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«Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent (Published Novel) - Chapter 1091: Woman, How Dare You Ignore Me?

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Chapter 1091: Woman, How Dare You Ignore Me?

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Wanjiang Highway.

Hu Batian had parted ways with Hu Chaoqun and Hua Yun to head to the nearest airport. To go there, he would have to go past Wanjiang Highway.

From the city area to Wanjiang Highway, there was a long stretch of a deserted area, which also meant that there would be a long part of the journey from the city area to Wanjiang Highway which barely had anyone saved for an occasional car that sped past.

Hu Batian was currently planning to rush to the nearest airport for a flight back to Country M. Hu Chaoqun and Hua Yun were not on the same path as he was since the reason Hu Batian was here in Country Z today was purely because his nephew, Hu Chaoqun, had asked him to make an appearance as support.

What Hu Batian did not expect was not only had he not established his status today, his pride got crushed by Yun Jian. Once he thought of it, he lost his composure in an enraged fit.

Suddenly, he felt a twitch on his eyelid. He was filled with a sense of premonition.

“Mister, drive faster,” Hu Batian popped his head in front to tell the cab driver.

“Ay,” the driver assented.

They had already come to the darkest and most isolated area of the route.

There was another twitch on Hu Batian’s eyelid and the next second, he saw the driver wearing a smirk through the reflection from where he sat in the backseat. The unsettling smirk stopped Hu Batian’s heart.

The next thing he knew, he felt the driver turning the steering wheel and driving straight into a path nobody would ever pass.

“Hey, you… You…” Before Hu Batian could react further, the driver had stomped on the brake and stopped by the wilderness.

Three silhouettes came out of the dark with a slender, seemingly thin, young girl leading the way. The two people behind her were a man and a woman.

The girl made a light wave of hand and the man—who was muscular and nearly two meters tall—came to open the car door and dragged Hu Batian out of the vehicle.

Simultaneously in a certain deluxe suite of the Crystal Rhythm Hotel, the room was a mess. Clothes and undergarment of both a man and a woman were scattered across the floor and the side of the bed.

Lan Su gripped the duvet close to her as she stared blankly at the ceiling from the bed while Ya Dang sat on the edge grabbing his short black hair.

Half of the duvet was flipped aside, revealing a blotch of red that symbolized the girl’s innocence. The crimson stain of blood was striking.

Ya Dang had a leg up on the bed. Feeling incredibly frustrated, he ruffled his hair roughly and tuned to Lan Su in a similar impatient manner… only to see the girl pulling the duvet closer and turning her head to another side.

Not receiving a word from Lan Su despite waiting for a long time, Ya Dang grew more annoyed and snapped his head to Lan Su, speaking crudely as usual, “Hey, woman.”

Lan Su ignored him.

Due to Wu Clan’s rules, Lan Su was dotted with a cinnabar marking since she was a young child. This was unlike those who lived on earth in modern times. The cinnabar marking was the sign of a woman’s virginity.

Lan Su had thought that there was nothing more despairing than not being able to find Wizard Lord Wu but now… With what Ya Dang had done to her, the cinnabar marking that was dotted on her wrist had naturally disappeared.

Lan Su was unable to describe what she felt. What came as a surprise was that she was not furious nor did she feel like killing Ya Dang despite what he had done to her.

But if Wu Clan found out that she had slept with a man…

“Woman! How dare you ignore me!” Seeing that Lan Su ignored him, Ya Dang grabbed the duvet the girl was covering her bare self with to catch her dainty hand.


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