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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 849: Earth Dimensional Tower – Part 1

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Chapter 849: Earth Dimensional Tower - Part 1

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Yeon Hee blinked her eyes a few times as she tried to proceed with her

situation. The food was the most delicious food she had ever tasted, but she

somehow felt troubled. The memories from the last battle ashed in her head,

and she thought she would be a slave or something worst when she accepted

the deal. She did not expect to receive such treatment at all as the Tang Empire

did nothing to her.

Now, she got the chance to enjoy the heavenly food, and she felt guilty because

her friends might be distressed with their situation. Yeon Hee looked up at the

elevator's ceiling as she did not know how to face the situation. She felt it was

just wrong because she was the only one who got to enjoy this without her


"Oh, while you get to be close with Sister Elin and Delia, you should remain

respectful to them when you meet them in public," Lu An turned to his

secretary and reminded her. "They are The Emperor's wives, so better you

know your place, especially in front of The Emperor. I don't know what he

wants to do with you, but just enjoy the moment for now."

Yeon Hee had mixed feelings after hearing that from Lu An. She was anxious

about what awaited her in the future. Lu An was right about that part, she was

making a deal with The Emperor, but she had not met with him since then. She

was surprised but not shocked to hear the two girls were The Emperor's wives.

'It's something I should expect from an Emperor, multiple wives.' Then she

remembered last night's event where The Emperor kissed her on the forehead,

'Did he want to take me into her harem too?'

"I thought Brother Shaoyang fancies you, but the fact he hasn't come to meet

you is puzzling me," Lu An muttered in a low voice, but there were only two of

them inside the lift. No matter how small his voice was, she could hear him

perfectly. "Maybe he just wants to torture you because of what your friends

tried to do with Sister Aleesa and Sylvia."

Yeon Hee fell into deep thought as she had become even more uncertain about

her future. She forgot all the problems when she ate the food, but she became

unsettled once more.

"Regardless of what he wants to do with you, you are my personal secretary for

now, so just do your job well. Maybe if you work well, I will try to ask Brother

Shaoyang to forgive you and your friends," Lu An said without much thought in

his mind. He had just one thing in his mind if his subordinates worked hard and

produced a good result, then they must be rewarded. He said those with those

thoughts in mind.


Yeon Hee was about to say something to thank Lu An's support, but the door

opened as they arrived on the twelfth oor. A big meeting would be held in this

room, and Lu An was asked to attend the meeting. When the door opened, a

purple-haired woman waited for them in front of the elevator. She immediately

greeted Lu An when he stepped out of the elevator, "Good morning, Chief Lu

An. The meeting will start in three minutes and thirty-seven seconds. We need

to hurry, or else we will be late."

"Mnn, let's go," Lu An rushed to the meeting room along with the purple-

haired woman. Yeon Hee was about to follow them, but the two were ten meters

ahead of her when she just stepped out of the elevator. "Move up a little faster,

or we will be late, Yeon Hee!" She heard Lu An's voice, urging her to pick up her


*** ***

The rst assembly with the Sub Regions started without The Emperor, but

Supreme General Zhang Mengyao, Vice Supreme General Wei Xi, and The Head

of Healer Division replaced the Emperor to lead the assembly. No one knew

where The Emperor went to because Zhang Mengyao just told them The

Emperor had an urgent matter to take care of.

The meeting was supposed to discuss the Earth Dimensional Tower

preparation, but Zhang Mengyao dismissed the discussion with, "Just prepare

your best men to enter the Earth Dimensional Tower. We will hold another

assembly to discuss the preparation after the Earth Dimensional Tower is

summoned." The assembly mostly discussed the situation within the Sub

Region. Right at eight o'clock in the morning, Zhang Mengyao stopped the

discussion after the System sent a notication to everyone.

[The Sky Level Dimensional Tower has been summoned on Earth!]

[Eleven Major Factions have obtained the privileges, a portal gate to Earth

Dimensional Tower!]

After the notication, Origin immediately spoke to Zhang Mengyao: [I just

received the portal gate to the Earth Dimensional Tower! Based on my

knowledge of the Earth Map, the Dimensional Tower appeared in a region

called Greenland.]

