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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 822: Final Part 2

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Chapter 822: Final Part 2

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Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!


The Firestorms Axes hit the Earth Wall, and the wall crumbled as the lightning raged out. The axes kept going and hit the barrier dome around King Victor. The Firestorms axes exploded as fire and lightning engulfed The King of the Revolution Kingdom.

Victor saw his barrier dome was cracking under the assault of fire and storm. As the firestorm stopped raging, he was relieved that the barrier dome remained there despite the cracks. As his vision cleared off, he saw a shadow hover above him. He looked up and saw Tang Shaoyang in the air with his battle-ax. On top of that, there were ten red swords around him.

King Victor subconsciously raised his shield as he realized that the barrier dome was not enough to defend himself. Sure enough, as soon as the battle-ax hit his barrier dome, it crumbled into pieces, and the battle-ax went through to hit the shield.


King Victor's expression changed as soon as he received the battle-ax with the shield. The tiles on his footing sunk as he was getting pushed in. The floor cracked and split open, and the cracks spread to the whole stage. However, Tang Shaoyang was not over with his attack as the ten Slayer Swords moved toward the shield.

King Victor felt the death. Yes, he sensed something really dangerous coming to him. His instinct was telling him that he would die if he did not surrender now. "I SURRENDER!" He yelled loudly to ensure the System heard him. After he said that, he felt the pressure on him was gone as a natural barrier formed around him. At the same time, he saw Tang Shaoyang was getting repelled away from him.

King Victor was relieved deep inside that he said it in time, but he saw ten red swords were still aiming at him. Those swords must have been Tang Shaoyang's attack, but he was at ease because he was inside the System's barrier. However, his expression changed when the sword hit the barrier. The protection barrier broke open as the ten red swords went for his head.

His eyes widened in shock as he did not expect the System's barrier would be easily pierced by the swords. He thought he was dead there until the ten red swords stopped two inches away from his face. King Victor was frozen on the spot with ten sword tips right on his face. He finally understood why he felt so dangerous before. If he did not surrender, these ten red swords would pierce him to his death.

King Victor was at the mercy of the System. If the System did not stop the swords in time, he would turn into a corpse already. After a while, the ten red swords disappeared, and his vision returned to the man standing ten meters away from him. He could see the regret in Tang Shaoyang's face, that the attack there meant to kill him, but he was faster to surrender.

King Victor could hear the gasps from the spectators, but it was not the time to care about what the others would look at him. He was staring at the man ahead of him, full of shock and fear, as he realized one thing from this battle. The man in front of him was the strongest individual on Earth, and he made this man his enemy.

A minute later, the System's barrier disappeared as a portal appeared in front of him. The portal meant he had to return to his booth after losing the battle. "Why are you dozing off there? Get off the arena if you can't fight anymore. Send your fighters to fight me, or you can surrender right away." King Victor heard the taunt from his opponent and showed no reaction as he came to a realization. He realized why his opponent was taunting him. His opponent provoked him to send his subordinates to fight; his opponent wanted to kill his subordinates.

King Victor let out a sigh as he could not say anything in return. He looked up at the screen, and he was standing in the middle of the cracks. He closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again to see Tang Shaoyang's grin. At this point, he was aware that it was impossible for the Revolution Kingdom to be the champion of the Earth Tournament. He raised his hand and admitted his loss. "The Revolution Kingdom surrenders!" After saying that, he entered the portal and returned to the booth.

[Congratulations to the Tang Empire for winning the first Earth Tournament!]

The giant screen switched to congratulate the Tang Empire for winning the whole tournament. Then the giant screen switched to the image of Tang Shaoyang, standing in the middle of the stage with his battle-ax in his right hand. At this time, Tang Shaoyang had returned to his normal height.

[Congratulations to the fifteen fighters from the Tang Empire to obtain +100 levels and an Epic Grade Treasure Chest!]

[Congratulations for the Tang Empire to obtain, +3 level smart base, two random facilities, and 1 billion Game Coins!]

[Congratulations to Tang Shaoyang of the Tang Empire for obtaining the Best Fighter title and also the reward!]

[Congratulations to Tang Shaoyang for obtaining the Epic Rank Weapon, The Abyssal!]

A big black greatsword appeared in front of Tang Shaoyang, floating in front of him, waiting for Tang Shaoyang to claim it. The System did not hide the reward from the public as it announced right away. The black greatsword was sixty centimeters wide and almost two meters long. It was as if the System knew that Tang Shaoyang only used a heavy weapon, so it rewarded him with a heavy weapon for winning the Best Fighter title.

Tang Shaoyang grabbed the greatsword as he swung it a few times in the air. He nodded in approval as the sword was not too light in his hand. He put the sword into his inventory and looked toward the Revolution Kingdom's booth for the last time… Everyone could see the regret on his face, the regret from failing to kill the King of the Revolution Kingdom.

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