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Chapter 1208: The Heavenly Tribulation Path!

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Two hours later—

Su Ping left Eborr’s treasury and went straight toward Avril’s, leaving the speechless Eborr and Shivalello waiting outside.

Su Ping walked out of Avril’s treasury soon after.

Joanna felt like laughing as she looked at the visibly spent trio of Superior Gods.

“Thank you very much,” said Su Ping courteously, treating them with a different attitude.

They managed a smile, and Shivalello said, “It’s not a big deal. I simply hope you won’t forget our deal, Mr. Su.”

“This is all for our homecoming; it’s a necessary price…” said Eborr quickly.

“It’s all for our return…” Avril held back the tears. Even if she did return, she would do so as a beggar instead of a glorious warrior.

Su Ping had grabbed almost all her secret medicines. Fortunately, she had noticed Eborr and Shivalello’s expressions earlier, and relocated one third of her secret medicines before Su Ping entered the treasury. She would have been robbed of everything she had if otherwise.

No wonder that Heather bi*ch slipped away. Avril inwardly gnashed her teeth.

“I’ll try my best,” said Su Ping courteously.

Heather returned to the Superior Temple soon after.

Hardly had she set foot there when she noticed hate and killing intent coming from Shivalello and the others, instantly realizing how things had fared.

She secretly stuck out her tongue, thinking she had made the right decision to leave. She wisely skipped all questioning and chitchat. “Mr. Su, I’ve found the people you need.”


Su Ping stretched out his senses, sensing more than twenty people standing outside of the palace. Some were gods, while others were subgod’s descendants. The weakest among them were as strong as ninth-rank battle pet warriors, while the strongest were only in the Star State.

None of them is a Star Lord… Su Ping felt rather regretful. He was planning to experience another Star Lord’s Heavenly Tribulation and what it felt like to rise to the Ascendant State.

Su Ping walked out of the temple, and Heather instantly detected the rising fury coming from the people around her. A drop of cold sweat dripped from her cheek; she calmly followed Su Ping out of the temple without looking back.


Shivalello and the others followed along. They wanted to find out how Su Ping could experience another person’s tribulation.

It sounded rather mysterious.

“I-It’s an honor to meet you, Superior Gods.”

The twenty people were so nervous to see Heather and the others that they stuttered and dropped to their knees.

The Superior Gods’ went to every city; everybody recognized them.

“Get up and be ready. You’ll take turns summoning the tribulation,” Shivalello ordered.

All of them were lifted by a gentle force, and the four Superior Gods suppressed their auras. Even though they were still as dazzling as the sun, they were no longer as frightening as before.

Su Ping stretched his arms, summoning the Little Skeleton and the others. Since he was taking advantage of other people’s Heavenly Tribulations, he wanted his pets to also be there.

His pets appeared in sitting or standing positions after being summoned; some were chewing medicinal items, while others were biting enormous fruits they held. All of them gave Su Ping innocent looks.


Avril felt that the wound in her heart was reopened upon seeing the things they were holding and eating.

Shivalello and Eborr also noticed this, and couldn’t help but look at Avril sympathetically. Their faces also showed regret when the Little Skeleton took out some strange-looking plants and weapons from its small world.

One of the tribulation candidates soon got ready. The Heavenly Tribulation began.

Joanna told them why they were summoned; all the people looked at Su Ping with a mixture of confusion and amazement.

It was the first time they had seen anyone besides Joanna standing as an equal next to the Superior Gods. Furthermore, the man didn’t seem to be much stronger than them.

Still, none dared to ask. They simply went about the tribulation process.

The first one was rising from the Fate State to the Star State.

Su Ping wasted no time and asked his pets to join him when the thunderclouds started to hover up above.

The tribulation itself seemed affronted by their entrance in the field, originally with a radius of thirty kilometers. Several nuclear bombs seemed to have been thrown inside; the dark clouds immediately spread further, dimming the entire sky.

The god taking the Heavenly Tribulation became pale. He felt like a lab mouse. How could I possibly survive this?

The other gods were terrified and nearly fell. Some of them wanted to escape, but none of them dared once they saw Heather and other Superior Gods. They could only feel desperate.

“I… I… I… I…”

The Fate State god going through the tribulation was trembling, close to wetting himself and crying. He would have been a famous unparalleled genius if he could summon such a Heavenly Tribulation on his own.

However, Su Ping was the reason why the tribulation had grown to such magnitude. At the same time, he wasn’t strengthened in the slightest.

He had already sensed the destructive power in the thunderclouds. He would probably be obliterated by the very first lightning strike with his own power!

This is a scheme from the Superior Gods! he cried in his heart.

Up in the sky—Su Ping and his pets were looking up at the rolling thunderclouds. The crazy wind flowing between the sky and the earth made his clothes flutter.

He had missed that familiar feeling.

It had been a long time since his last fight alongside the Little Skeleton and the others.


He had merely focused on cultivating by himself. Even though he could impart the laws he perceived to his pets, he couldn’t share the changes in his body with them.

“Come on.”

Su Ping calmly waited for the Heavenly Tribulation.

The lightning bolts soon started to fall down like waterfalls, drowning a radius of thousands of meters.

The scene made the other gods go pale as they waited for their own tribulations. That was not a Heavenly Tribulation for a Celestial God, but one for a God Warrior!


Dazzling lightning was spread out, destructive power pervading; the entire world seemed about to be shattered.

But the ocean of lightning strikes was soon split apart; Su Ping and his pets emerged right in the middle, like rocks in a waterfall splitting the water flowing. They resisted the lightning strikes with ease.

