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«Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 1344: Busy Right Now

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Chapter 1344: Busy Right Now

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Earth class was of a different level- in their eyes, Mystics and Goldens were all like ants. Once you entered into Earth, you were a different existence!

This was also why only hidden houses and sects had Earth classes. The reason why they weren’t allowed to enter the common world was also that they were too dangerous! This was a stage where they could be preparing to enter Sky class!

After entering Sky class, their lives would be lengthened, and this was something the Earth class masters all wished for! As for anything beyond that, they didn’t even dare think about it, since there had been precedents of people chasing that further power, only to disappear without a trace…

“You sure you can kill me with one shot?” Lin Yi was getting worried- he was only halfway with the compression, but this guy was getting impatient and planning to kill him with one shot! He had to keep his composure and drag for time.

“What a joke, if I could use half a move you’d die too!” Mister Yu felt as if he’d just been insulted heavily by Lin Yi’s doubt! He was pissed instantly.

“Is that so? What about all those moves you made? How come I’m not dead yet?” Lin Yi said without hurrying or slowing his voice, although his heart kept praying for the compression to hurry up… Just hurry up a bit, hurry up… Almost done…

If Yushu or Xiaoxiao were to hear his inner voice, they’d probably misunderstand… Although, the Miss and Tang Yun were purer and wouldn’t think that far…

“I was just playing with you, you couldn’t even tell?” What was with this kid, he couldn’t even tell he was playing with him? Did he think he was just this level of strength?

“I really couldn’t tell.” Lin Yi nodded seriously.

“Waayayaya, die!” Mister Yu sent out a fist at Lin Yi- this was one that was filled with all his strength. Evidently, he meant to kill him with this!

Lin Yi sighed silently- it was still a little left, and he hadn’t completed the compression- but this old man wouldn’t give him the chance to stall for time!

“Die!” Lin Yi dodged the charge by going backward, as well as hitting out his energy bomb before jumping away quickly- this move wasn’t enough to kill Mister Yu, since even a fully compressed energy bomb wouldn’t be necessarily enough, let alone an incomplete one!

The impact was loud enough to wake everyone, and by the time they all came out, Lin Yi didn’t think that Mister Yu would continue fighting on! If he really wanted to expose himself just like that, he wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble to hide in the shadows! He would’ve just killed everyone in broad daylight!

That was nothing difficult for an Earth class at all! He must have some sort of purpose for the raiding group!

A large explosion blasted, turning Mister Yu’s right arm into a red mush- but from Lin Yi’s perspective, this was something that could still be healed, the arm could still be used. The damage wasn’t enough!

But he was still satisfied. After the explosion, he quickly backed into his own tent, thinking that Mister Yu would quickly hide! That impact wasn’t as loud as the one he used when fighting Ma Zhu, but it was already a thunderous sound. Only deaf people wouldn’t be able to hear that.

Mister Yu didn’t know where this came from- how did his arm get injured? He was extremely pissed. “Wayayaya, you damn rat, you dare pull dirty tricks on me? What sort of dark arts is this?”

Mister Yu never heard of an energy bomb before, and he assumed that he used some sort of modern bomb or something- but even a Mystic could shroud himself in qi and protect his body, let alone an Earth class! How could he have gotten injured?

He was confused and pissed, but he also knew that everyone was waking up already. He needed to endure the pain and leave right away- just what did Lin Yi use?

At a close distance like this, even under his qi’s protection, he still got blasted like this- the Mystic should be heavily injured as well with his lesser protection, right? With that thought, Mister Yu felt a bit more at ease. He took out some medicine from his pocket and put it on his arm…

Mister Yu’s guess was right, even though Lin Yi was experienced this time and dodged backward, it was an incomplete bomb- but he still got hurt. He was just enduring it as he went back into the tent.

Only after entering did he spit out a huge glop of blood, quickly regaining a neutral face as he entered the jade space.

Lingshan and Yutian were also awake from the blast and were about to see what was going on when Lin Yi came in and spat blood before sitting crossed leg. They wanted to ask what was wrong but didn’t dare interrupt him.

A while later, footsteps came out from outside, followed by a voice. “Miss and Mister Thieves, please come to Old Hei’s tent!”

Lingshan and Yutian looked at each other, but Yutian walked out right away and glared at the people some distance away. “What are you yelling about, Master is currently busy with some private stuff, wait a while!”

“Ah?” The lackey paused- private stuff? What was that?

He realized- this was nighttime, and maybe the couple was busy doing that in bed? It was possible, no wonder they let this dummy stand guard outside! With that thought, he spoke up again. “Didn’t you hear that big explosion.”

“I did, but I don’t know if Master heard it. They still haven’t come out yet.” Yutian said faintly.

“Ah? I see… Alright, after they finished, tell them to come to Hei Bro’s tent.” The man was thinking that it was normal to not hear outside disturbances when doing that activity. He went to a different tent.

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