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«Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 1218: Great Benefit

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Chapter 1218: Great Benefit

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“You really are quite lucky to have a good boss like him!” Yuanyuan was a bit speechless. But Lin Yi seemed quite smart, so he must have had some way to please both sides.

Within the jade space, it was Lin Yi’s twentieth attack on the wall of Mystic mid phase peak.

“Lin kid, I told you, you still aren’t ready- if you just use a few days to train normally who knows if you might break right through later? Experimenting like this is a waste of time, isn’t it?” Elder Jiao shook his head as he looked at Lin Yi fail again.

“Elder Jiao, I don’t want to give up just like this! I want to save Xiaoxiao, and I need much greater strength to do that! I need to get to Sky class to let her live on!” Lin Yi gritted his teeth.

“Forgive me, but even if you’re some practitioner genius you’d never be able to reach Sky Class before Feng Xaioxiao dies,” Elder Jaio said, “It’s good to have a goal, but this goal is too unrealistic, it’s too far.”

Lin Yi couldn’t help but smile bitterly. It was true- trying to get to Sky class as soon as possible so he could save Xiaoxiao? It didn’t seem practical at all.

He was just Mystic mid phase, and there was still an Earth class between them! Thinking about going to Earth class was already unpractical and unrealistic, people would laugh at him if he said this out loud! And he was thinking of SKy class??

Elder Jiao’s words were true- even if he were a genius, there was no way he could break through into Sky class before Xiaoxiao died.

In other words, even if he did break through into Sky class to keep Xiaoxiao alive, he still wouldn’t be able to cure her! In order to solve her problem, he needed to tackle the core problem. He had to go search for this Fire Spirit’s Fruit and see if it exists!

If it did and let Xiaoxiao eat it, the dark aura could be suppressed and he’d have a lot of time to find a dark aspect practitioner’s art. With his guidance, she’d be able to train faster!

“Thank you!” Lin Yi nodded- in that instant, he had thought everything through.

“I just didn’t want to see you work for nothing,” Elder Jiao waved his hand.

“But I still want to breakthrough! Not only do I have to do it to save Xiaoxiao, I have to do it for myself- my enemies are too strong, I need to get stronger!” Lin Yi said.

“Sh*t! Were you even listening?!” Elder Jiao rolled his eyes, “Fine, if you want to do useless stuff then do it. If you’re able to break through today, I’ll tell you a great benefit!”

“A great benefit?” Lin Yi’s eyes lit up- this was something Elder Jiao was saying, this can’t be just some common advantage! All the information he had gotten from Elder Jiao was so amazingly useful, and those were things he told him without any terms! Just how powerful could this great benefit be?

“Yes, I was only going to tell it to you after you break through into the second stage of the Art of Dragon Mastery, but if you break through to mid phase peak today, I will tell you right away!” Elder Jiao didn’t want Lin Yi to struggle fruitlessly anymore, so he said that from his frustration. He didn’t think Lin Yi would get so serious about it.

“Alright, it’s a deal then!” Lin Yi nodded, getting into position and started training again.

Elder Jiao was a bit speechless, but since Lin Yi insisted, there was nothing he could say.

Lin Yi channeled the Art of Dragon Mastery and moved the energy within the jade space- he had already been a master at doing that, although, when he got close to the breaking point, it still resulted in failure.

“Once… Twice… Thrice… Until the tenth time, Lin Yi finally started thinking of giving up!

It seemd that Elder Jiao was right- he wasn’t there yet, he still had a little left before he was at full Mystic mid phase! That little bit may be called a little bit, but it was actually a really big gap!

But thinking of Elder Jiao’s great benefit, he started itching for it. He opened his eyes to discuss, “Elder Jiao, what if I give up, can you tell me what that great benefit is?”

“I say, Lin kid, what does it have to do with me whether you give up or not? Why would I tell it to you if you give up, you think I have Alzheimer’s or something?” Elder Jiao was pissed and amused, “Quite calculative of you, kid, getting the benefit while giving up? You think you’re dreaming?”

“Ugh… I…” Lin Yi felt his face redden a bit, but that fueled his stubbornness, “Fine, I’ll break through and show you!”

“Then go on…” Elder Jiao nodded.

“I’ll go on, you think I’m afraid?!” Lin Yi took a deep breath and started attempting to breaking through again.

This time, Lin Yi didn’t rush through blindly, but instead thought back to that instant right before breaking through.

He always felt that the energy he absorbed wasn’t enough, that there was just a bit missing- however, he was already at full capactity, and there was no space for that little bit! Did he really need to train a bit longer and increase his capacity before thinking of breaking through?

But then he wouldn’t have that great benefit! This Elder Jiao didn’t have a real body here, and he couldn’t force him- the only way was to break through tonight!

But, how? Lin Yi frowned.

Looking at Lin Yi’s face deep in thought amused Elder Jiao. Did this kid reallly want to know the secret that badly? He’d know it after the second stage of the Art of Dragon Mastery, there was no point to knowing it now!

There was no use if he were not at the second stage!

LIn Yi didn’t know that he’d been had- the great benefit wouldn’t help him as he was right now! If he’d known, he wouldn’t be trying that hard to break through!

A bit more, a bit more… How could he get a bit more energy?

Suddenly, he felt as if he’d grabbed onto something- his face changed…

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