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«Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent (Published Novel) - Chapter 885: Yirou Stopping The Fight. She’s In The Military

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Chapter 885: Yirou Stopping The Fight. She’s In The Military

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If Shen Jie had tilted his face to the left, he could feel the blade of the butterfly knife that was currently impaled in the ground cool against his cheek. He trembled feeling chills all over himself.

Birthed in an affluent household, Shen Jie’s family of a long lineage was known as one of the few top families in the whole of Country Z.

Things like kicking Qin Yirou just now were what Shen Jie commonly did. A rich heir like him dressed up like a hooligan or a gangster usually and he looked down on regular people since his family background was powerful.

Hence, he was used to harassing maids in his house and getting physically violent with them happened frequently.

It was just that the Shen Family paid very well, so the maids were reluctant to leave. That was simply the reality.

The bad habit formed in his childhood caused Shen Jie to lash out once he caught a chance to hit Qin Yirou. Moreover, it was not unusual for him to fight in school either…

Despite that, Shen Jie had never been pinned on the ground by a woman with her foot as she threatened him. What scared him more was that she actually brandished a knife! She wanted to kill him!

As a rich kid, Shen Jie often got injured from fighting others but he had never experienced the despair of tipping over the brink of death. To the young man, getting injured in brawls might be something cool.

While he pondered, Yun Jian’s nonchalant voice drifted again. “You can die now.”

Shen Jie felt Yun Jian pulling out the butterfly knife that was against his cheek from the soil. His face was covered in soil, even his eyes were tainted with the sediment, so he could only feel Yun Jian’s movements.

When he heard Yun Jian’s voice this time, his heart made an anxious leap. She was not joking! She meant what she said!

Shen Jie could feel as if Yun Jian was swinging the butterfly knife down toward his head from above him.

“No! I was wrong! I shouldn’t have done it! I’m wrong!” Shen Jie’s hubris from earlier was washed down the drain as his pleading tone was tinged with a quiver.

Yun Jian snorted at Shen Jie who was acting like this now when he had been blustering just earlier.

“Xiao Jian, don’t!” Qin Yirou cried when Yun Jian’s knife was coming to Shen Jie’s face. The girl stopped the plunge of her knife just in time.

Actually, Yun Jian had never thought of killing Shen Jie.

She was a member of the Advanced Special Forces but that did not warrant her killing people as she liked. If that was the case, there would be no more rules and regulations in this world.

Yun Jian only wanted to teach Shen Jie a lesson and it had to be one that the latter would not dare be as imperious after that. Yet, Qin Yirou spoke up before she could do it.

“Xiao Jian, don’t do it. put the knife away. You’re in the military now. Don’t give it a bad name!”

Qin Yirou panicked a little when she watched Yun Jian pointing the knife at Shen Jie, so she went over to grab the butterfly knife away from Yun Jian and pulled her aside.

Shen Jie huffed in relief when Yun Jian was tugged away. With the foot that was pressuring him on the stomach gone, it was like Shen Jie had gained a new life as he lay on the ground and panted, gulping large mouthfuls of air.

As Qin Yirou pulled Yun Jian away, the woman’s words felt like a bolt of thunder to Ge Xuan. He snapped his eyes to Ge Junjian. “Dad, she’s… in the military?!”

The question sounded indignant while the “she” Ge Xuan referred to was none other than Yun Jian.


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