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«Breeding Dragons From Today (Web Novel) - Chapter 706: Joelson’s True Thoughts. The Stunned Underground City Residents.

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Chapter 706: Joelson’s True Thoughts. The Stunned Underground City Residents.

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Iron-Blooded King Reynolds and Joelson actually had very similar strengths. Their strength was enough to make the entire underground city submit and intimidate the entire underground city.

However, because of this very similar characteristic, the support that Joelson received was far more than the support of the underground city’s local King Reynolds!

The reason for this was actually very simple.

The reason was precisely because of how both Joelson and the Iron-Blooded King Reynolds dealt with one matter!

In order to consolidate his royal power, the Iron-Blooded King Reynolds chose to issue a very severe punishment. The cruel and bloody methods behind it were all to consolidate the royal power that he had seized halfway!

This method was understandable, but compared to Joelson’s method, everything was problematic.

That’s right, this was what had just happened.

Joelson had declared everyone innocent!

If Joelson could forgive Vice-Captain Hansen’s unreasonable disturbance, it was just an exception.

At that time, Joelson had directly declared everyone innocent, which was enough to explain the problem!

What Joelson did seemed to be a simple act of kindness, but there was actually a profound reason behind it!

That’s right, what Joelson did was to let all the guards who had violated the military law go. In fact, what he did was actually harming his own royal authority!

Any normal king would understand the importance of the code of law to the royal authority.

At this moment, Joelson had just defeated the old king, the Iron-Blooded King Reynolds. It was time for him to establish his authority. At this time, there were so many rebels and so many people who had violated the law, this was a very lucky thing!

Joelson only needed to order these poor people to be directly executed. Then, he could use the simplest method to consolidate his royal authority to an unprecedented level!

Such a good opportunity was the dream of many kings. They prayed to the gods every day, hoping to have such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make their king’s authority unquestionable!

At that time, all he needed was an order to sacrifice thousands of lives in exchange for the most consolidated dynasty in the entire history of the underground city!

However, he did not choose to do so. Instead, he casually let go of this opportunity and released thousands of fresh lives!

Without a doubt, from a humanitarian point of view, what he did was undoubtedly right. However, from a royal point of view, he had undoubtedly destroyed his already unstable royal power!

Joelson’s actions had harmed his own royal power. He had used such a price in exchange for the interests of the other ordinary citizens.

This was a person who had never been seen before in the entire underground city’s history of having a king!

For the sake of their interests, Joelson was willing to give up his royal power. What kind of king was this?

This was a proper and wise king!

How could such a wise king not make people want to admire him? How could such a wise king not make the citizens of the underground city go crazy!

Such a wise king was simply a rare sight!

How could such a wise king not make the citizens of the underground city ecstatic!

This was a king that was willing to give up his interests to the commoners. He had the potential to be a wise king, but his strength was still so powerful!

When these two rare traits collided, the probability was extremely small!

Such a probability was even more difficult than finding an identical snowflake!

There were fewer wise rulers. And even fewer wise rulers with strength!

For someone like Joelson, who had such powerful strength and was still a wise ruler, such a probability was basically impossible!

For the residents of the underground city, it was rare for them to meet such a wise ruler in their lifetime. How could they not go crazy!

This made them want to take off their clothes and roll around on the icy ground to celebrate!

Where could they find such a good king!

Such a good ruler could not be found even with lanterns!

The residents of the underground city knew how rare and valuable a king was, which was why they were so fanatical and excited when facing him!

For these reasons, the old nobles and officials who lived in the palace would never be able to understand it!

However, it didn’t matter if they didn’t understand it. The nobles and officials in the palace didn’t need to understand the reason behind it. At this moment, they only needed to submit to him, they just needed to offer their loyalty to Joelson!

All the nobles and officials understood this. At this moment, they had already put down all their insistence and knelt on the ground, respectfully bowing to Joelson.

“Long live King Joelson!”

“Long live King Joelson!”

“Long live King Joelson…”

Such cheers rose and fell in the underground city.

Joelson looked at the fanatical people below with a worried expression. Seeing their fanatical support and fanatical shouting of his name, Joelson felt a wave of distress in his heart.

One had to know that he originally wanted to make concessions to the royal authority so that his king’s authority would be completely shattered so that he could escape.

But now, the effect seemed to have backfired. Not only had his king’s authority not been completely shattered by his own operations, but it was now soaring even higher!

Amidst the cheers of the underground citizens, Joelson helplessly sighed and raised his head to look at the sky with a worried expression.

This scene immediately attracted the guard captain, Nair, and the guard vice-captain, Hansen, who were thinking about something.

At this moment, the two of them were thinking about how they should repay him for drinking Joelson’s recovery potion.

The two of them thought about it, but they couldn’t think of how they could repay the precious potion. However, after thinking about it, all the ideas they could think of were rejected by them.

While they were troubled, the vice-captain of the guards, Hansen, quietly found the troubled Joelson.

“Sir Joelson, what troubles do you have? Please feel free to tell us. The two of us will definitely go through fire and water to solve your troubles. The two of us will definitely do anything!”

The vice-captain of the guards noticed Joelson’s troubles, so he immediately said loudly.


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