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«Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1338: A broken seal & An apocalyptic battle

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Chapter 1338: A broken seal & An apocalyptic battle

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When Lilith heard that Bai Zemin's feelings towards her did not change at all even after learning the whole truth, her suppressed crying burst out like a dam that finally reached its breaking point.

The disconsolate crying similar to the wail of a ghost in grief echoed inside the dimly moonlit room. The sweetness of a woman's tears was something no man wanted to taste, especially not when it was the most important woman in that man's life.

Bai Zemin had never seen Lilith lose her composure like this. He hugged her tightly and let her cry without saying anything. At this moment what she needed was to loosen up, to let her tense nerves and tight heart relax.

His heart almost shattered to pieces seeing her like this.

A long time later, Lilith's crying slowly turned back into a small sob. Although her body was still trembling slightly, she was clearly much better compared to before.

"How can you not feel hatred towards me after hearing everything I just told you? I… I didn't just target you. In a way your family and the others were also part of my targets. Even… even if you don't hate me, you should at least feel the slightest bit of resentment." She whispered without daring to look him in the eyes, her head down and looking straight ahead.

Bai Zemin thought about it for a moment as he stroked her silky hair with surprising calmness. After several minutes, he finally realized that his current self definitely did change.

If this had happened before his battle to the death with Akumi, even if he didn't end up hating Lilith after learning the truth it would most likely have opened a crack in his feelings towards her.

In Bai Zemin's eyes, the ground of everything was always the most important thing.

After hearing Lilith's story, even if he sympathized with her, his former self would surely feel that the ground of everything they had built together so far was nothing more than a foundation full of materials weakened by lies and misguidance. At the end of the day, it was undeniable that Lilith approached him with tricky thoughts.

However, he did not feel the slightest resentment at all.

"Love and hate. Black and white. Night and day. Up or down. Heads or tails. Heaven and earth. Life and death. Yin and Yang. Strong or weak…" Before he knew it, the words began to flow out of his mouth, surprising even himself. As these words flowed out, for some reason his heart began to calm down more and more: "Just like a spinning, all the most important aspects of the universe have an up and a down… Lilith, let me ask you instead; have you hurt me at all?"

"I…" Lilith was a bit overwhelmed by the sudden influx of reasoning beyond her comprehension but still shook her head, "Never."

"That's how it is." Bai Zemin nodded and in the darkness, his eyes glittered. His gaze became deeper, clearly out of place for someone his age even for somebody who had experienced so many storms. "If all goes well, you and I will be together forever. You never hurt me, so there's no need to overthink it. As I said before, love and hate; these two opposite but so close feelings are the two sides of a single coin. What's the use of stopping at the insignificant middle ground? In the face of eternity, dwelling on those kinds of minor feelings such as a little resentment for something that hurt no one will only bring endless pain in the long run."

Lilith fell into deep contemplation upon hearing this.

Bai Zemin's body suddenly shuddered imperceptibly and a flood of information and memories, as well as feelings, flooded him.

'This is…' Bai Zemin even forgot how to breathe, completely in shock.

Just now, for some reason, that seal protecting the memories of his experiences in that illusion exploded into a thousand pieces.

Knowledge about his current skills as well as others he had never heard of or seen.

Information and theories about bonds, contracts, weapons, mutant beasts, precious herbs, universal laws… A strong torrent hit his damaged spirit and brain hard, overloading him in an instant.

What Bai Zemin did not know was that at this moment he had already fainted.

Although his mental state had reached a monstrous level, his spirit was damaged all over like a crystal glass on the verge of collapse. Although this influx of memories and knowledge would not kill him, his brain was "shut down" to protect him from a possible spiritual collapse.

Surprisingly, however, he could still sense his surroundings despite having lost consciousness. Not only that, but he somehow began to understand seemingly simple things that he had never before been able to comprehend or appreciate even though they were right before his eyes.

Bai Zemin was surrounded by darkness but he could still feel his own heart beating. Before he used to naively think that his feelings for Lilith had reached the peak, but only now did he realize how stupidly childish he was being.

In what seemed like an instant, a thousand years of feelings flooded his existence, and his feelings for her, which he thought had reached the peak, grew tremendously to an inconceivable point.

