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«Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 1027 - The Prank Team

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Chapter 1027 - The Prank Team

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“I’m not laughing!” Yushu only looked at the sky, as if she didn’t know what Xiaoxiao was talking about- when she suddenly froze and uttered an ‘eh?’

“What?” Xiaoxiao looked at her.

“Look at the window above us, up there…” Yushu pointed upwards.

“What about the windows?” Xiaoxiao looked up, confused- when she jumped in shock! There was someone crouching outside the window! He couldn’t poke his head in due to the safety net, however.

“Xie Yufeng?” Xiaoxiao recognized the face immediately- it was the transfer student! She couldn’t help but be a little angered, “This guy looks so proper on the outside, how come he’s such a pervert? Peeping on girls?”

“Yeah, but we caught him!” Yushu’s eyes lit up with excitement.

One look at Yushu’s face and she understood and nodded- the two didn’t need much communication and were already sneaking side by side to the storage area of the gym! The teacher didn’t lock the doors when they took out equipment as they had to return it later- and she didn’t expect for someone to go to the storage area during training!

Yushu and Xiaoxiao were there to look for some tools for their imminent deed. It was a big room, with a lot of items, even inclluding a security uniform…

“Heh heh!” Yushu took out some ice skates and nail shoes, and started laughing.

Xiaoxiao looked at the weapons, and her lips curled into a small smile, “You want them to fall down and sit on them?”

“Yeah! But how do we make them fall down?” Yushu nodded and went into thought.

Xiaoxaio scanned the room and found something- she quickly ran over and picked it up, waving it happily. “Leave it to me, I’ll show them the taste of electricity!”

In Xiaoxiao’s hand was an electric baton, for the security guards patrolling at night! It was only an extra, like the security uniforms, and so was placed in the storage room.

“We’ll split up!” Yushu felt that Xiaoxiao and her were born to be together- Xie Yufeng was a dead man walking!

“Alright!” Xiaoxiao raised her right hand.

The two of them high fived, “Here’s to our complete victory! I’ll set the trap and hide under the window- and signal to you with a meow! Shock them down at the signal!”

With that, Yushu ran out with her nail shoes, ice skates, and other things as she ran behind the gym. Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, got her electric baton ready and went to the neighboring window of where Yufeng was!

This was a blind spot, and if Yufeng hadn’t been intentionally looking straight down, they wouldn’t be able to see anyone on the bench under them. Xiaoxiao went to the spot under the neighboring window, too, so it was even harder to see her.

Yufeng, Congming, and Panghu all came up using the metal wires- and though they were high, Yufeng’s qi was more than enough to help everyone up.

“Do you see her? How come I don’t see Feng Xiaoxiao?” Yufeng had been observing for a long time, and Xiaoxiao was nowhere to be spotted! “This girl, she didn’t skip class, did she?”

“I don’t see her, too! But I see Chu Mengyao- she’s wearing shorts and didn’t take off her top, there’s nothing to see!” Congming said regrettably.

“That big boobed Chen Yushu isn’t here either!” Panghu said like a pervert, “Just thinking of her boobs at night keeps me up!”

Yushu was right below the three when she heard Panghu talk about her- it pissed her off! After all, her boobs were for Shield Bro, not for someone like him to think about! Hmph, it looked like the ice skates would be reserved for him, it’d be best if his balls landed there!

Yushu placed the skates and nail shoes in a row, in the spot where the three would land for certain if they were to fall. She then went and hid right under the window.

The three wouldn’t be able to see her at this angle! After that, she pinched her nose and called like a cat, “Meow…”

The meow made the three jump in shock! Yufeng was a Mystic, but in order to hide his identity, he wasn’t using any qi at all- he used a bit of it when climbing, but he surpressed the rest of it! Who knew when that Lin Yi bastard would jump out all of a sudden?

He saw Lin Yi leave the room, after all, so what if he was nearby? Naturally, since he wasn’t using qi, he couldn’t detect Yushu.

“What was that?” Yufeng frowned.

“Seems to be a cat, it’s okay!” Congming shook his head.

“Right, it’s a cat, and it’s probably in heat!” Panghu added.

“Oh!” Yufeng nodded and continued peeping.

Yushu was getting pissed off- he’s the one who’s in heat! She looked forward to his imminent suffering.

Inside the gym, Xiaoxiao heard the signal, and quickly and smoothly climbed up the back seats to the edge of the window- since the stacks of seats were high, it didn’t take much for her to reach the window and the safety net.

Xiaoxiao grinned as she turned on the electricty and slammed it onto the net! It was a metal net, and so the electricty flowed and shocked the three into cries of pain- they all fell down from the net!

But, just before they landed, Yufeng saw the ice skates and nail shoes! Their asses would be destroyed if they landed on something like this! He subconsciously used his qi to shield himself and jump away- he’d be able to move his two followers, at the same time!

“Hm? Isn’t this Xie Yufeng? You playing superman?”

A flat voice sounded beside him, freezing Yufeng- he subconsciously stopped all qi channeling! This voice was Lin Yi’s!

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