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«The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel) - Book 2, Chapter 1531: Woman With Split Personality

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Book 2, Chapter 1531: Woman With Split Personality

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Evil Temple was located even deeper than Devil Mountain. That place was completely enveloped by evil aura. No creature could live within a few hundred kilometers around it.

When Chu Mu and Bai Yu flew towards Evil Temple, the evil aura spreading towards them made even Chu Mu feel a little unbearable.

Chu Mu owned Black Nightmare bloodline. Black Nightmare represented the supreme of the entire Nightmare race, possessing the most evil strength and aura in this world.

However, the evil breeze blowing from the front made Chu Mu’s soul tremble, it could be seen just how evil this Evil Temple was.

Evil Temple was built with black rocks. It was the temple of a real god. The architecture was not inferior to human’s standard.

Humans naturally surpassed other races in art culture. For example, city construction, houses, palaces, pavilions, city walls……

This was human culture, it would be very rare to see it in other races.

However, this huge Evil Temple was clearly not built by humans. Their standing pillars were not cylindrical in shape, but seemed like a cluster of flames shooting up. They looked like black flames stationarily burning from afar.

All the walls in Evil Temple seemed to be enchanted with special barriers. It would be almost impossible to break them.

Meanwhile, it was almost like a sealed labyrinth within the temple. It was easy to lose sense of direction after entering.

Bai Yu told Chu Mu that he was trapped for four months when entering for the first time.

Bai Yu already gained some understanding regarding the situation inside now. Otherwise, he would not dare to bring Chu Mu into Evil Temple so easily, since they did not have that much time to waste.

“We can just take a look around it,” said Chu Mu.

He did not plan on entering. The evil aura of this Evil Temple was really too dense. It was difficult to imagine just what could be hidden inside this vast labyrinth which caused this building to exude such a terrifying evil aura. If Evil Good Queen was here, she probably would love this aura and greedily absorb it.


Chu Mu circled one round around Evil Temple. He believed there must be something hidden inside, and his Black Nightmare bloodline also came from this Evil Temple. If he entered the temple, he would definitely obtain more benefits.

Unfortunately, he did not have much time for cultivation right now. The war New Moon Land would be facing was on approaching.

When Chu Mu and Bai Yu returned to Devil Mountain, Nightmare Ruler already picked out the elites of Nightmare Dynasty.

There was a piece of burnt land in front of Devil Mountain. Currently, countless Nightmares neatly lined up on that land, creating a majestic sea of flame!

“At least 3000 Dominators!” After Bai Yu saw such an intimidating lineup, he also showed an astonished expression.

If Nightmare Dynasty could deploy 3000 Dominators, it would be a great news to New Moon Land. These Nightmares usually had greater average strength than similar rank creatures. These 3000 Nightmares were definitely stronger than 3000 human Dominators.

Other than that, Nightmare Ruler also summoned 50,000 Emperor rank Nightmare army. This fighting force was sufficient to generate a terrifying threat to the human Emperor army.

Seeing such a Nightmare army, Bai Yu felt more relieved. This might even become a defense war that would be recorded in history!

“Uncle Bai Yu, I have a plan,” Chu Mu raised the corner of his lips and voiced out after looking at the neat and solemn Nightmare army below.

Bai Yu took a glance at Chu Mu and thought, I’m more or less your father-in-law, why are you still calling me uncle?

Bai Yu naturally knew about the matter between Bai Jinrou and Chu Mu. They were both youths, so he would not interfere too much. If they really had feelings for each other, he would not really object.

“What plan?” asked Bai Yu.

“You should know the spatial structure of the three layers of sky and three layers of earth, right?” said Chu Mu.

Bai Yu nodded. He also controlled other type ability, so he naturally knew.

“If we directly bring this Nightmare army into the city, the subjugation alliance will definitely discover it. This would expose our secret fighting force,” said Chu Mu.

Bai Yu roughly understood Chu Mu’s intention and spoke, “But there’s only one spatial passage connecting to Nightmare Holy Region. It’s located in Wanxiang City. Are you able to shift this spatial door?”

“Shifting it will be very troublesome. However, with the power of both of us, it shouldn’t be a problem to create a temporary spatial passage between the second layer of earth and the normal space, right?” said Chu Mu.

“Though that’s true, there are so many Nightmares here. The spatial passage torn open by us cannot last that long……” said Bai Yu.

“If they combine their power, they can similarly tear open the space. What I need to do is to chip open the space and make an opening,” said Chu Mu as he pointed at the Nightmare army.

“Hmm, it’s doable. Then we will find the rough position between Eastern Wild Forest and Nightmare Holy Region and make a spatial mark at that spot,” said Bai Yu.

