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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 887 Second Floor ~ Differences

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Chapter 887 Second Floor ~ Differences

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”Do you think this will work?” Krishan Adwani had a doubt that their plan worked out. He felt like the King did not trust them at all.

”Haven’t you heard it? The King said he would inform the other kingdoms, meaning he took this seriously,” Hines Myers had a smug face as he placed his feet on the table. Even though the King did not fully believe him, he managed to put a seed of trust in the King. He just needed to wait for the King to do an investigation by himself. Since the Tang Empire brought thousands of armies with them, they would be easily spotted.

”We have done the first plan, but how do we clear the second floor? We don’t know how the Tang Empire cleared the first floor, and none of us know how to clear this damn floor, too,” Scot Moran was more concerned about the following plan. The initial plan to make the inhabitants go against the Tang Empire went smoothly. While the Tang Empire was busy with the inhabitants, they would clear the second floor. That was the whole plan, but they did not know how to clear the second floor.

”That’s easy to solve. The Tang Empire is bound to clash with the kingdom, and we just need to kidnap the lower bottom rank soldiers and interrogate them. One of them should know how to clear the dimensional floor, right?” Hines Myers replied with a complacent smug while shaking his head.

The World Union’s Guild Leader felt like the two leaders in front of him were short-sighted and exaggerated things too much over small things. There would always be a way to obtain the information to clear the second floor. The System would not give them something that was impossible to solve.

”But the Tang Empire only brought a thousand or two thousand forces into the first floor. Because of us, they bring tens of thousands, if not a hundred of thousand people. How do we find out the soldier that knows the information?” Scot Moran raised his doubts.

The Blue Vest Guild’s leader felt like Hines Myers played down the main issue. First of all, they did not know how loyal the soldiers were to the Tang Empire. Interrogation might not work against them. Second, it was extremely hard to find the right soldier who knew the information they wanted. They could not wait until the war between the inhabitants and the kingdoms was over to start clearing the second floor.

”You are too worrisome, aren’t you? Take it easy. The System will not give the impossible task to finish; we have many times to find it out even if we can’t get the information from the Tang Empire’s soldiers. It’s just one means to find the information. We have our people too, and they are actively searching for a way to clear this floor,” Hines Myers shook his head, “Our main objective is to regroup with the North Federation and Saint Guild first. We are stronger together, and if this kingdom plays a funny trick, we have an assurance to ensure our safety. After that, we will find a way to clear the second floor together.”

*** ***

The Tang Empire’s force

”Why do we let the third young miss of the Stanion Family and her knights leave like that?” Virion mumbled, dissatisfied with Zhang Mengyao’s decision to let go of Carina Stanion and her knights.

”Apparently, that third young miss is going to report to the main family for the reinforcement, so we let them go to bring the reinforcement,” Legion Commander Moonsong replied, “Don’t you remember that we are going to make them our ally instead of our enemy? If that’s the case, we can’t keep them as our hostage.”

”I don’t like this,” Virion openly said that out, “Lady Zhang Mengyao is more indecisive than His Majesty. If it’s him, we will take over the city of the Fanvas, and we start everything from there.”

”Watch out with your words, Virion,” Moonsong shook his head as he reminded the young king, “We are making moves carefully because His Majesty is not here with us. I think that’s why Lady Zhang Mengyao chooses the safe approach. If we want Lady Zhang Mengyao to make a bolder move, we have to earn her trust and show our true strength, so she dares to make a bold move.”

The experienced Moonsong understood more about why Zhang Mengyao made such a decision. They had not shown their strength and had not yet earned her trust. The Emperor made a bold move because he was confident in his own strength, not because His Majesty trusted them.

”Yes, you better not say bad things about Sister Mengyao, Elven King,” A cold voice resonated in the air. Moonsong and Virion immediately looked toward the voice and found the young man next to them. They recognized this young man as the head of the Tang Empire Intelligence Division, but they knew this young man had a close relationship with The Emperor.

