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«Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1331.4: Emperor & Empress (Part 4)

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Chapter 1331.4: Emperor & Empress (Part 4)

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The most luxurious feast hall of the royal palace situated in the central part of Hero City was large enough to easily host more than 15.000 people without any problem.

Huge pillars of carved stone rose more than 50 feet high with figures of countless dragons coiling around them. The floor appeared to be made of limestone in terms of strength but whatever the material was polished to the point of gleaming like pieces of jade clustered together. In the four corners were statues 10 meters tall, each holding a magical torch that illuminated the entire hall while releasing a kind of heat to keep everything warm enough.

At this point, a dozen tables, each 5 meters long, were carefully positioned inside the room. Each table had no less than 30 different dishes to sample as well as wines and other beverages that were extremely difficult to find outside.

Even though the hall was so large, however, there were just over 2000 people in it so it looked a bit empty.

The most striking thing would be the fact that there was not even a maid in the place. If anyone wished to eat or drink something they had to fetch it for themselves, but this arrangement did not bother anyone at all because everyone knew that the lord of this palace detested certain tactical rules used by the most powerful.

At this time, Qin Ming and Yi Fang who were the two maidservants that Bai Zemin trusted the most were wearing fancy night clothes that made them look extremely beautiful. Although in name they were a pair of housekeepers and a leader of the maid group, no one dared to look down on them. In fact, they were both beautiful enough to attract the eyes of some of the powerful men present.

Something that seemed incredible was the fact that there were not only humans in the place. Although the mutant beasts capable of taking on human form were basically identical to any ordinary human being, everyone present was skilled enough to distinguish the wild aura they concealed beneath their beautiful bodies and polite smiles.

This, however, did not seem strange to anyone at all. It was as if everyone knew what was happening tonight.

Just as everyone was chatting quietly and trying to build a more powerful network, the doors of the hall opened wide.

A white-haired man dressed in a black robe with few decorations walked in confidently, immediately catching the attention of the race of mutant beasts; it was as if they were studying someone with great curiosity. The eyes of the humans, however, immediately focused on this man's female companion.

This woman was clearly not a human, and the proof was the two fox ears that rose above her white hair as well as the nine tails that swayed tantalizingly behind her with every step she took. However, everyone immediately held their breath.

The female wore a royal robe of golden color with embroidery in the shape of blossoming shoots. The robe was wide enough to cover the entirety of her body, but even though she did not expose the slightest trace of skin below the neck it was enough to suffocate the atmosphere immediately. Even when her clothes were made to evoke respect and power, the males inside the hall felt their blood heat up at the sight of the natural swaying of those hips and the jiggling of those two large breasts.

Among the humans, there was no lack of those who despised the mutant beasts in the same way that many powerful mutant beasts considered humans as weak because of their weak bodies. Before today, many people secretly wondered why the emperor would choose a filthy mutant beast as his empress, but now that they saw the face and just the hidden outline of the female's body they couldn't help but want to take the place of the man who was with her.

The males looked at the peerless female while the females looked at the male with obvious heat; this was particularly true for the females of the mutant beast race as they could feel the enormous power hidden beneath that black robe. They could not help but think that if they could have children with someone like that their offspring would surely have the best genes of all and years later those children would become the true hegemons of the world.

When Bai Zemin saw Lilith outside the hall he also lost his breath for a moment even though he was slowly getting used to her new but true appearance. If even with his mental strength he still needed a couple of seconds to regain his composure there was no need to mention the others.

When the pair reached the center of the room, all the mutant beasts immediately knelt down on their right knee and lowered their heads with respectful expressions on their faces.

What's going on?

They all looked at each other in dismay.

"You all don't need to do this today." Lilith's voice suddenly broke the silence.

Her voice sounded like the chirping of birds and the sighing of the spring breeze, extremely pleasant and beautiful to the extreme with its own particular warm charm.

Her apricot eyes swept over those who knelt with a faint smile on her lovely face: "This wedding is taking place under the human standard so you only need to do what humans do. Today is a very special day for me, the happiest day of my life. So there is no need for formalities."

