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«Bro, I'm not an Undead! (Web Novel) - Chapter 695 Scurry Away Lord Luminant!

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Chapter 695 Scurry Away Lord Luminant!

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"Huh?!" Skullius mouthed in disbelief. "No way!"

"Yes way!" Darwel said before crawling off the bed and flinging her book down. "I would have died if that scary woman's surprise attack had been a bit quicker. Viccil even lost an arm to it. [Sigh]. The weapon she carried had a disgusting scent. I'm trying to clear the remains it left behind in my precious air."

Skullius couldn't believe Darwel was serious.

For real?

An assassin? And what's more, she had almost been killed?

This was especially surprising when Skullius considered that Viccil and Sevill were Incandescent Stage experts. So… did this mean an Incandescent Stage assassin came to kill Darwel?

"That's crazy. I never pictured Incandescent Stage experts making big moves like that," the Hybrid Luman said, a little concern showing in his eyes. He turned to Viccil who seemed to have had her arm restored already and then to Sevill outside.

There's no way Sevill would have come to help if she knew Darwel was being attacked right? So did Darwel's actions almost cause her own demise?

Said El Sif looked a bit confused at Skullius' statement before a look of a realisation showed on her face.

"Oh, I see what you mean. Incandescent Stage experts don't move on a whim. You're right about that. This assassin was a Master Stage expert," she said.

"Huh?!" Skullius voiced his disbelief once again.

From here, Viccil intervened.

"I was surprised too, Lord Luminant. She was extremely resilient. It was likely the weapon she had, an axe, giving her a substantial increase in power on top of its extreme effects," the veiled guard explained, her tone a bit subdued, as if her pride had been stolen. "Unfortunately, unlike Sevill, without nature by my side, I'm only left with my physical strength and close combat skill. So this enemy, who could even lock down entry and exit in the area, was difficult for me to beat."

The Hybrid Luman focused on the guard for a few seconds.

Well, he remembered being told that styles of strength differed with the history of an area.

For instance, the focus of humans in Pelian when it came to increasing their power, was different from that of Emeradis and Maqi. Skullius could only imagine how different the Sif's cultivation of power was from that of humans in general.

But still.

Even with a Mythical Grade tool, he wasn't sure many Masters would be inclined to face an Incandescent Stage expert, especially given the calibre of Viccil and Sevill. He had felt their powers before. At their full strength, they were monsters among monsters!


"How did you almost get killed? Don't you have like millions of artefacts that your family gave you for protection?" Skullius asked Darwel.

The El Sif burst into laughter.

"That's what you think? Humans truly have a strange way of viewing things," she said. "Royalty isn't some sheltered sheep on Opungale. Being royalty means you stand on the front lines. You contribute openly, and you hold your own. While I have my fair share of qualms concerning the circumstances around the way I was sent here, I know it is my duty. Actually, you can think of me as expendable. After all, I'm not the only spawn of the High Family on Opungale."

"Really? I always thought you were kind of… spoiled, like an only child," Skullius said bluntly

Darwel shrugged.

"What kind of spoiled brat would be sent on her lonesome to establish diplomatic relations with a nation full of humans who more than likely hate her guts? The absence of a large entourage was supposed to make me appear sincere. And for me to woman up."

Skullius scoffed.

What a weird strategy. It certainly screamed suicidal in his ears.

"Anyway, how did you convince the Governor to let the Family stay here? That's too high a privilege. Too high profile."

"Yeah, that's the point. It's for your own good. High profile, in this case, is good for you, for several reasons. Especially given what just happened. Which brings me to ask… what in the clear waters happened?!" Darwel asked.

Skullius was puzzled at first, then he remembered that he hadn't shared any detail with Sevill, and in turn she hadn't been able to enlighten or comfort the anxious El Sif.

Like many, she had seen that there was a second threat within the city. One that assaulted the Bryne Family mansion.


Even if he mostly considered Darwel a nuisance until he needed her, maybe it was time for Skullius to play it smart and give her a reason not to turn into a borderline hostile motherly figure, as she had promised.

So, Skullius took a first step.

"The truth is, with how unique I am, certain enemies are drawn to me. That was one of them. Explaining what it was will probably not do you any good. Or me for that matter. But I can say, that thing which attacked me is bad news. I may need your help with it in the future," Skullius explained.

Darwel shivered and a broad grin appeared on her face.

Suddenly, she leapt on Skullius and embraced him tightly!

The Hybrid Luman was awe struck.

'Damn you [Primal Caution]! No warning to me about this? Seriously?!' he thought while his face was mushed up against Darwel's generous chest.

"I knew you'd come to your senses soon enough! Now I have something to work with!" Darwel yelled.

"Says the girl who almost got killed today!" Skullius shot at her while pushing her away.

Darwel reluctantly crawled away from the Hybrid Luman and sat on the bed.

"Well obviously I'm not the one who can help with something like this, but my people can. If you're finally seeing me in a positive light, then maybe we can finally discuss going to Opungale. It didn't seem relevant for now, but since the Premium Age Royale will be over soon, we can make the trip home," the princess said.

Skullius gave it some thought.

That wasn't a bad idea.

After the Royale was over was the perfect time to make the trip East of Aigas. There were many reasons to go than otherwise actually!

"Alright. That's not a bad idea," he said much to Darwel and Viccil's relief.

That said…

"I have a question though," Skullius said, his expression turning intensely serious. "About the Luminants. Did they ever mention anything about a Deity? A different one from the four in Aigas."

Darwel was surprised by this inquiry.

Where had it even come from?

She gave it some thought and answered.

"Like I said before, very little could be drawn from the Luminants. They were very secretive and preferred to move on from their 'past lives' as they said. But they did mention bits of something like a common supreme being that they revered over the many, disconnected conversations throughout time. The Sif pieced an insignificant amount of their history together and it was passed down through our generations."

"I see…" Skullius said while scratching his chin.


Only he knew the amount of stimulation to his mind the existence of a certain page within his storage was causing him every single time he was free to divide his thoughts with the Omniscient Thought Cracker.

The Hybrid Luman was hunting any information he could get about Deities, since Aurolio wasn't up for more probing for the day. He wasn't willing to hear the pale man's voice for the rest of the day either.

It seemed not much was known of the Luminants, whom he thought had a Deity named Luserus, something he derived from the elusive racial skill he had - [Son of Luserus].

"I think things to do with that are in the parchment I gave you yesterday. Haven't you read it, with how greedy you are?" Darwel asked.

"Oh. That's right!" Skullius said, a fist of recollection smashing his face.

Darwel had given him a parchment that had several pieces of Sif knowledge after proving that she was stalker indeed. Sadly, Skullius hadn't gotten the time to go through it and had forgotten about it later on.

"Thanks for reminding me. I'll look into it first then," Skullius said as he stood up.

"W-wait! You'd rather read a paper than just have me explain it to you? The parchment was bait to lure you here!" Darwel said with shock written over her visage.

Skullius paused.

"…I'll read the parchment instead."

Darwel face palmed.

As the Hybrid Luman walked towards the door, the gorgeous El Sif stood from her bed and threw at him a bombshell as a retort to his hurtful statement.

"Scurry along to your new home, Lord Luminant!" she yelled in a whiny maiden's voice. "Some old man who was in love with his bed is waiting for you~!"


As Skullius' face was painted in excessive surprise, Darwel's turned victorious!

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