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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 842: Sub Region – Part 1

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Chapter 842: Sub Region - Part 1

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After Tang Shaoyang left the Legion Guild's smart base with the dragon, Park

Nam Hoon looked for Mo Joon to conrm his guest. It happened exactly the

same as he guessed. The patrol team under Mo Joon found the Giant Guild

trying to cross their city wall, and they fought the hundreds of the Giant Guild's

people. Seven people were poisoned as a result of the ght.

"Your Majesty Emperor came at the right time and saved us from the Giant

Guild…" Mo Joon told the story without any exaggeration to his Guild Leader.

Park Nam Hoon had an unbelievable look as he could not believe it had

happened. The guy who did not hesitate to massacre his enemies was doing

everything he could only to save seven people. Tang Shaoyang used seven

hundred and thirty million Game Coins to upgrade the smart base to get the

materials to make the antidote. If not for Tang Shaoyang upgrading the smart

base, they could not save saved the seven poisoned people.

'Will I do the same?' Park Nam Hoon questioned himself. Would he do that to

save his seven people? He had enough Game Coin to upgrade the smart base to

level 6 if he combined everything he and his friends had. However, would he

and his friend do it to save the seven people's lives? While Game Coin was

hardly useful to make them stronger personally, Game Coin was essential to

develop the territory. He would not use hundreds of millions to save seven

people's lives, but Tang Shaoyang did.

If he did not witness this with his eyes and heard the conversation in the car,

then he would not believe this story. The cruel man who slaughtered people

without batting an eye was doing this to save seven people that were unrelated

to him. He had to admit that it was just a matter of time upgrading the smart

base to level 10 for the Tang Empire, but he sped it up for seven unrelated

people with him.

'He is a hero to these seven people and a Devil to his enemy,' Park Nam Hoon

thought to himself.

"What are you doing, Park Nam Hoon? Let's get going. We can't let Supreme

General Zhang Mengyao wait for us for the Oath Ceremony," Yu Jin Sang called

his friend.

Park Nam Hoon snapped out of his daze and followed his friends. Oath

Ceremony sounded creepier compared to the System Contract. It sounded like

an evil cult would do, but the process was simple and beautiful as they were

enveloped by the brilliant light. After the Oath Ceremony, Park Nam Hoon

received thousands of System Contracts from the Tang Empire.

One System Contract cost ten thousand Game Coins. That meant this vassal

system cost The Tang Empire a lot of fortune because the Legion Guild paid

nothing for this. The Legion was tasked to distribute the basic contract to the

civilians if the civilians wanted to stay in the Legion Guild's territory.

"What if they don't want to sign the contract, General Zhang?" Yoo Kwang

Sung re-read the System Contract for the second time. There was nothing with

the contract that would threaten the freedom of those who signed the contract,

but the Tang Empire still put restrictions on them. Of course, the contract was

bound to the modern people, and they would choose not to sign the contract if

they could. So he wanted to know what happened to the people who did not

want to sign the contract.

"It's simple; they can't live in the Tang Empire's territory or the aliate

territories if they don't sign the basic contract," Zhang Mengyao replied with

no expression. "We feed and protect them; if they don't want to sign the basic

contract, then they can leave. We want you to nish this in one week. It should

be easy since there are not that many people yet."

Based on the data, the Legion Guild had less than ten thousand people. It was a

lot, but not a lot at the same time. If they had to compare with the Tang

Empire's people, a few thousand was nothing. One week was more than enough

because the toughest challenge was how to persuade these people to sign the

basic contract.

"I understand," Park Nam Hoon immediately agreed with the decision.

"Good, then let's continue the discussion. So, what does The Legion Guild want

to do now? Will you keep expanding your faction, or are you satised with what

you have right now? I want to know The Legion Guild's next goal," Cao Jingyi

joined the discussion and asked Park Nam Hoon.

Park Nam Hoon froze for a moment when he heard the question. This was the

hardest question in the discussion because the Tang Empire's plan on the

Legion Guild would be dierent based on the answer.

"If you want to expand and take back all the territories in South Korea, then the

Tang Empire will do the best to support The Legion Guild. However, if The

Legion Guild is satised with what you have right now and want to stay as it is,

then The Tang Empire will send our force to capture the ownerless territory,"

Cao Jingyi added at the end.

Park Nam Hoon wanted to reply that the Legion Guild wanted to continue

expanding their territories, but he paused because this was not something he

could do alone. He took a deep breath and replied, "Can the Legion Guild have a

week time to discuss this by ourselves? We are coping against the four guilds

and haven't thought about our vision and mission. When we establish the

Legion Guild, we just want to save as many people as possible, so we haven't

thought about the Legion Guild's future yet."

"Alright, we will wait for your answer in a week along with the basic contract

progress," Cao Jingyi seemed to expect this kind of answer as she replied right

away. "Then we will continue our discussion regarding the law, internal

security, tribute…" The discussion continued for another three hours.

"Since we have a portal gate, we can have more discussion in the future after

you x all the issues within the Legion Guild," Zhang Mengyao nodded her

head. "Then we reach the end of our discussion here. We will invite the Legion

Guild to be part of the Tang Empire, and with that, the Legion Guild will be

ocially part of the Tang Empire."

[Supreme General of the Tang Empire, Zhang Mengyao, invites The Legion

Guild to join the Tang Empire? (Accept) (Decline)]

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