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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 935 Three-Way Battle – Part 1

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Chapter 935 Three-Way Battle - Part 1

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Zhang Mengyao listened to Sylvia’s report. She was surprised that the Moon Tribe took over the city within a little over two hours. It was too fast considering how many the Rebel Army was. Based on Queen Melina’s information, there were at least thirty thousand Rebel Army in Polaron City. To take over the city from the Rebel Army with just less than two thousand armies within two hours at that was more than amazing.

’Do I underestimate their power too much?’ Zhang Mengyao had a second thought about the armies from Lukan. She knew that Marshal Alton, Vice Marshal Allan, Revalor, and Legion Commander Moonsong were very strong, but she did not put their subordinates into account. Tang Shaoyang never mentioned the knights or the Elves to her, so she played it safe, ‘No, regardless of how strong they are, I don’t want to be reckless with our move.’

”What about the Generals of the Rebel Army?” Zhang Mengyao asked, “We can’t let them escape as they may have a way to contact the main army of the Rebel Army.”

”I think Lu An gets them,” Sylvia just finished her words, and Lu An came out of the shadow, three meters away from Zhang Mengyao.

”I have killed all the leaders in the main building, but I am not sure if I killed them all. We don’t know all the Generals, after all. I need Queen Melina…” Lu An glanced at Alvarina, who was standing next to Zhang Mengyao, “Or Alvarina to confirm if they were all the Rebel Army’s leaders.”

”Let’s wrap it up then,” Zhang Mengyao nodded and glanced at the former Queen Protector, “You follow Lu An.”

*** ***

Zhang Mengyao walked to the center of the city, where the Rebel Army’s main base was located. It was something common in the two cities she invaded; Mayor Manor was always located in the center of the city. It was the common design for the city in the Athilia Kingdom from what she heard from Alvarina.

On a quiet night, thousands of people were killed. The citizens were not aware of the change in power in their city, and she did not plan to awaken them to inform this too. She did not want to create unnecessary chaos in the middle of the night. However, she would gather the citizens for the announcement that the Tang Empire had taken over the city. Polaron City belonged to the Tang Empire now, not the Athilia Kingdom or the Rebel Army.

By the time Zhang Mengyao arrived at the main gate of the manor, Lu An, Yeon Hee, and Alvarina were already there, waiting for her. She glanced at Alvarina, and the latter nodded. That was a gesture, telling her that all the Rebel Army’s leaders were killed by Lu An.

”Prepare a room for me. I guess I will take a few hours’ naps before thinking about our next plan,” Zhang Mengyao yawned.

Alvarina bowed and rushed into the manor in a hurry. Lu An walked next to Zhang Mengyao while Yeon Hee followed the two from behind closely.

”We have swept the city once more and have secured the city from the Rebel Army. Just in case we miss some of them, we have Legion Commander Moonsong and his tribesmen to patrol the city,” Lu An reported.

Zhang Mengyao nodded, “The next battle will be the three-way battle, I guess.”

The three-way battle against the Athilia Kingdom and the Rebel Army. In terms of power, the Rebel Army should be the weakest since they had taken down half or maybe even more forces of the Rebel Army, ‘I just need to watch out for Athilia Kingdom’s force. It should not be an issue with Queen Melina and Alvarina on my side.’

After taking over Polaron City, The Rebel Army should have noticed that they had already lost two out of three cities. No contact for days should make them realize it, and it was the time for the three-way battle, ‘Once the Athilia Kingdom notices that we have taken down half of the Rebel Army, it’s time the Athilia Kingdom will actively attack the Rebel Army. There’s a chance the Athilia Kingdom thinks we are the reinforcement from the Kingdom of Gienas, so the Athilia Kingdom will attack the Rebel Army. No, we can make them think that we are the reinforcement from the Gienas Kingdom. We have The Stanion Family that can help us to fake it too. That’s a plan, I guess. Let’s hear what Sir Alton has to say tomorrow.’

Zhang Mengyao was in her thoughts until she noticed Lu An was staring at her intensely. From his expression, she could tell that the young guy was debating over something in his mind and considering whether to tell her or not.

