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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 874 Captured City

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Chapter 874 Captured City

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”Don’t you feel it, Uncle Gan? I feel like the zombies we fought have become a lot stronger,” Zhen Yang sat next to Gan Shuo and shared some of his concerns with his Captain.

”Do you feel it too? I feel the same even though they don’t kill each other, and we can’t find the survivors in this dead city too, so how do they level up? Do they level up differently?” Liao Zhenya joined the two men and said the same concern.

The three were part of the Huzhou survivors who ended up joining the Tarrior. They were the people who joined the Tang Empire during the Territory War against the two Zombie Kingdoms. Despite being traumatized by the war, they ended up joining the Tarrior.

”So, I am not the only one to feel that,” Gan Shuo said with a concerned look, “I will report this to Commander Cao Yuntai. But we can do nothing about it for now but to keep fighting.”

”But this is good for us, no?” A young guy came over, bringing his own plate of food, sitting next to Captain Gan Shuo. “We get more experience by killing the higher-level zombies.”

”That’s not the issue, Wan Yongzhen. The fact that the zombies get stronger without killing other creatures is something we should worry about. If that’s the case, then what about the zombies in the remote area that we can’t reach? They will get a lot stronger and maybe will become even stronger than us if no one kills them,” Liao Zhenya tried to explain the critical thing behind the issue to the youngest.

Wan Yongzhen just turned sixteen a month ago, but he was labeled as the gifted Tarrior. The boy finished the training with the Tarrior within three months. Within those three months, he managed to convince Wei Xi that he was ready to fight the zombies despite the Tarrior’s restriction that one should be eighteen or above to join. While he did not stand out in the main force, he was someone with the fastest growth within the Tarrior as he had reached level 351 by now. That was a massive improvement as he was just level 81 when he finished the training.

”Isn’t this issue is important, and we need to solve it early, Uncle Gan? With The Tarrior and the newcomers from the other worlds, it should be easy for us to take back our region from the zombies,” Zhen Yang felt that the Empire had to take this matter seriously. At least they had to take back China from the zombies before everything got out of control.

”You guys haven’t heard the rumor?” Gan Shuo took a sip of the water in his hand and looked at the three. The confused look on their faces was the answer he needed as it told him they had not heard it yet, “The other factions tried to ambush Supreme General Zhang in the tower area. They tried to kill Supreme General Zhang; that’s why we mobilized the main force to the tower for war. I don’t think the Empire can mobilize more armies to investigate this issue unless the war is over.”

”What? They dare to assassinate Supreme General Zhang? Aren’t they afraid of Lord Tang Shaoyang?” Wan Yongzhen innocently said that out loud.

Zhen Yang rolled his eyes, “They don’t know how strong our Emperor is, so they aren’t afraid to do that.”

”Then what happened to Supreme General Zhang? Is she injured?” Wan Yongzhen asked worriedly.

”Nope, she is fine, not even a single scratch,” Gan Shuo smiled while shaking his head, “I heard the five factions back down after Lord Tang Shaoyang’s familiar appeared. They made a lame excuse and ran away.”

”What? Lord Tang Shaoyang did not kill them?” It was Liao Zhenya’s turn to be surprised as she did not expect to end up like that. She thought The Emperor would go on a rampage upon knowing those people tried to kill Supreme General Zhang Mengyao.

Gan Shuo shook his head, “I heard there’s a punishment for fighting in the area around the tower, so there’s no fight. However, the war is inside the war if the five factions dare to enter the tower. If they don’t enter the tower, then there will be no war.”

”Alright, the break time is over. Finish your food and join us after that, Wan Yongzhen,” Gan Shuo got up and saved the cup in his hand into the inventory. Gan Shuo was part of the expansion force, and their duty was to clear the zombies and capture the city. After capturing Suzhou City, the Tang Empire pushed further up. He was Field Commander and led a thousand Tarrior to clear the zombie and also the mini-game.

Gan Shuo led his people in one direction while the other Field Commander led their people in another direction. That was how it worked, and he would report his discovery and the place his team explored. Of course, they would get two days a break at the weekend, quite generous considering the Empire’s massive expansion.

”It seems we are in a new territory,” Gan Shuo muttered in a low voice as they came out of the city area. Ahead of him was a forest with a road in between. The forest was surrounded by white fog. “The forest area is not our job, so we will take the road instead.”

Gan Shuo led his people to follow the road, and the stronger team would explore the forest. The forest held an unknown thing that might be stronger than his team, so he was instructed not to enter the forest. The weirder thing was that if he and his team followed the road, the creature inside the forest would not attack them.

Sure enough, no creatures attacked them in the fifty minutes journey. By the time they came out of the forest area, they had arrived in the new city, “Huh!? Another group captured the city,” Gan Shuo saw the seven-meter-tall wall three hundred meters ahead of him. The only way for them to build the wall was by capturing the city.

”What should we do, Captain Gan Shuo?” Vice Field Commander Ma Ping asked. This was the first time they encountered the already captured city.

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