At the same time, Bai Zemin could not help but feel a sharp pain in his chest from sadness.

Why? Because he suddenly had strong feelings for children that did not exist, people who were not part of his life… and a Lilith that was but was not the one he knew.

Bai Zemin didn't know how long it had been since he fell into darkness.

Maybe it was days.

Maybe it was years or even decades.

It could even be minutes or maybe seconds.

All he knew was that despite wanting to wake up he simply couldn't do it.

Suddenly, countless white dots began to glow around him. Most amazing of all was that these tiny white dots only got brighter and brighter with each passing second.

In no time, the darkness receded slightly and as he watched the endless glowing dots around him it didn't take him long to understand what was happening.

"This is… Outer space?" to his surprise, he could talk.


Suddenly, a huge spatial rift opened up in the middle of the void. Some kind of humanoid beast whose body was completely black came out of the spatial rift and looked around as if it was searching for something.

Bai Zemin's heart clenched fiercely as the humanoid-shaped beast's eyes paused for a moment on his position and every cell in his body seemed to warn him of a level of danger that he was not only unable to defend against but could not even escape from.

Hastily he held his breath, stupidly thinking that this way he would not be seen.

Fortunately for him, the beast's purple eyes only paused where he was for an instant before continuing to look around. It seemed to be searching for something patiently, as if it was waiting for some thing.

Only then did Bai Zemin sigh in relief, 'Looks like it can't see me.'

He didn't know if this was a dream or not but it felt too real to be one so he had no choice but to be cautious.

'Oh?' Bai Zemin suddenly noticed something that in the midst of his nervousness he had overlooked.

The bipedal creature was completely black and its claws so long that they seemed to be able to cut through everything. However, the most striking thing about the beast was the red horn on its forehead. It was a somewhat irregular red horn as it seemed to be divided into different sections, and each section was shaped like a star that when joined with the next one complemented each other perfectly.

Bai Zemin didn't know why but he suddenly felt that he had seen something similar before even though he couldn't remember what that thing was.

Just as Bai Zemin was focusing on the creature's horn, another change suddenly happened.


Bai Zemin's pupils contracted fiercely as he saw a man surrounded by seven colored flames charging fiercely towards the beast while shouting something he couldn't understand. His heart beat furiously as he gazed at those flames as he felt an inexplicable feeling of familiarity with them.

Unfortunately, he had no time to think about anything.

The bipedal creature let out a strange but ferocious roar and rushed forward furiously to confront the man that had just appeared.

Both were extremely fast so although they were separated by a great distance it only took an instant to catch up with the other.

The beast slashed forward with its claws and a blood-red spear covered in black lightning appeared in the man's hands, stabbing mercilessly at the creature.

When the man's spear and the creature's claws clashed, Bai Zemin's face turned as white as a sheet.

Countless stars exploded and space shattered as the shockwave spread in all directions. The two sides exchanged blows furiously, retreating and advancing with incomprehensible and immeasurable speeds.

Bai Zemin watched with a pale face as countless worlds and stars were shattered to pieces by the battle of the man and the beast.

It was only then that Bai Zemin felt relieved… It seemed to be that the shockwaves could not hit him or else he would have already died a billion times in just a second.

Although he had never seen the attack of an Eighth Order existence, Bai Zemin was absolutely certain that this level was far beyond what any Higher Existence could ever touch.

Not only that but by pure instinct he knew that even in the terrifying Golden Domain there could hardly be anyone on this level.

The universe trembled and dimensions collapsed one after another, as the laws were unable to withstand attacks of such scale.

This level of power… This apocalyptic battle was beyond his comprehension.

As his heart slowly calmed down, Bai Zemin could finally see barely more into the flames. All he saw was long blood red hair, but when he tried to focus more on the person's face he simply saw mist.

'Eh?' Bai Zemin suddenly looked further behind the man and his pupils contracted to the size of a needle when he finally noticed that there was someone else there.

He didn't know if this third person was a man or a woman but this person seemed to be helping the man engulfed in flames. That person seemed to be energizing the man as each time the figure extended both hands a great torrent of power circulated and the seven flames around the man flared with greater intensity, allowing the man to maintain his power to the maximum all the time.

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