu Suping looked amiable, but she did not think much of her stepdaughter in her heart. After all, she was already old and had yet to get married. She was practically an old spinster in the family. Therefore, after saying a few words to Xueli, Zhu Suping turned around to talk to her husband and asked about what happened next door.

Zhu Suping smiled. “It seems like Colonel Lu from next door came back last night, right? I think I heard his door opening and closing this morning. I wonder where those children are now. No one has seen them in the past few days. At that time, I was quite angry when he took them away. Now it seems that Colonel Lu is a good person. Our son has been going out and returning safely over the last few days. He even brought his pocket money with him. He’s no longer afraid of being robbed.”

“Don’t ask about them so much. We’re only neighbors.” Colonel Ye reminded his eldest daughter before telling his wife to bring the breakfast from the kitchen.

She saw that Ye Xueli had entered the kitchen, so she decided not to go in at all. There were only a few things for breakfast. Yue Xueli could just make two trips to get everything. So Zhu Suping sat down with her husband. “I’m only curious. However, I’m not stupid enough to ask strangers for help. You’re my husband. Of course, I’ll ask for your help.”

“Maybe we won’t be neighbors in the future.”

Colonel Ye’s expression looked a little better. “There’s a new building. Colonel Lu will probably move to that new place. They are not used to living in such a big place.”

She had wanted to say that she was not used to living there either, but when she thought of her husband’s personality, she was smart enough not to say it out aloud. After some thought, she got up and went to the kitchen…

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