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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 927 Memories

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Chapter 927 Memories

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Tang Shaoyang’s forehead scrunched into a frown, and he fell silent. If the Celestial Wolves did not warn him before she died, he would not take this seriously. It changed when someone entrusted her children to him, warning him about the Archaic Spirit in front of him.

”Wait, it’s irrelevant with your third condition,” Tang Shaoyang realized the story was not related to the contract. It was not like he could get rid of the class, as the class would be one of his identities for the rest of his life.

”It’s relevant. I want to know your choice, will you hide from the Gods, or will you fight them if they come to you?” Avyn’s flat tone suddenly became aggressive as she put emotion into her words for the first time.

Tang Shaoyang sensed the deep hatred from her, and he could guess what happened between her and those Gods in her mouth.

”I am an Emperor, so I fight for my empire’s interest. I will not come to Gods and purposely provoke them. If they don’t bother me, then I will not bother them; that’s simple. If they come to kill me because of my class, then I will fight them. I will not hide.” Tang Shaoyang replied in a neutral tone.

”They will come to you and kill you if they know your class. Of course, not all Gods hate your class, but there’s a particular group that will hunt you down,” Avyn was confident with that.

”Was your previous Master killed by them?” It was natural for Tang Shaoyang to have the thought. Avyn was talking as if it had happened to her, and she came to him to avenge her previous Master.

”No, but my Ancestor’s master is killed by them,” Avyn pointed at the ice mountain that sealed the massive Dragon, “I inherited my ancestor, my parents, and my family’s memories. I was born with their hatred and vengeance. I am the last Kankara’Xeo, their hope for vengeance, and I know those Gods will come to you. So I want to know, will you hide or will you fight them when they come to you?”

”You got the answer. If they come to me, then I will kill them. I will not let anyone who tries to kill me alive, Gods, Dragons, or anything,” Tang Shaoyang replied.

Avyn smiled when she heard the answer. She came closer to him, which made Tang Shaoyang think he had the contract. Instead of establishing a contract, Avyn held his head. Tang Shaoyang’s eyes widened.

The surroundings changed, and he was in the air. He panicked for a moment, thinking Avyn attacked him with a mental attack or something.

”This is one of my memories. This is my first time showing my memories to someone else, so this will not last that long but enough to let you see what will come to you later,” Avyn’s voice came from next to him. The dragon woman was floating next to him, pointing her finger below.

Tang Shaoyang looked down and saw massive armies. Dragons, many of them, more than ten thousand Dragons of all sizes. Then he looked at the biggest dragon, and he recognized the biggest dragon. It was the dragon sealed in the ice mountain, and he saw a figure above its head.

The figure above the dragon’s head was a human for sure, around the same height as him, but Tang Shaoyang could not see the face because of the helmet. The figure wore crystalline blue armor with a golden-blue cape fluttered behind the figure. Dozens of spears also floated behind the figure, forming a wing, a wing made of spears. He did not know if it was an artificial wing or the figure’s weapon.

Tang Shaoyang’s attention shifted to the armies around the dragons. Beastmen, Elfs, humans, and even demons stood together, facing up to the sky. If he had to estimate how many armies were below him, he could not even give the estimation. He was in the air, but he could not see the end of the armies, ‘Ten million? I wenty million?’

”We have a hundred and twenty-six million armies. My ancestor’s Master became the sole ruler of Argonias and gathered all the armies, including his spirit armies. This is the sight before the last battle where Gods band together to kill my ancestor’s Master because they failed to kill him repeatedly,” Avyn added an explanation to Tang Shaoyang. It was one-tenth of China’s population, but it was a scary number for an army.

Suddenly, a bright light shone from above. Tang Shaoyang looked up and saw the light splitting up the sky. The light sliced open the sky and revealed a new world beyond it. Beyond the splitting sky, another enormous army was waiting. Then the armies beyond the sky poured into the army on the ground. At that moment, the image started to get fuzzy and blurry.

”I am sorry. I don’t think I can show the battle. The battle will invoke the fury and hatred inside me. I feel like I am about to explode,” Avyn held her chest, her hand scrunched the dress as she tried to hold the fluctuating emotion inside her.

The image returned after a moment, but the battle was over by the time the image returned. The ground was scorched with fire here and there. The ground split up, and he saw the ice mountain. The massive dragon was sealed in the ice mountain, but everyone around it also got frozen by the ice.

”It’s Kankara’Xeo’s ultimate skill, a suicide skill, where we froze the area around to kill the people around us. The Gods forced my ancestor to use the skill and killed all the remaining Gods’ armies,” Avyn pointed toward the front of the ice mountain.

Tang Shaoyang saw the blue-armored figure had his back on the ice mountain. She no longer had the helmet, so Tang Shaoyang could see the figure’s face. The figure was a woman with flaming red hair, in contrast to her armor. Her face was covered in blood, especially around her jaw, as blood flowed out of her mouth. What shocked him was the hole on her chest. He could see the ice mountain through the hole, yet the woman was still alive. The hole’s size was about the same as his head.

In front of the woman, five figures were standing, covering their face with white cloaks. Three out of five were injured, two of them lost their left hand, and the third one lost their right hand. He was sure those five were Gods, but the wound did not regenerate because he saw the ice prevented the regeneration.

”Gha… Hahaha…” The woman was laughing while coughing up blood, “At least, I take down at least thirty of you, and you all lose your armies.”

The figure in the middle looked at the dragon in the ice mountain, “If not for this foolish dragon, you would have already died a long time ago!”

”If not for your foolish and inferior thoughts, we would never reach this point,” The woman laughed even louder, “I have repeatedly told you all that I will stay in my world and live in peace, and yet you keep coming at me, labeling me as the most dangerous threat to Gods even though I never harmed any of you. I even spared three of you, stupid of me. I should just go crazy and come to your world one by one. Maybe I have a chance to win! Stupid Avyn!”

Tang Shaoyang subconsciously looked toward the woman next to him. From the woman’s last words, the woman was blaming herself, and her name was Avyn. It was the same name as the figure next to him.

”We are not the same person. In my ancestor’s last words, he gave me a name, Avyn. The same name as his Master,”

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head. He was about to listen to the next conversation, but Avyn cut it off. They returned to the ice land around the ice mountain, “What do you think?”

Tang Shaoyang realized why Avyn shared the memories with him. She did not mean to deter him, but she wanted to see his resolve, “I think I need more time for that last battle. I have less than a million armies now, so it will take years to build up an army that can fight the Gods.”

”You have heard my answer, and now, let me hear your answer,” He smiled at Avyn.

There was a momentary silence as Avyn stared at Tang Shaoyang. In the next moment, Avyn came closer and pulled his face to hers. Tang Shaoyang was surprised that the woman was kissing him. He was caught off guard and did not respond to the kiss. Along with the kiss, he heard the notification in his head.

[The Archaic Spirit, Avyn the Last Kankara’Xeo, has agreed to establish a contract with you!]

[You have established a contract with Avyn the Last Kankara’Xeo.]

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