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«Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 695: Class Oath

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Chapter 695: Class Oath

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A solemn and holy declaration resonated in the cathedral, “From now on, I’ll embrace Holy Light with my heart, protect the weak with my sword and shield, and vanquish evil with Holy Light. Humility, honesty, compassion, valor, justice, sacrifice, honor, and spirituality are the eight virtues that I’ll never forget. We’ll not fall as long as people need our protection!”

“May Holy Light be with you!”

Perhaps they have had moments of confusion and loss, but at this moment, a small flame was kindled in their hearts. It was insignificant now, but it might one day be able to emit radiant lights like the sun.

From now on, they had a new skill.

[Redemption: brings a dead ally back to life with 35% of their maximum health and mana.]

Perhaps at this moment, they truly embarked on the holy journey of paladins.

“I think we should try this!” After obtaining this new skill that was sp powerful that it could be considered a miracle, the members of the Golden Griffin Knight Legion were as elated as kids who had just gotten a new toy.

Walking out of Stormwind City into Duskwood and Westfell, they cast Redemption whenever they saw a corpse. The people had died due to various reasons such as being ganged up on by mobs falling short on mana. Regardless of what caused their deaths, they were resurrected one by one.

Seeing the confusion and elation on the faces of the revived people and how they turned into gratitude in the end, the paladins felt like their hearts were wrapped in warmth.

“May Holy Light be with you!” they yelled.

“This feeling is so good.” Helen sat down on a boulder by the road and drank some water to recover her mana.

-Meanwhile, the exploration in the Deadmines continued-

“Stop it! Stop it!” Shouts came from the mine tunnels.

“Turn the elite mobs to sheep!” Mage’s spell, Polymorph: Sheep, was miraculous and could last a long time even at low levels. Two mages waved their wands, and the two elite monsters flanking the boss instantly turned into bleating sheep.

At this moment, the ogre roared. Bypassing Nalan Hongwu and Liang Heihu, it lunged at the two mages behind them.

Caught off guard, mages who were just above level 10 didn’t have enough physical strength to deal with the boss even if they had fast reflexes. They were smashed instantly!

Then, the whole group was wiped out.

“It’s impossible to win…” Mo Xian complained.

Obviously, it wasn’t the first time that they were wiped out.

In the system version of World of Warcraft, there were no skills to fixate aggro, which meant that the melee players must do their best to anger the target since the monsters would decide whom to attack using their own judgement. If it thought that the ranged players posed a greater danger, it would dump the melee players and lunge at the ranged players.

“I think that you warriors should have stopped it when the big guy lunged at us!”

“How could we?” Royal Princess Ji Yu said angrily, “We can only dodge its giant hammer and attack it while jumping around. I can’t block it even with my double-handed sword! Its strength is so great that even the counterforce will make us spit blood.”

“We can’t win unless our defense can block its attacks,” Liang Shi said, “But the truth is, the strength gap is too huge for us to do that.”

“How about… I will try again with a shield?” As a man who grew up in the military, Nalan Hongwu had used every kind of weapon in his hundreds of years of service in the army. Besides, there were shield soldiers in Dajin.

“Change to shields?!” Their eyes suddenly brightened.

When they entered the Deadmines again, they were more proficient. Immediately, they turned the two elite mobs into sheep, and then Nalan Hongwu charged with a shield.

Three warriors tried to battle around the ogre. Soon, the ogre lunged at the mages in the back of the formation again.

At this moment, Nalan Hongwu blocked the ogre’s way with a shield.

“Get out!” The ogre smashed its hammer onto the big shield with vicious force. Excelling in every kind of weapon, Nalan Hongwu shifted the shield slightly to the side, and the ogre’s huge hammer slid to one side while gliding on the surface of the shield. This impact only forced Nalan Hongwu to retreat a few steps.

“That’s effective!” Everyone got excited, thinking that they were closer to success!

“Continue with the DPS!” The two mages chanted the magic spells again. The ogre moved, and Nalan Hongwu moved with this monster. Meanwhile, the mages adjusted their distances continuously. Soon, the ogre was covered in wounds.

But at this moment, they suddenly found…

“No! Senior is going to fall! He can’t take it anymore!” Liang Heihu roared.

While the big shield managed to block the attacks, the huge impact force from the hammer strikes could still injure the defender’s organs.

Each player worked like a highly efficient machine, but they still were no match for the boss at the moment.

Soon, the party was wiped out again.

“Should we change to shields too?!” Waiting to recover the corpses was a long process. Each time they died in an instance, they had to release their souls and come back from the graveyard.

At this moment, a group of knights and Mage Dicas also came to this place.

“Why are you all standing here? Why don’t you enter?” Commander Elven and the other golden griffin knights looked at them curiously.

It was after 4 PM, and most of the players had spent over eight hours in the game now that the limit of daily game time was ten hours. Soon, players of all classes from different places of the Alliance gathered here.

“We’re waiting for our teammates to run back and recover their corpses…” Looking at this unfamiliar paladin, Liang Heihu said mildly.

“Run back… for corpses?” Commander Elven said friendly, “Do you need help? We can help resurrect your teammates and save you lots of time!”

Of course, another reason for his offer was that these paladins were still eager to cast this spell after using it many times!

Helen felt like screaming. Each time she resurrected a dead person, she felt like a great miracle rose right before her!

“Re… resurrection…?!” Not only Liang Heihu and his party, but all other players standing by the entrance of Deadmines looked toward them in stupefaction.

The players who had played other games in the shop knew that all the techniques, immortal spells, and artifact-making skills were not faked!

They could all be learned and used in the real world. If it was true, then…!!??

At least all the players in the new shop including Dwarf Elder Sauk, Elf Elder Sewell, and Dicas all looked at them in disbelief.

Is there really such a spell?! If it is real, then the soldiers charging and fighting on battlegrounds will never fear death again!

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