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«Battling Records of the Chosen One (Web Novel) - Chapter 313: Perfect Operation of Ziying Battleship

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Chapter 313: Perfect Operation of Ziying Battleship

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Translator: Flying Lines

Proofread by Claire.KK

Obviously, people in the opposite Ziying Battleship had never thought that they would be attacked by another Ziying Battleship, so they could not respond in time.


Accompanied with an earth-shaking sound, a hole was blown in the Ziying Battleship and it fallen down to the ground with billowing smoke.

The fire was shining in the sky and reflected itself on the clear dull faces and dilated pupils of many practitioners, including Du Xingchuan and Young Mu.

Our comrades fought each other?

What the hell was going on?

Roaring ~ ~ As the Ziying Battleship fell to the ground, it exploded. Black heavy smoke surged to the sky.

There was no doubt that all the people on the exploded Ziying Battleship died!

This explosion also made Du Xingchuan and other people, who lapsed into astonishment and dullness, wake up from the shock. Their faces suddenly changed and they cried in a mess.

“How could this happen?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Damn it! Ziying Battleship is expensive! Damaging one Ziying Battleship is equal to losing hundreds of thousands of gold coins! ”

At this moment, even Du Xingchuan was confused about the situation.

Soon, he found that in the distance, another Ziying Battleship came over. It must be aware of the violent explosion just now.


Almost at the same time, the first Ziying Battleship launched the spiritual cannons again. Numerous spiritual tattoos appeared dazzling, accompanying the light in the muzzle.


Du Xingchuan’s heart thumped.


Another shot was fired. Before the coming Ziying Battleship understood the situation, it was hit hard and fell down as well.

“Boss, something’s wrong!”

Young Mu roared.

“That Ziying Battleship must have been intercepted by the target!”

Du Xingchuan’s expressions were complex. If he didn’t perceive the reason of abnormality at this time, he was really a stupid boss.

“What? The target intercepted the Ziying Battleship? ”

“Fuck! The hatch of Ziying Battleship couldn’t even be opened by a Sea-Spirit-Realm practitioner. How could it be intercepted by the target? ”

“In addition, a set of unique secret methods are needed to operate the Ziying Battleship. How can the target master the method of operating it?”

People were shocked by the series of changes. They felt that the world was unreal at this moment. How this absurd and incredible thing happened?

It was really amazing. For them, Ziying Battleship was the most important weapon they relied on at present.

But two Ziying Battleships were destroyed now and one was controlled by the target. Who could accept this reality?

“Boss, what should we do now?”

Young Mu was in a state of anxiety.

Du Xingchuan, whose body was shaking because of these unbearable changes, murmured with his trembling lips, “It’s over, all is over. If I knew that… we should withdraw ahead of time so that these changes would not happen…”

“Boss, what’s the matter with you?”

Young Mu yelled. He felt like his heart was stabbed by a saber.

But Du Xingchuan spit out a mouthful of blood immediately. His face suddenly became ghastly pale, and his eyes were dim.

“Go back, quickly! If we don’t quit now, we’ll die as well.”

Du Xingchuan’s voice was weak and hoarse. It seemed that the changes was a heavy blow to him this time, making him lose all his strength.

“Go back! Get the hell out of here! ”

Young Mu roared around.

The following practitioners had already lost their morale and were scared out of wits. Hearing Young Mu’s words, they immediately fled away as desperate dogs.

At the same time, Young Mu picked up Du Xingchuan’s body and ran crazily towards the darkness in the distance.

He knew that this action was completely failed, and there was no room for them to turning around the situation. The most urgent thing now was to save their lives first. As for the task, it was no longer important.

In the sky, Lin Xun was driving the Ziying Battleship like a smart bird in the void, drawing mysterious and smooth tracks and constantly prowling above the ground.

The Panel of Spirit Formation was perfectly manipulated by him. There wasn’t any difficulty for Lin Xun to operate Ziying Battleship.

Anyway, Ziying Battleship was designed by him. How would he not be familiar with it?

Every inch of Ziying Battleship, every use of the spirit formation and the power of the spiritual furnace were all designed by Lin Xun, which made him skillful in operating a Ziying Battleship. His skills were so mysterious that other practitioners must be stunned.

Ziying Battleship flew with rumbling. It swept forward quickly in the void under Lin Xun’s control. Soon, he locked in new targets.

In the far darkness, two Ziying Battleships came furiously to his side in a row.

To Lin Xun’s surprise, these two Ziying Battleships had perceived anomalies. As soon as they saw the Ziying Battleship Lin Xun was driving, they launched an attack!

Boom ~~

For a while, the empty sky was full of glaring artillery fire, tearing the night up and making the world as bright as daytime.