Su Ping frowned as he examined the lightning around him. He was surprised by its weakness, as it wasn’t even as powerful as what he experienced when he became a Star Lord.

He looked at his pets around him. Their presence should have multiplied the tribulation’s power by dozens of times.

Is it possible that the tribulation’s main output depends mostly on the taker’s level, and the additional people can only increase the power a bit? Su Ping recalled the tribulation he had invoked in the Naihe Soul Ocean. A lot of soul beasts had entered the tribulation’s range and were considered allies of his.

The Heavenly Tribulation had been empowered to a terrifying level because of that. It was as powerful as a Celestial’s attack!

There’s an upper limit when it comes to disturbances when going through a tribulation. Many Celestials and even stronger soul beasts entered the tribulation’s range when I became a Star Lord, but the lightning strike was only as powerful as a Celestial’s strike. So, no matter how many disturbances there are in this Fate State tribulation, the strikes won’t be stronger than that of an Ascendant.

Su Ping somehow understood.

The Heavenly Tribulation wouldn’t be powered any further even if a Superior God were to go in.

The tribulation’s starting point was too low. If the guy were a Star State warrior, he might have drawn Ascendant strikes.

No wonder the experts of great families can help their descendants to easily go through their tribulations. As long as the protector is strong enough, they can stop tribulations with one thought!

It’s not impossible then; you just need a strong helper.

It’s useless for ants to gather; they can only seek protection from experts…

Su Ping raised his head and looked, patiently waiting for lightning to strike. Those above-average Star Lord lightning bolts were no different than a bath for him. His Ascendant body didn’t feel an ounce of pain.

The Dark Dragon Hound and the other pets were having a good time while moving inside the ocean of lightning, quickly absorbing the power.

Little White in particular, it was one of the Vast Sky Thunderous Dragons, born to control void laws and lightning. The Heavenly Tribulation seemed to be stimulating its bloodline, helping it mutate. A special aura of destruction was manifesting in its body.

Su Ping was in a great mood after seeing Little White’s mutation, but then felt helpless upon glancing at the Little Skeleton and the Inferno Dragon. Such a tribulation was too weak for them.

He wasn’t one to disdain the opportunity. He sat cross-legged in the ocean of lightning, and examined the essence of Heavenly Tribulation within.

Aside from the Heavenly Tribulation’s essence, Su Ping also sensed a vague and distant aura in the depths of the thunderous clouds, ancient and ominous. He felt chills the moment he noticed this.

Is it possible that the so-called ‘Heavens’ are really there, controlling Heavenly Tribulations?

If ‘Heavens’ do exist, what level do they have?

Su Ping suddenly remembered the Heaven Master mentioned by the Golden Crow elder.

What level are the Heaven Masters?

Su Ping focused his attention to contemplate the tribulation.

But the Heavenly Tribulation ended, as out of energy.

Some of the dispersing lightning power was absorbed by the guy down below. He broke his bottleneck and made significant improvements.

The fellow was beyond thrilled, not expecting to survive the ordeal.

“This is your reward.” Heather casually threw a treasure. It was no doubt an ultimate treasure in the eyes of a Star State person, but it was no different from a worthless candy in her eyes.

“Thank you very much!” said the grateful tribulation taker.

The others shared bewildered looks, not expecting that the guy could actually survive. They all realized that the lightning strikes were mostly absorbed by the young god and his pets up above; it was safe at ground level.

“Looks like this wasn’t an experiment of theirs.”

“The Superior Gods could have killed us with a thought if they wanted to. They can even use mind control and turn us into slaves. We may have misunderstood them.”

Some of them had mixed feelings and were blaming themselves. All of them had faith in the Superior Gods, rarely questioning them, unless they were in a fatal crisis. It would be blasphemy otherwise.

Heather quickly ordered the second person to go forward and invoke another tribulation.

The recently cleared sky was filled up by clouds again.

Once more, Su Ping devoted himself to cultivating in the ocean of lightning.

The subsequent tribulations were similar in power. Some of the Star Lord gods caused Ascendant tribulations because of Su Ping’s involvement, but they were still too weak for him.

His body was already at the peak level of the Ascendant State; it was further perfected by the repeated tribulations and it became strongly resistant to lightning. Ascendant tribulations only caused him an almost negligible itch.

The Little Skeleton and the others also benefited from being in the ocean of lightning. Little White and the young Chaos Beast were the ones that showed the most significant changes.

Little White’s body changed; there were twisted cracks on its white scales caused by the lightning strikes, which contained some sort of natural laws.

Its bloodline seemed to have changed too. Its bloodline’s former upper limit—the Star State—had been shattered. It was growing quickly while floating in the ocean of lightning, becoming bigger and stronger. Its body now seemed to contain an explosive power.

Su Ping sensed that Little White had almost turned into a Star Lord.

He wasn’t too thrilled about this, as he never saw his pets’ levels as important. Breakthroughs were supposed to be natural steps. If he wanted to improve their levels, he could have simply let Little White and the others rise to the Ascendant State at the earliest chance, but their rating would actually drop due to an unstable foundation.

Their rating was still on the top tier at the moment, even though Su Ping had yet to impart the technique to develop six small worlds.

Once six small worlds’ laws were inherited, they would be able to establish small worlds of their own, and their rating would increase significantly!

I should find an opportunity to teach them before I reach the Ascendant State. However, I should focus on perfecting the Heavenly Tribulation path…

His understanding of tribulations grew, and was on the verge of fully grasping it.


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