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«Breeding Dragons From Today (Web Novel) - Chapter 565: She was Cheated of 5,000 Snow Crystal Coins. This Girl is a Rich Girl!

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Chapter 565: She was Cheated of 5,000 Snow Crystal Coins. This Girl is a Rich Girl!

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In the dim room, the figure of Joelson standing up was so prominent.

It had been a long time since he felt the feeling of standing up alone. For a moment, joy flashed in his eyes.

“Is this the feeling of standing up?”

“I haven’t felt it for a long time indeed.”

Looking at his standing posture, he couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

“No, this is different from the feeling of standing up…”

He felt that his body had become lighter compared to his original body.

His jumping ability had even increased by several times.

Just as Joelson was feeling the sensation of his legs, Elena’s voice suddenly came from outside the door.

“Mr. Joelson, I’m back. Have you rested?”

“Is it convenient for me to come in now?”

Elena’s voice seemed to be a little tired.

However, Elena was indeed a very virtuous girl.

There was not a single snow crystal coin in Joelson’s wallet at the moment. Elena was the one who paid for the hotel.

Although Joelson planned to return the hotel money to Elena in the future, wasn’t it because he had not returned the money to Elena yet?

In this way, the right to use the room at the moment was actually not Joelson’s, but Elena’s.

However, Elena did not think so. Instead, she knocked on the door and asked Joelson if he was willing to let her in.

If it was Joelson, he might have pushed the door open and entered.

One had to admit that Elena’s upbringing was excellent.

In addition to her beauty, there should be quite a number of men who pursued Elena behind her back.

In an instant, Joelson hurriedly sat on the bed and shook his head.

“I haven’t rested yet.”

“The door isn’t locked. Just open the door.”

Hearing that Joelson was willing to let Elena in, Elena turned the doorknob and pushed the door open.

Creak. Creak.

The old wooden door made an ear-piercing sound.

Elena entered from the corridor. Her beautiful figure looked particularly breathtaking under the light behind her.

“Mr. Joelson, I just went out and found some medicinal herbs that might be good for your body.”

“I’ve already asked someone to help me process them into powder. Mr. Joelson, please forgive me for acting on my own initiative. Please pull up your pants. I’ll help you apply the medicine.”

Elena lifted the bamboo basket in her hand. There were several small bottles among them.

The small bottles were completely sealed, but there was still a slight smell of medicinal herbs coming from inside.

It seemed that these medicinal herbs were the ones Elena had gone out to look for for Joelson.

Joelson sniffed and probably figured out which medicinal herbs were among them.

Damask vanilla…

Glen fragrant flower…

Graeme hazelnut…

More than ten different medicinal herbs appeared in his mind.

These medicinal herbs didn’t have any common characteristics. If he had to say it, it was just one word.


Although these medicinal herbs didn’t do much harm to the human body, to say that they could really treat his legs was simply a pipe dream.

“Elena, the guy who gave you the medicinal herbs, did he really say that these medicinal herbs could help me treat my legs?”

Joelson asked Elena in confusion.

Elena nodded and opened the bottles one by one.

“That doctor gave me his word. He said that although it can’t immediately restore your vitality, it can at least guarantee that the blood in your legs will flow smoothly and that there won’t be any other diseases because of it.”

Elena’s hands were very gentle. She poured the powder one after another onto Joelson’s calf and then patiently helped him start massaging.

It had to be said that Elena’s little hands were cold and felt very good.

Looking at Elena taking care of him very gently at this moment, Joelson could not help but feel a little headache.

Damn it, why did he subconsciously pretend that he had not recovered his body just now?

Now that he suddenly said that he was fine, it would probably be very awkward.

Elena had probably been cheated by the seller of the medicine, and she had also been cheated of a lot of money.

If these medicinal herbs could really be used, then it would be fine if it was Joelson. But the problem was that these medicinal herbs had no other use except for being expensive.

Not only that, medicinal herbs like the damask vanilla had extremely high profits.

It was likely that they could obtain a profit margin of more than 30% just by changing hands.

Joelson was already calculating how much money Elena had been cheated of.

“Elena, how much did you spend on these medicinal herbs?”

Joelson asked.

Elena was still very serious as she helped Joelson to massage his legs.

“Not much, just a little snow crystal coin.”

Elena was not good at lying. At this moment, under Joelson’s questioning, in order to not make Joelson feel guilty, Elena subconsciously told a white lie.

At this moment, Elena’s small face was slightly red, and her eyes were darting around, not daring to look directly into Joelson’s eyes.

Joelson raised his eyebrows. A little snow crystal coin?

How was that possible.

The cheapest medicinal herbs here were probably things that ordinary people could not afford even if they lived frugally for a few months.

This girl was really simple. She was actually able to pay so much for a stranger that she did not know by the roadside.

If he was a swindler, Elena would have already been cheated by him until she was penniless. She might even have helped him count his money.

There were probably not many such simple-minded people in the world.

Joelson thought to himself.

“How much is it exactly?”

“In short, there should be a specific number. I don’t have any snow crystal coins on hand right now. After I exchange the money, I’ll return it to you along with the hotel room fee.”

Joelson said.

Elena waved her hand and rejected Joelson.

“There’s really no need. I really don’t have much money.”

“Elena, tell me.”

Joelson stared at Elena very seriously.

Elena, who was uncomfortable from being stared at by Joelson, finally said in a low voice.

“Five thousand…”

“Five thousand snow crystal coins…”

Joelson raised his eyebrows.

Good heavens, Elena was really a completely little rich lady.

She had been cheated of five thousand snow crystal coins so easily. Most ordinary people would not even be able to take out one-fifth of that.

He was really curious about this little girl’s background.

With this thought in mind, Joelson patted Elena’s head.

“Don’t worry about me. I will pay you back the five thousand snow crystal coins I owe you.”

Although Joelson would pay back the money he owed Elena, those who cheated Elena had been blacklisted in his heart.


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