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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 841: Devil to The Others, Hero to His People – Part

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Chapter 841: Devil to The Others, Hero to His People - Part

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A platform rose from the ground, and there were a pair of black steel bars in the

bracket shapes. A murmur could be heard from the people; many of them

pointed their ngers at the platform. Park Nam Hoon immediately ordered his

people so the civilians did not get too close to the portal gate.

[Do you want to activate the portal gate? Note: You need to pay 10 million Game

Coins to activate the portal gate.]

The portal gate did not immediately activate as Tang Shaoyang needed to pay

the initial cost. Yeah, the condition for setting up the portal gate was someone

with a high position within the faction. Leader and Vice Leaders had the

authority to do it. Of course, the Leader could delegate the task of setting up the

portal to his people as well. And money was the second condition to set up the

portal gate. It was quite simple, and Tang Shaoyang did not hesitate to activate the portal gate right away.

[The Portal Gate detected the connection to the Portal Gate (Tang Empire)? Do

you want to connect the portal gate?]

[The Portal Gate has been activated and connected to another portal gate!]

The black steel bar glowed in blue as the portal formed between the bars. That

was it; the portal gate had been successfully installed. Of course, there was still

the last part, which was to name the portal gate.

[Do you wish to change the name of portal gate b?]

The portal gate in front of Tang Shaoyang was Portal Gate b, but he could

change the name based on the region. He immediately changed the name so he

and his people could easily identify their destination.

[You have successfully changed the name to Sub-Region Korea!]

Tang Shaoyang stayed in front of the portal, waiting for his people to cross the

portal gate. He did not wait for long as the rst person crossed the portal gate, a

long-haired man wearing an ancient white robe. Yu, the Ancient Alchemist,

was the rst one to use the rst portal gate on Earth. The Ancient Alchemist

walked toward Tang Shaoyang and presented him with seven vials. "I have made the antidote, Master."

"Mnn, good work. You can go back now, but I don't mind if you want to go

around instead of staying inside the Spiritual Space," Tang Shaoyang intended

to reward the spirit for his work. Good work must be rewarded, but letting the

spirit stroll around might be a good reward for Yu rather than staying inside the spiritual space.

Sure enough, Yu's face brightened when he heard that from his Master. He

raised his head and looked Tang Shaoyang in the eyes. Taking a deep breath, he

voiced his request, "May I visit the Alchemist Center?"

Tang Shaoyang paused for a moment as he recalled the place called the

Alchemist Center. The Alchemist Center was the Tang Empire's rst facility,

and they got the facility in a broken state, but Zhang Mengyao had paid quite a

lot of sum Game Coin to repair it. After repairing it, they renamed it to Tang

Empire Alchemist Center, and Kang Xue was the person who took charge of the

facility. However, since it was just a level 1 facility, there was nothing much they could do.

"It might be a good idea sending you there, so you can help me gure out what

the facility from the system can do," Tang Shaoyang was glad sending Yu to the

Alchemist Facility. That place was Yu's home ground for sure. Having Yu there,

they could maximize the use of the facility. "O you go then. I will message

Kang Xue to lead you there."

"Thank you, Master," Yu bowed his head and turned around. Despite showing

no expression on his face, his action told Tang Shaoyang that his spirit was

quite excited about the Alchemist Facility. When Yu walked to the portal gate,

Zhang Mengyao came out from the portal gate. She came with Cao Jingyi and

Wei Xi. The Ancient Alchemist bowed toward his Mistress and returned to the main base.

"Where do you send him to?" Zhang Mengyao watched Yu's back and asked.

"He wanted to check the Alchemist Facility, so I sent him there," Tang

Shaoyang replied, but then he noticed Zhang Mengyao was looking somewhere

else, not at him. He followed her gaze and found out that she looked at Aleesa

and Sylvia. He then noticed Aleesa and Sylvia shook their heads dejectedly. With

quick thinking, he realized what Zhang Mengyao was up to. "And so, can you

continue the work here? Get them to take the oath and distribute the System

Contract too? I will head to give the antidotes and then depart for Japan."

After saying that, he ran from Zhang Mengyao and walked toward Park Nam

Hoon, "Can you call your patrol team captain, Mo Joon? Is he here?"

Park Nam Hoon did not know why Tang Shaoyang wanted to look for Mo Joon,

but he led Tang Shaoyang to look for Mo Joon anyway without asking. He

wanted to know what Tang Shaoyang wanted to do with Mo Joon, so he

followed the two after nding Mo Joon while his two Vice Leaders received Zhang Mengyao.

'Inrmary? Why would His Majesty go to the inrmary? Do his people get

injured?' Park Nam Hoon's head was full of thoughts, thinking about what

Tang Shaoyang wanted to do in the inrmary. When they reached the Inrmary

Floor, he watched His Majesty Tang Shaoyang giving four vials to Mo Joon,

"This is the antidote for your men. Give them this, and they should be ne."

"Thank you, Your Majesty. Thank you very much," Mo Joon bowed and kept thanking Tang Shaoyang.

"There's no need to thank me. This is my responsibility because you are also

my people now. Go give the antidotes to them, and I will take care of the

remaining three people," Tang Shaoyang waved his hand at Mo Joon and

walked into the inrmary. Park Nam Hoon watched it with his own eyes that

Tang Shaoyang gave the antidote to the unconscious people. Of course, it was

not the Tang Empire's people because they wore the Legion Guild's armor.

Those unconscious people were his people, not the Tang Empire. The pieces

connected, and Park Nam Hoon quickly understood what happened.

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