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«Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 783: Face-Checking a Brush

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Chapter 783: Face-Checking a Brush

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-In the Jiuhua City Shop at Dajin-

At this moment, the employees rotated in shifts in the old shop, so they didn’t have to watch the shop all day long as they had done previously.

When they were not working, they could play online.

As usual, Xiao Yulv stood behind the players and watched them play with a plate of dried fruits from the Wind and Moon Pavilion.

At this moment, he was watching Yu Zhiwei, a female employee of the shop, as she chose her champion.

“This…? How come some characters are grey?” Xiao Yulv pointed at the screen and asked.

“It’s because we can’t choose characters of the opposite gender.” Yu Zhiwei waved her hand as if it was obvious. “You’ve never played games before; you don’t know it.”

“If you can’t choose them, they shouldn’t be here. Why make them grey?” As an expert in game guides, Xiao Yulv intuitively felt like there was something fishy about it.

“How can you say that I don’t know it?!” After all, everyone was making huge progress while Xiao Yulv was the only one who couldn’t play games. He had no choice but to diligently practice the ultimate techniques of at home and had become a master who excelled in every spiritual spell of the Liuyun Daoist Palace.

He knew the games guides thoroughly and could recite them backward. “How can you slander me this way?”

“Hahahaha!” The people around him laughed. “Gongzi Xiao, you want to play online?”

“You…! You guys!” His face turned red, feeling like he would burst.

“Huh?” At this moment, Yu Zhiwei found that she could click on those grey champions of the opposite gender. It was just that she couldn’t lock in her choice.

When she tried to lock in, a prompt popped up, [Your account isn’t a Disciplined Player Account. Please get appraised first.]


“Ugh?” Xiao Yulv stared at the screen wide-eyed.

Does it mean I can…?!

[Boss! When can I get to play games?!] While ignoring the people who were still mocking him, he immediately contacted Mr. Fang.

Since Xiao Yulv couldn’t even use QQ, Mr. Fang received a text message from him via the communication jade.

“Oh?” Mr. Fang glanced at his privileges. As new branch shops were opened and the number of players grew, Mr. Fang had gained more and more privileges which were almost the same as those of a real shop owner.

In the page of employee allocation, the previously grey line for issuing tasks to employees had now lit up.

[Xiao Yulv: -5 star employee; can upgrade stars by doing tasks. Zero star equals to an ordinary customer; -4 to -1 stars equal to customers with restricted level

Tasks that can be assigned to employees

Tasks that were fitting for this employee: Walkthrough creation, competition commentary]

Mr. Fang replied, [I’ll assign some tasks to you. If you do them well, I’ll personally remove the ban on you!]


“Ahh!” With a long roar, a figure in a yellow shirt and a white robe shot up into the clouds. The emotions that were suppressed inside him for a long time now burst out.

“Ahahahahaha!” The figure shot through layer after layer of thick clouds like a cannon ball.

He was elated!

Suddenly, a middle-sized passenger spiritual boat slowly flew out from the clouds.


A huge noise came from the sky.

[Mr. Fang.] Yu Zhiwei sent a message, [Gongzi Xiao broke one bone in his neck and has applied for leave for a few weeks.]

She posted a screenshot in which half of a man’s body was stuck in the bottom of a spiritual boat.


On the other side of the shop.

The system remake of League of Legends had obviously made many optimized changes on top of the original version.

Situated between Freljord and a remote forest, Summoner’s Rift was one of the few places full of magic power.

It looked just like the scene that flashed in the cinematic trailer and the opening cinematics.

It was in one corner of the lush magic forest.

Wolfs and other wild beasts in the forest were resting in this tranquil spot. There were also all kinds of magic creatures and monsters.

The boundary was sealed by a magic shield. Through the light of the shield at the boundary, the players could see the high mountains and clear sky outside the rift.

Under the blazing sunshine, the jungle off the roads was filled with the ear-grating sounds of insects. Due to the intense magic power, even spiritual energy could only cover a small area in this place.

Therefore, the vast areas of grassland on the paths were changed into dense jungles full of bushes, weeds, and trees.

At this moment, Nalan Mingxue glanced at the Exemplar of Demacia dressed in shiny golden armor who had walked out together with her.

“We shall rest when we are dead!”

With that said, they stepped into the top jungle with great solemnness and didn’t even look back.

They crouched behind the brush.

“Huh…?” At this moment, two people walked out from the opposite direction. One wore heavy armor with a huge axe in his hands, and the other carried a heavy two-handed big sword.

Different from the original version, the players controlled the champions’ projected images, so they didn’t speak the scripted lines. Sometimes, these champions would remind the summoners. Of course, if the champion had a cold personality, they wouldn’t speak more than twice in one match.

Obviously, Riven wasn’t such a champion.

“Defy Noxus and taste your own blood!”

The two people on the red side were charging up with full force under the summoners’ control.

“Choose your own path.” Nalan Mingxue seemed to feel that another soul’s awareness and force were flowing in her body; that voice was reminding her, “A sword mirrors its owner.”

A new force flowed into her body as if she had mastered a special sword technique.

“Broken Wings!” The huge blade with dark green rune energy took her forward, and she flew up in an elegant and pretty arc like a butterfly.

Then, she leaped into the brush nearby.


“Where’s she?”

As a player who had played Assassin’s Creed, it was possible to instantly disappear from the opponent’s vision into a brush.

The two people exchanged a look.

The Rogue Mage said, “She is alone…?”

The Hand of Noxus replied, “Let’s go and have a look.”

The two players walked into the brush in excitement. “Don’t run! Hehe!”

“What is broken can be reforged!” A huge blade fell from the sky! The huge momentum almost shattered the ground, bouncing the two players into the sky at the same time!

“Demacia!” Almost at the same time, a huge lance thrust out like a fierce dragon!

“First blood!”

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