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«Behemoth’s Pet (Web Novel) - Chapter 163: Let’s Go Into The Onsen

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Chapter 163: Let’s Go Into The Onsen

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A few hours later――

Aria and co returned to their inn after the meeting with Shiri.

「Nevertheless, I would never expected that we’re still getting involved with the matter of demon race even when we’re in vacation is such place…」

Aria was smiling wryly as she took off her yukata in the dressing room of the hot-spring.

Though their original intention for this trip was to allow their body to take a rest after previous battles against demon king Belphegor, who would expect that they still got entangled with the problem caused by the demon race even in vacation.

Moreover, things became even messier since it was related to demon king Belphegor too.

「Well, we’ve no choice but to get involved in this matter. We cannot leave this matter getting out of our hand after all, I’m looking forward to enjoy the vacation after we take care of this myatter though.」

Vulcan who stood beside Aria replied so as she took off her jinbee.

Aria replied with 「Exactly, Vulcan-san♪」 while taking off her underwear.

Aria’s body proportion was as magnificent as usual.

Her body and limbs that were tempered in battle was forming beautiful hourglass figure, and sexy body lines.

And yet, it was soft and squishy instead of tough like men’s body.

「Well then, Tama. Let’s enter the hot-spring togethe~r♡」

Aria then stuffed Tama who was waiting in front of the box of dressing room into her huge, soft, and tender clea*vage.

Tama who experienced the softness and warmth of her body let out a cry with satisfied look on his face.

Tama was a proud knight in his previous life.

But, he still ended up behaving like a real kitten due to the influence of her infant body.

「Muu, so sly, why it’s only Aria…」

Stella let out vexed voice as she helped Faeri to take off her yukata.

She had turned into a helpful older sister two afer taking care of the two fairies.

Aria and co left the dressing room naked.

The hot-spring which pulled directly from the inn’s bath had already been waiting for them.

Moreover, since they could bring in liquor with them to the hot-spring, Aria and Vulcan brought along rice sake with them.

They planned to enjoy the booze while dipping into the hot-spring.

「First, let’s clean your body~♡」

Aria put Tama on her laps, pouring the warm water over his body while preparing bubbly soap in her hand.

Tama let out a satisfied cries as he enjoyed Aria’s superb body rinsing skill.

「Ahaha! Tama is so adorable even during bathing!」

「Sho~ go~od!」

Lily and Faeri were making merry as they’re washing each other’s body beside Aria.

Even though they were originally inhabiting the labyrinth, by now, they had already been used to use soap to clean their body… Or rather, they had became a captive for bath.

「Let me to rinse your back, Stella-chan.」

「Uhm? Are you sure? Yaay!」

Vulcan was rinsing Stella’s back as they had such conversation.

Sure enough, the two of them were getting along really well as fellow vanguard.

After this and that, Aria and co had finally finished cleaning their body.

Aria dipped her feet into the hot-spring first in order to check the temperature of the water.

「It’s perfect♪」

It wasn’t too hot or too cold, just perfect.

She then slowly immersing herself into the hot-spring while hugging Tama in between her clea*vage.

「Nyaa~, the fragrance is perfect too nyan.」

Vulcan unintentionally let out a satisfied voice as she dipped her body until her shoulder.

It seems that the refreshing smell of herb drifting from the hot-spring eased her nerves.

「Nya~(Yup, it’s feel good indeed)」

Tama who was being embraced by Aria felt the same way as Vulcan.

The effect boosted even further with the softness of Aria’s body and the perfect temperature of the hot-spring.

「Why it’s only Tama, so sly~!」

「ME TOO~!」

Lily and Faeri were gathered around Aria’s bre*ast while Tama was enjoying enjoying the supreme softness of Aria’s bre*ast.

Lily then snucked in between Aria’s body and Tama, Faeri on the other hand was rubbing her cheeks on Aria’s bre*ast.

「Gununu, I’m also quite confident with my size…」

「Nyahahaha, as expected, it’s hard to win against Aria nyan.」

Stella revealed slightly mortifying look while rubbing on her own bre*ast.

Vulcan who sit by her side was smiling lightly as she rubbed her own bre*ast too.

In that way, Aria and Vulcan enjoyed the rice sake while Stella and co enjoying the cider, immersing themselves until they got their fill of the hot-spring.

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