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«Bank of The Universe (Web Novel) - Chapter 523: New Primordial Divinity!

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Chapter 523: New Primordial Divinity!

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After releasing Qian Tiantong from the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao exclaimed, “There are so many rich people in the world.”

“Heaven Sky is the biggest world in the Nine Skies and Ten Lands and it has the richest resources. 100 million spiritual energy dragon veins might seem a lot to you but to others, it is just so so.” Seven said.

“So you are saying that I am ignorant and am a frog at the bottom of the well?” Li Xiandao glanced at Seven.

“Right.” Seven nodded her head seriously.

“Nice, since you dare to mock Master, I shall punish you.” Li Xiandao reached out and wanted to grab Seven.

Seven was really quick and broke free from Li Xiandao’s clutches. She giggled, “Stop playing around. You already sneak attacked me just now. Also, the second guest has arrived.”

Li Xiandao was stunned, “So quick?”

“The two of them have the same target so they would naturally enter the Bank of the Universe at the same time.” Seven said.

“Same target? Both the Heaven and Earth Sect young master?” Li Xiandao looked at Seven.

“Right, they are both targeting Heaven and Earth Sect’s young master.” Seven nodded.

“Another rich person?” Li Xiandao’s eyes lit up.

“Whether or not he is rich, you will know when you meet him.” Seven shook her head and wasn’t willing to say anything.

Trading Hall, same position. Li Xiandao sat down and looked at the teen in front of him.

The teen had thick brows and a cold demeanor. He looked towards Li Xiandao with a probing gaze.

“Welcome to the Bank of the Universe. Everything can be traded here as long as you are able to pay the price.” Li Xiandao smiled calmly.

This teen was dressed up in fighting gear with a sword by his waist. Apart from this sword, he had nothing else. He was totally opposite to Qian Tiantong.

The rich person in Li Xiandao’s heart disappeared but he didn’t feel dispirited. Since he was a guest, Li Xiandao had a good attitude towards him.

“Introduce yourself.” Li Xiandao said.

The teen nodded, “I am Xiao Fei, a lone cultivator. I came here because I want you to help me kill someone.”

Li Xiandao looked at Xiao Fei. He wasn’t old but his cultivation was really high. He was at the peak of Boundless Realm and nearly at Legend Realm.

For a lone cultivator to reach such a step at such a young age, he had to have paid a lot of sweat and blood.

Li Xiandao asked, “Who do you want me to help you kill?”

Although he asked this question, Li Xiandao already knew the answer.

“Heaven and Earth Sect’s young master.” Xiao Fei said firmly. The hatred in his eyes wasn’t as thick as before. As time went on, it instead became imprinted in his bones.

Li Xiandao was unsurprised and continued, “Why do you hate him?”

It wasn’t that Li Xiandao was being nosy but it would be easier for him to ask for rewards after asking for the answer.

“I am related to him.” Xiao Fei sighed.

“What relationship?” Li Xiandao asked.

“I am his sister’s fiance!” Xiao Fei lowered his head and said.

“His sister and I agreed to marry since young but when my parents died when I was young, Heaven and Earth Sect swallowed up my family’s business. He also forced his sister to renege the marriage. My grandfather died from anger and I swore that I would take revenge.” Xiao Fei added. When he talked about the past hatred, he was really calm.

“You don’t seem that angry?” Li Xiandao found it weird. Qian Tiantong was so angry previously but Xiao Fei seemed so calm.

“My anger has faded after these 10 years. My only goal now is to kill Heaven and Earth Sect’s young master. At the same time, I also thank you.” Xiao Fei said.

“Thank him?” Li Xiandao looked at Xiao Fei in shock.

“Last year, his sister married a famous genius from a strong family. In less than a year, her private life was leaked. It was said that it was really messy and her child didn’t belong to her husband. Now the two factions are in a war and that girl was chased out back to Heaven and Earth Sect.” Xiao Fei smiled as he said. He was really happy deep down.

“So I don’t plan on taking revenge on her. Her reputation is ruined and her child’s name is too. The key is that she herself doesn’t know who the father is, that is just preposterous. So I just want to take revenge by killing the Heaven and Earth Sect’s young master.” Xiao Fei smiled happily. The more unlucky that woman was, the happier he was.

Li Xiandao listened on and exclaimed, “You really know how to play.”

“So I don’t hope that she dies otherwise her life will just be constant suffering. His human world is hell to her. Her child was the proof of her biggest humiliation. To her, the world is her greatest torture.” Xiao Fei smiled and said out those vicious words.

After Li Xiandao heard this, he didn’t judge him. Xiao Fei said that his hatred reduced due to time but to Li Xiandao, Xiao Fei’s hate was deep in his bones and it didn’t reduce.

Of course, this was not his concern and he didn’t care. He just asked, “Of course I can kill him but his cultivation is high. What price are you willing to pay for me to kill him?”

Xiao Fei’s expression turned solemn, “I know that he broke through to Emperor Realm. This is a realm that I won’t be able to reach in my life. I won’t be able to rely on my strength to kill him so I found you. As long as you kill him, I can take this thing out for all of you.”

Xiao Fei took out something that Li Xiandao was familiar with from his storage room.

Primordial divinity!

The divinity of a god race member from the last eon. Since Tian Guangming found the Goddess of Light’s one, Li Xiandao hadn’t seen anyone else.

“This thing came from the last eon. He said that if I merged with him, he could give me invincible strength.” Xiao Fei said.

“Then why didn’t you?” Li Xiandao asked curiously.

“He says that we will merge but isn’t he trying to replace me?” Xiao Fei smiled coldly. He went through torture so he wouldn’t fall for it so easily. He didn’t listen to that voice and took it out to trade with Li Xiandao.

“I don’t want to be replaced.” Xiao Fei said firmly.

Li Xiandao was deep in thought. That was right, he merged for Lucifer and the others because the Bank of the Universe had power such that the divinity couldn’t replace the host.

Xiao Fei didn’t have Li Xiandao’s help so his body could only be stolen. Taking it out to trade was a wise choice.

“Okay, deal.” Li Xiandao told Seven to prepare a contract.

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