Hearing that, Zhang Mengyao opened the map and found Greenland on the

map. Looking at where Greenland was, she laughed because no one could enter

the dimensional tower unless they were major factions with privilege or a

faction that originated on Greenland itself. That meant it was a competition

between the major factions.

Greenland was a big island between the Arctic and the Atlantic Ocean, meaning

the factions without the portal gate had to use ships to reach Greenland. Zhang

Mengyao did not think they would think about crossing the ocean when their

territories were occupied with zombies, so it was a competition between major

factions who had the portal gate.

"We will end the assemble for now, but I wish you to prepare your best players

to enter the dimensional tower. The Tang Empire will allow the Sub Regions to

use the portal gate to the Earth Dimensional Tower, but we will send our people

rst to investigate the situation. The assembly is over," The eleven Chiefs

wanted to say something, but they decided to listen to the command for the

time being.

"We need an underground space to put our portal gate to the Dimensional

Tower. Can you ask the dwarf if the portal gate room is done, Origin?" Then

Zhang Mengyao turned toward Lu An. "Gather your best people because we will

send TEID rst to investigate the situation around the tower. We need quick

information from the intelligence division."

"Yes!" Lu An stood up and left the meeting room with Yeon Hee and Viona.

Zhang Mengyao then glanced at Wei Xi, "Prepare our ve hundred best

Tarriors. They will be the rst group to enter the dimensional tower. Marshal

Alton, please work together with the Elven Kingdom and the Moonlight Tribe to

prepare your best ve hundred knights and warriors. We will be sending a

thousand of our best people into the dimensional tower. Make sure they are not

just strong, but also can be trusted!"

The Tang Empire's military was split into two for the time being. Marshal Alton

would be responsible for the force from Lukan, and the original Tarrior was still

managed by Zhang Mengyao and Wei Xi.

"Please prepare the best two hundred healers too, Kang Xue… I don't think we

have that many capable healers yet," Zhang Mengyao did not want to send the

newbie healers into the dimensional tower.

"Don't worry about it, Mengyao. We have the Light Bombyx Mori Tribe. They

are capable healers, and we can ll the missing numbers with them," Kang Xue

accepted the request. Bombyx Mori was the giant moth with elemental power,

an elemental creature that mastered one element. Light Bombyx Mori Tribe

mastered light elemental power, the power that could be used to heal.

"Ah, we have them as well," Zhang Mengyao remembered that they have the

Light Bombyx Mori Tribe. Since they lived in seclusion, she forgot about them,

"Then please prepare two hundred healers for the rst team."

After giving a series of orders, Origin came back to her about the dwarf's work:

[The dwarves have prepared the underground portal room, and we can use it

right away. Do you want me to install the portal gate right away?]

"Please do that, and lead Lu An and his team to the underground room

afterward. This is a race between the major factions. I don't want to be left

behind by them," Zhang Mengyao got up from her seat and stretched out, "I

will lead the expedition team by myself. I will leave the base to you three," She

turned to Li Shuang, Cao Jingyi, and Kang Xue's father, Kang Jiayi, the Chief of

Tang Empire Internal Security (TEIS).

Li Shuang's role in the Tang Empire was similar to the Prime Minister, but she

did not have the ocial title yet. She was still someone in charge of the Tang

Empire's infrastructure, from agriculture to education, and more things were

her responsibility, and Cao Jingyi was her assistant.

"You can leave with ease with me here, Mengyao," Li Shuang smiled, "But you

must be careful too."

*** ***

Underground Portal Room

Lu An immediately gathered his team after leaving the assembly room. The

Tang Empire Intelligence Division did not have a lot of people, around three

hundred plus. It was a small division, but he had gathered the best. From three

hundred, he picked a hundred people to follow him.

"Our duty is to gather information about the situation around the Dimensional

Tower, to ensure our main force's safety. So, you must avoid ghting monsters,

zombies, beasts, anything. We want to secure a safe point for Tarriors,

understand?" Lu An stood in front of the hundred people and gave the


"Yes, Sir!" The hundred people answered simultaneously.

"Good, then let's depart," Lu An turned around, walking into the portal gate.

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