Moonsong smiled, “You are misunderstanding it, Sir Lu An. We are not saying bad things about The Supreme General, but we just have different hindsight regarding our current situation. Rather than bad-mouthing, we are criticizing the decision. I think a great leader does not mind a little bit of criticism from her subordinates, right?”

Lu An glanced at the young king before leaving with the shadow movement. The young man accidentally overheard the conversation, and he did not take it kindly.

Moonsong noticed the Elven King stared at the shadow for a long time, “You can’t tell me that you are bothered with that, right Virion? He is just an overprotective little brother, and we are in the wrong as well as we are talking about the Supreme Commander on her back.”

Virion let out a sigh and massaged the space between his eyes, “I am on edge lately. I am a bit overwhelmed by the work and overly concerned with our new territory. Also, I want to show up a little bit and make a big contribution, hoping His Majesty will forgive my brother and release their slave status.”

”Take it slow, Young Man,” Moonsong tapped the Elven King’s back, “His Majesty treated his people well. Keep doing things with the Empire in your mind, then you will achieve your goal to free your father and brother. His Majesty will reward his people fairly. Also, don’t forget that your aunt is His Majesty’s wife too, so you can ask a favor from her too, but not this early because it will hinder your aunt’s relationship with His Majesty. Just make sure that your people don’t make stupid things while we are away.”

Virion rolled his eyes, “You don’t need to mention the last part, Sir Moonsong. You just make me more anxious now.”

At this moment, one of the moonlight rabbits approached Moonsong, “Supreme Commander Zhang Mengyao is asking for your presence, Chief.”

Virion furrowed his brow as he was reminded of what happened between him and Lu An. The timing made him think that Moonsong was called because of him, but then he felt his superior’s palm on his back once more, “Don’t be tense, Virion. Supreme Commander Zhang is not that petty to call us for that reason. We have arrived at our destination, so get ready for our first battle. I will leave our legion in your hand while I attend the meeting.”

Chief Moon pointed his finger forward, and Virion followed it. He saw a thirty meters tall wall ahead of them, around one thousand meters ahead. Virion was relieved that it was not about him talking about the Supreme General in the back.

Moonsong shook his head and left his post to the young king and his Grand Elder Auron, heading toward the front. As Chief Moon expected, it was not about the bad-mouthing issue but the plan on attacking the city ahead of them.

The city of Harnian is one of seven major cities of the Athilia Kingdom. The city neighbored the Stanion Family’s territory and was the most important city for the Athilia Kingdom because it was the trading city. The heart of Athilia’s economy, where trade and transactions happened, is next to the merchant city managed by the Stanion Family. The rebel army had taken over the city for two weeks by now and started pushing toward the capital.

Out of Athilia’s seven cities, the rebel army had taken three cities, and those three cities were the most important cities for Athilia aside from the capital. One of the cities was where the biggest granary was located, and the third city was the central armory for the kingdom. The rebels played it well by taking those three cities.

”Why do you take us to this city? Isn’t it better to take over the armory or the granary instead?” Wei Xi asked Queen Melina. It was the Queen’s decision for them to take over this city instead of the other two cities.

”Of course, she wants us to take over this city. First, this is forcing us to pinch the rebel army between us and the kingdom’s main force,” Zhang Mengyao pointed at the map that Melina just showed them, “The city with the granary and the armory are between this city and the capital, but I don’t like this Queen Melina. You are playing tricks on us with the deal. We are kind enough to help your kingdom, yet you tricked us.”

”What do you mean by tricking you? I want you to take over this city because this city is the closest city to the Stanion Family’s territory,” Queen Melina pretended not to notice the annoyance on Zhang Mengyao’s expression.

”Yeah, and after we take the city down, we have to cross the two cities under the rebel army to meet the King’s armies, meaning we will not be able to meet the King unless the rebellion is quelled. This is not part of the deal!” Zhang Mengyao raised her voice.

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