The mutant beasts immediately stood up. All of them, whether male or female, could not help but look at Bai Zemin with admiration and respect.

"Your Majesty Bai is a dragon among men. I still remember the pain of his fist at that moment hehe… Just thinking about it makes me shudder." A beautiful woman swayed her waist and approached with a bewitching smile.

This woman was extremely beautiful and her seductive charm had reached the pinnacle of what the males in the hall could endure. Many of them gazed at her body unavoidably but she did not seem at all perturbed as if she was used to it.

Bai Zemin did not remember this female of the mutant beast race, but judging by her reptilian eyes and the immense flexibility of her delicate waist he easily identified her as a female of the snake family.

"Hehehe… Your Majesty doesn't remember me? But that's not surprising either. Back then this little sister only had the power of a level 178 soul evolver after all." That woman covered her mouth and laughed softly, making her breasts bounce inside her dress.

"Sorry." Bai Zemin forced a smile and calmly said, "At that time, I had no choice but to beat those who wouldn't listen."

After saying this, he looked at all the mutant beasts in human form and said in a deep voice, "Today I, Bai Zemin, am marrying your Empress. While it is true that I am doing this because I love the woman beside me even more than my life itself, as Emperor of the human race I hope we can all live harmoniously with each other."

Actually, Bai Zemin was also dumbfounded when a couple of days ago Lilith told him that during the 6 months he was in a coma she was not idle in any way. In fact, she borrowed the Sky Destroyer to tour all the major points of the Earth, and using her overwhelming strength and bloodline she subdued all the most powerful mutant beasts as well as their subordinates.

The race of mutant beasts was different from the human race. Humans could not submit by force alone as too many accommodations were needed as 99% of those in high positions would pretend to submit on the surface but would plot against you under the table, and precisely because of this Wu Yijun played the most important role in this matter.

The mutant beasts were much simpler. The strongest fist ruled and sinister plans and schemes were mostly disdained by them. Therefore, Lilith accomplished in half a year what he took more than two years to finish.

This ceremony basically represented the royalty of the mutant beasts and the royalty of humanity, their Empress and Emperor.

"Your Majesty need not worry." A stout man whose skin was bronze-colored stepped forward and his voice spread throughout the hall, "All of us respect Her Majesty the Empress from the bottom of our hearts. I will not dispute that my heart is extremely grieved to see Her Majesty with another man, but if it is His Majesty I have no complaints. The human race will be allied with our race of mutant beasts."

All the mutant beasts in the room immediately pointed their index fingers toward the center of their chests. This was their highest vow, as that was where their weak points were located and their index fingers represented the sword of judgment.

Bai Zemin and Lilith said a few more words before letting the party take its course.

Although it cost a bit at first, slowly the humans began to approach the mutant beasts in an attempt to form their own little alliances and increase their power. Although the mutant beasts disdained plans and schemes they were not stupid. Knowing that the order of the world would change again with this marriage, they too began chatting with these humans with great power whether physical or political.

As for Bai Zemin and Lilith, both of them approached the place where some gathered people were gazing at them with smiles on their faces.

Seeing one of those figures not smiling at all, Lilith covered her mouth with the back of her hand and said in a low voice while laughing softly, "Do you think if I say a joke or two with her now it will bring down this entire palace? Or maybe she'll turn it into a big ice statue?"

Bai Zemin smiled bitterly in secret. He really felt like he was sitting on a pile of thorns just now.

Shangguan Bing Xue was standing next to Bai Zemin's parents and other close people, but at this moment her expression was a bit unpleasant. Her eyes were so icy that even the magic arrays in the hall had no effect 5 meters around her.

Ai… It seems that today will be the happiest day of my life but also the day when I will have the most headache. Bai Zemin regretted deeply.

Let's ignore her a bit first and see what to do later. If she can put aside that pride of hers then maybe we can come up with something someday, if not then that is fate.

He immediately made his decision, not realizing how much his personality had changed since the moment his Blood Berserker's Wrath skill triggered to the last level in conjunction with God Mode and that strange power that allowed him to kill Akumi at the last moment.

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