“Please help with this spatial mark, Uncle Bai Yu,” said Chu Mu a little embarrassedly.

“Where are you going?” Bai Yu laughed bitterly.

Finding the connecting point between two dimensions would definitely not be an easy task. Chu Mu left this difficult task to Bai Yu with just one sentence.

“I want to head to Southern Forbidden Region, in other words, Sequence Land. I want to see if I can get some reinforcement from there,” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu and the Master of Southern Forbidden Region had an amiable relationship. Now, the expansion of Southern Forbidden Region was not inferior to Nightmare Dynasty. Furthermore, they were also a large Nightmare Dynasty. If he could get some reinforcement from there, he would be more confident about this war.

“I realize you are able to interact better with other races……” said Bai Yu.

Sequence Land was a piece of land the humans avoided the most. However, Chu Mu had always been in a friendly relationship with them.

Chu Mu thought over carefully and realized Bai Yu’s words were right. He seemed to be able to obtain the friendship of other races easily.

“However, if you can really get a reinforcement from Southern Forbidden Region, that will deal a heavy blow to the subjugation alliance!” said Bai Yu.

“Then, please take care of this place,” Chu Mu nodded.


Seeing Chu Mu set off, Bai Yu also smiled.

Chu Mu normally just cared about cultivation and did not care about anything in New Moon Land.

However, when something big happened, he was simply too overwhelming.

First, he brought out the appalling Ocean Species, providing a solid defense to New Moon Land’s entire ocean region.

Then, he developed such a huge Nightmare Dynasty in this Nightmare Holy Region. 3000 Dominators, 50,000 Emperors, and this did not seem to be the full fighting force of the Nightmare Dynasty. After that, he also brought out the Flower Demon Kingdom, creating a natural flower labyrinth before Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold.

And now, he would be heading to Sequence Land to get reinforcement. One could not guess how many Nightmares he could bring back.

Adding the numbers, other races occupied the majority of the fighting force than humans in this war. Bai Yu wondered just how the subjugation alliance would feel after witnessing such an astonishing scene……


Chu Mu returned to Wanxiang City. He did not stop and headed towards Southern Forbidden Region.

The moment he flew out of Wanxiang City, he suddenly sensed something and landed on a grass plain to wait for a while.

Soon, various beautiful wildflowers suddenly bloomed from the green grass patch beneath Chu Mu’s feet. The wildflowers spread out and turned the entire green grass plain into a flower carpet.

A breeze blew past and countless flower petals danced before Chu Mu. More and more petals gathered and eventually weaved into an elegant long skirt.

The legs of the skirt owner were long. The faintly visible curve of her thigh, hip and waist hidden by the flower petals gave off a seductive stimulation.

Added with a perfect face which could only be seen in a dream, it made one suspect whether he had seen an illusion.

Such a peerless beauty showing up within the petals could cause any normal person to mesmerize.

However, Chu Mu simply snorted. Making such a seductive entrance meant she must be Evil Good Queen. With Yu Suo’s personality, she would definitely wrap herself up and not reveal any patch of skin to Chu Mu. Chu Mu similarly did not care about seeing her skin.

“Master,” Evil Good Queen walked next to Chu Mu and called out like an adorable bird.

Chu Mu ignored this woman’s attitude.

“You sure are calm after such a major event happened,” said Chu Mu a little dissatisfied.

“It happened to suddenly, I also don’t have any better method,” said Evil Good Queen.

“I don’t have as many concerns as you. Whoever is looking for trouble, I will return the favor,” said Chu Mu.

“I know. I have already made arrangements for you,” Evil Good Queen smiled and gently stroked that dark-colored Demon Fox.

“Alright, I’m heading to Southern Forbidden Region, follow me,” said Chu Mu.

“Find,” Evil Good Queen unwillingly replied.

During the journey to Southern Forbidden Region, Evil Good Queen briefly told Chu Mu the major events that happened recently, as well as things that they could make use of. She told Chu Mu that if they could win this war, she had absolute confidence to dominate the next Dual Earth Conference.

Chu Mu was not really interested in those authority talks, he recalled the matter about Heaven Palace instead.

“I saw a Heaven Palace in Eternal Ocean. I believe you should know about this Heaven Palace better than me,” said Chu Mu.

Evil Good Queen’s expression clearly showed a change. Her hair gradually changed from bright rose color to violet color. Her alluring red long skirt also faded away, becoming a holy blue color.

Her seductive and alluring appearance disappeared, becoming solemn and holy. She exuded a celestial aura that made one feel one could only watch her from afar.

Chu Mu watched Evil Good Queen’s change and became speechless. It was reasonable for some women to change their attitude quickly, but this woman was totally like a split personality.

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