Lin Xun kept calm and quickly operated Ziying Battleship to dodge in the fire. Although it was his first time to fight with his opponent with a Ziying Battleship, he had no fear of them.

His confidence came from his perfect understanding and control of the Ziying Battleship!


The Ziying Battleship Lin Xun controlled looked like a dancing butterfly in the void, beautiful and flexible. It avoided a lot of intensive attacks and left mysterious tracks in the void.

The Ziying Battleship seemed to be a real living creature under Lin Xun’s control, which shocked the practitioners on the opposite Ziying Battleships and made their eyes widened. “What’s that fucking operation?”

It was the first time that they saw someone could control a Ziying Battleship so perfectly.

By contrast, their manipulations were extremely deplorable!

“Come on! Fire with all your strength! ”

“Damn it! Damn it! Who is in charge of that Ziying Battleship? ”

All kinds of roars filled the two Ziying Battleships of the enemy. They were shocked by Lin Xun’s skillful and extraordinary operation.

Boom ~~

The fight in the air between Ziying Battleships was extremely spectacular. Dense shooting of artillery fires looked like bright meteors, tearing the void and illuminating the mountains and rivers.

On the earth, many mountains and rocks collapsed and the earth was covered with lots of holes.

This was no different from a battle against a Sea-Spirit-Realm practitioner.

But it was strange that Lin Xun did not launch another attack from the beginning to the end. He just manipulated Ziying Battleship to dodge, as if waiting for some chance.

People in the opposite two Ziying Battleships were completely flustered. They felt like facing a poisonous snake that was cruising and dodging and ready for the most deadly blow!

No matter what tactics two Ziying Battleships cooperated and adopted, they never caused any damage to Lin Xun’s Battleship.

On the contrary, with the continuous attack, they consumed a lot of high-level spirit crystals.

Before long, a practitioner screamed in one of the two Ziying Battleships, “Gosh! There is only a piece of high-level spirit crystal left. We must land immediately, or the battleship will lose power and fall to the ground!”

All the practitioners on the battleship felt chilled like falling into an ice cave at this moment.

Anyway, life mattered the most. The desire to survive stimulated them to run away with Ziying Battleship and find the opportunity to land.

However, the Ziying Battleship that Lin Xun was driving had already been waiting for this moment. Without any hesitation, he launched the most violent attack.

Boom ~~~

The artillery fire poured like rain, breaking the void of the night, covering the far Ziying Battleship which was running away.

For a moment, that Ziying Battleship burst out continuously and finally fell from the void.

At the same time, another Ziying Battleship of the enemy also stalled and ran against the clouds in another direction.

It was horrible!

If they didn’t escape this time, they were totally no match for the target in one-on-one combat!

Only by escaping could they find a glim of hope to survive.

However, they totally underestimated Lin Xun. While destroying the far Ziying Battleship, he had manipulated his battleship to chase them, leaving an exaggerated track in the void!

Finally, under Lin Xun’s long-standing artillery attack, the last Ziying Battleship of the enemy was completely destroyed.

Looking at the flames and the black smoke, Lin Xun suddenly thought of the little girl Luoluo, her simple and kind mother and the spirit shuttle destroyed under the fire of the Ziying Battleship…

“I’ve avenged you. Please rest in peace…”

Lin Xun murmured in his heart. There was no fluctuation on his face. Others’ stories might be settled, but his own was just beginning!

Was it all over after he defeated the enemy?

Could it be over when he entered the Forbidden City smoothly?

The answer was no!

This action of encirclement and suppression against him was doomed to go further than this from the very beginning! And it wouldn’t end so easily.

The Chi Family backing the enemy and the huge forces that might exist behind the Chi Family were the real murderers behind the scenes!

Whether it was for revenge or to find out the truth about why they wanted to prevent him from going to the Forbidden City, Lin Xun wouldn’t let go of this hatred easily.

Dripping alarming ~

There was a sharp sound in the battleship, which made Lin Xun stunned. He immediately sighed in his heart, carefully controlled the battleship and slowly landed on the ground.


When he opened the hatch, he flashed out and ran to the dark night in the distance.

Ziying Battleship was indeed a great treasure with immeasurable value. Unfortunately, the high-level spirit crystals in it were on the verge of exhaustion and could not be reused at all.

Lin Xun could only give it up.

But before he left, he had taken all the valuable things out of the battleship and destroyed the core spirit furnace.

Even if it was found by the enemy, it could not be repaired without spending a lot of time and materials.


Running in the dark, Lin Xun suddenly stopped and looked up into the air. He saw a Wind-shadow Hawk flying away.

A smile flashed through Lin Xun’s lips. He waved to the Wind-shadow Hawk silently and then he took back his gaze and went forward again.

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