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Chapter 876 Trace of The Great Wall Party

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Gan Shuo told Pu Jiaobai to call the few people who left the main group, but he did not immediately question them. He waited for the reinforcement Wen talked about because Miss Li Shuang was in that reinforcement. The Prime Minister came here by herself, so he thought it would be better to wait for them to question those few people.

People called her Prime Minister because she had been taking care of the Tang Empire’s infrastructure and economy. Of course, only insiders called her Prime Minister. It was not an official people, so the normal people did not know that. On top of that, Gan Shuo was not confident with his interrogation ability, so he decided to wait.

Gan Shuo investigated the city while waiting for Li Shuang’s group. The situation was worse than he thought. Now he noticed that people were actually starving in this city, “You guys don’t have enough food?” He asked The Head of Community, Pu Jiaobai.

The forty-three-year-old man smiled bitterly while shaking his head, “The main group brought the majority of food when they left, and we can’t go outside because the zombie has gotten much stronger. The only group who could get out of the city to find food was the people who left the main group, but the food they brought back was never enough for seven thousand people. We can only eat once a day to ensure we don’t finish all our supplies.”

”Gather all the people around the smart base. I think we can share some food with you guys,” Gan Shuo immediately decided to share the food. If PM Li Shuang came herself, meaning she put great importance on these people, he might as well treat them well. That was one of many reasons, of course; he just could not bear to see the children and his fellow countrymen starving like this. It came back to his nationalism to help his own people.

Supplies for a thousand armies used to feed seven thousand people. Thanks to the inventory, they could save the cooked food inside, and it did not go bad. Yeah, the food was prepared for them like days ago but remained in their inventory. It did not go bad inside the inventory, so the Tarriors made sure they had three days of supply in their inventory before the expedition.

While Gan Shuo shared the food, the reinforcement came. Li Shuang was accompanied by a legion of Tarriors, meaning she brought ten thousand Tarriors as a reinforcement. Gan Shuo was surprised because they had secured the city; there was nothing dangerous around here. He felt there was no need to bring a legion as a reinforcement; one squadron should be enough.

One legion consisted of ten thousand people, so the sudden appearance caused a little commotion among the people in the city, “It’s okay, calm down, Guys. They are my friends and come to bring you guys back to the city. They are the reinforcement!” Gan Shuo immediately calmed down the people before rushing to the Legion Commander.

”Field Commander Gan Shuo is reporting to Legion Commander Cao Yuntai,” Gan Shuo raised his right hand to the eyebrow level. Cao Yuntai nodded his head, “What about the situation inside the city? Have you ensured they are not armed?”

Gan Shuo opened his mouth, but no words came out of it for a while, “I thought they were just ordinary people, Sir. I don’t do a thorough check,” he lowered his head a little bit.

”What? Lady Li Shuang is coming, and you don’t secure the area?” Cao Yuntai raised his voice. Even though her position was not official, her position as Tang Shaoyang’s woman was known to the others. He felt Gan Shuo must secure the area upon knowing Lady Li Shuang would come over.

”It’s fine,” Li Shuang waved her hand at the two as she walked closer to the people. The people stopped eating and looked in her direction in fear. They seemed to be afraid that the ten thousand armed people suddenly entered the city.

”Ask their representative if they want to join the Tang Empire or not. Never use oppression, but tell them they must leave the city if they don’t want to join the Tang Empire,” Li Shuang ordered Cao Yuntai. She told him not to use oppression but asked people to leave the city if they did not want to join.

Cao Yuntai was not confused by the order. He knew well what she meant by not using oppression. It was more like physical oppression than intimidation. Also, people who wanted to live in the Tang Empire’s territory had to sign the System Contract. If these people did not want to sign the contract, then they had to leave.

”Lead me to the people you said, Field Commander Gan Shuo.”

Gan Shuo nodded and led Li Shuang to the former soldiers, while Cao Yuntai delegated the job to the Vice Legion Commanders and followed Li Shuang. He must be next to Li Shuang since Gan Shuo had not secured the city yet, just in case this was The Great Wall Party’s trick.