”Do you have something you want to tell me?” They were right in front of the main door. She stopped and asked the young man.

Lu An scratched his forehead as he was unsure, “I don’t know if I should tell this you, Sister Mengyao. I am afraid it will cause discord in our force.”

”As long as you are telling the truth, then it’s fine, no?” She smiled.

There was a momentary silence for a few seconds before Lu An decided to tell Zhang Mengyao, “Sir Alton gathers his knights outside the city. I heard that he wants to talk about you to his subordinates. You know, the dissatisfied knights who don’t agree with your leadership. I am afraid Sir Alton will sabotage your position, so I think we need fair preparation.” He lowered his voice as he got to the last part.

Zhang Mengyao went with “Ah” and nodded. She then smiled at Lu An, “I think you misunderstand Sir Alton’s intention. He wants to talk about me, but he does not cover my position. You are just overthinking.” She tapped Lu An’s right shoulder twice and entered the manor.

*** ***

Queen Melina stood before the window in her room. There were brown circles around her eyes, the sign of lack of sleep. She had not slept for over thirty hours, and the cause was the Tang Empire. What the Tang Empire had shown to her was beyond her imagination.

Within four days, the Tang Empire had taken down two cities under the Rebel Army. Something that even the Athilia Kingdom could not achieve ‘They might do it with a sneaky trick, but it was a trick that the Athilia Kingdom could not do. What will happen when the Tang Empire changes its target to the Athilia Kingdom?’

The Queen was overwhelmed with guilt and worries. Her husband was the highest authority in the Athilia Kingdom. The fall of the Athilia Kingdom was the same as her husband’s fall. What would happen to her husband if the kingdom fell? The Tang Empire might kill them, or even if the Tang Empire spared her husband, he might suicide because the kingdom was his life, and his life was the Athilia Kingdom.

At first, she justified her betrayal to save her daughter, the descendant of the King, but the guilt of betraying her husband kept haunting her. She imagined herself in history, the individual that caused a kingdom to fall, a kingdom with hundreds of years of history.

Queen Melina let out a sigh as the morning sun ray fell on her face. She massaged the space between her eyes and looked back at the bed. Her daughter was sleeping on the bed. Looking at her daughter’s peaceful expression soothed her chaotic mind.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Melina heard a soft knock on the door, “It’s me, Alvarina.”

”Come in!”

The door opened, and Alvarina entered the room, still in her armor. The former Queen Protector glanced at the bed; she stepped into the room with light steps, making sure not to wake up the little girl on the bed. She came next to Queen Melina and looked at the window.

”How is it?” Queen Melina asked.

”The Rebel Army in Polaron is not as cruel as The Rebel Army in Harnian City. The citizens are not starved, and they are not treated poorly by the Rebel Army,” Alvarina told the Queen about the situation in Polaron City.

Melina nodded in relief, “What do you think about the Tang Empire’s force?”

”I don’t think we can talk about that, Lady Melina… Hah…” The former Queen Protector let out a sigh, “I am part of the Tang Empire now, a direct subordinate of their Supreme General. That will breach my contract if I tell you about them.”

A bitter smile formed as Queen Melina glanced toward Alvarina, “I don’t think that will breach the contract, Alvarina. Do you forget that I am also a slave to the same person? We are on the same side, and I am no longer the Queen. I am just an ordinary mother now.”

”Then why do you want to know about the Tang Empire?” Alvarina looked Melina in the eyes, “I think it’s better if you don’t get involved in the future battle. Let me bear the guilt alone. I am the reason we are in this position.”

”I just want to know out of curiosity, I guess? And also preparing myself for what awaits me in the future. What will my husband face? Maybe think of a plan that may save my husband or even the kingdom.”

Alvarina let out another sigh and lowered her gaze. She then closed her eyes and started to speak, “I don’t know the depth of the Tang Empire’s force. However, I am not surprised if the Athilia Kingdom falls to The Tang Empire whether in a fair battle or strategic battle.”

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