*** ***

Gan Shuo brought Li Shuang and Cao Yuntai to the room where four people were waiting for them. Li Shuang did not bother with the proper introduction as she sat in front of them and went into the main topic directly, “Are you four the former members of The Zhenjiang Survivor Establishment?”

The main reason she brought a whole legion to the city was that she had a suspicion that the city was under the Zhenjiang Survivor Establishment. Zhenjiang Survivor Establishment was part of the Great Wall Party which was part of The World Government. She thought there would be a fight, but she did not expect the Zhenjiang Survivor Establishment to abandon the city.

The four men did not try to hide it from Li Shuang as they admitted and spilled everything. The main group of this city was indeed the Zhenjiang Survivor Establishment. After the Earth Tournament was over, their leaders told them to prepare to leave the city out of nowhere. The main group left a week after the tournament ended.

’Why did they abandon the city? This city has a smart base, which is the most essential thing for a faction, but why did they leave?’ Li Shuang was confused. “Do you know why and where they left?”

The man called Pe Yunchang answered her, “We don’t know why our leaders want to leave, but I think I know where they go. They said they headed to Beijing in order to rebuild the government city. However, they told us not to bring our family; that was why we sneaked out from them and stayed here.”

The conversation lasted for another fifteen minutes. Li Shuang had asked for everything she wanted, and she let the four people leave, “Keep watching them, just in case this is a scheme from the Great Wall Party.” She asked Cao Yuntai to watch the four people.

Li Shuang believed what they told her, but this was just a precaution for the worst. However, she found out the reason why Zhenjiang Survivor Establishment abandoned the city. It was to regroup with the other establishment and escape from the Tang Empire. After declaring war on the Suzhou Survivor Establishment, they should know it was just a matter of time before the Tang Empire reached this city and did the same to them.

”What are they planning?” Li Shuang was quite concerned that several establishments had regrouped. If she let them be, they could be a threat to the Empire, “But I know where they went to. Maybe we will focus on expanding our territory toward Beijing’s direction and destroy the Great Wall Party before they grow to become a threat.” She muttered in a low voice.

”This is not my domain. I will just make the report and let Mengyao make the decision,” Li Shuang stretched out and glanced at Cao Yuntai, “We will stay in Zhenjiang for a few days while waiting for those people’s answer. Get some teams to retrieve the food from the nearest outpost and make sure not to let those civilians starve.”

*** ***

Earth Dimensional Tower, Second Floor

There was a big difference between the first floor and the second floor of the Dimensional Tower. If the first floor did not have a clear hierarchy, the second floor had a very clear hierarchy. There were twelve kingdoms; four of them were human kingdoms, three demon kingdoms, one elf kingdom, and four beast kingdoms. Those twelve kingdoms were the rulers of the second floor of the Earth Dimensional Tower.

Zhang Mengyao got that information after kidnapping one of the soldiers from the human and interrogating the soldier. Since there was a clear hierarchy on the second floor, it made the situation more complicated. They had to defeat the King of the second floor, but it would be hard to find this king with twelve kingdoms with equal power standing on the second floor.

”Does that mean we have to kill all twelve kings from the twelve kingdoms?” Wei Xi scratched his head. Warring against the twelve kingdoms with a hundred thousand people was just absurd. Those kingdoms had millions of people and armies. Added with their special status as players that had to clear the dimensional tower, the twelve kingdoms might band together and fight them once they showed up.

The inhabitants of the tower wanted the players not to clear the first-floor tower within a year, so they could get out of the Dimensional Tower. In order to achieve the Tower Break, the inhabitants would put their differences and fight against the player together. If the mission was to kill the twelve kings, an open war against the twelve kingdoms was not a good idea. They must deploy an assassination method to kill the twelve kings.

”I don’t think that’s the case,” Zhang Mengyao shook her head. That would be too hard for the second floor if that was the case, especially when they could not communicate with the people outside the tower. “Let’s get more information,” She then looked at Lu An, “Let’s kidnap someone with a higher position.”

Lu An made an okay signal with his right hand and smiled, “Leave it to me. I will kidnap their Commander this time.”

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