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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 810: Benefitting From The World Government’s Plan Part 1

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Chapter 810: Benefitting From The World Government’s Plan Part 1

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The Tang Empire was the third faction to enter the top eight, five more factions before they reached the quarter-final. As soon as the System announced the winner between the Tang Empire and the Amazon Guild, the people from the Tang Empire's booth cheered for Tang Shaoyang. Even though their numbers were barely over a hundred, the cheers filled the arena.

Tang Shaoyang put his battle-ax back into his inventory as he walked to the portal. Before entering the portal, he glanced at the World Union's booth. Hines Myers was looking at him too, so their gazes. Tang Shaoyang showed no expression and entered the portal after looking away from Hines Myers. Once he returned to the booth Kang Xue, Arina, and Selena charged toward him. Kang Xue reached his right and checked the wound.

"Huh!?" Kang Xue, Arina, and Selena were surprised that the wound had disappeared from his palm. The dried blood was still there, but the wound disappeared as if he was never injured.

"Calm down, girls. I am fine, I am fine." Tang Shaoyang calmed the three girls. The three girls were looking at the perfectly fine palm, flipping up and down. "The injured is healing on its own, so there's no need to worry. They are too weak to leave behind a fatal wound on me."

"What were you trying to do? Why don't you just beat them down from the start? I feel like you were holding back for some reason." Zhang Mengyao had her hands crossed on her chest as she squinted her eyes at Tang Shaoyang. From the way Tang Shaoyang killed Sylvanus, he should be able to kill Aedans without being injured.

"Oh, I am trying to bait the Amazon Guild to send all their five fighters and kill them all." Tang Shaoyang sat next to Zhang Mengyao, but the three girls were still holding his hand. To make sure that he was fine, Arina cast healing magic on his hand. He shook his head and let them do what they wanted to do. "However, I realized that the plan might not work. If I killed their first three fighters, they would automatically surrender, so I stopped wasting time and killed Sylvanus."

"If you have that kind of plan, you can't take all the fight for yourself. Send us one by one, make them think that they have a chance to enter the quarter-final, and we kill them all." Zhang Mengyao offered another brilliant plan. Just like she said, if he pulled his fighter after they won the round, the Tang Empire would have only four fighters. It was the same as losing, surrendering after killing their opponent.

"We can use that tactic in the quarter-final. Let's see if it works or not," Tang Shaoyang nodded his head. "But I will fight alone in the final. I still want the title."

"Guess I can have fun too now," Zhang Mengyao said with a smile. Seeing all these people fight on the stage just made her want to have a fight too. As they chatted, the next match had been decided. The next match was The World Union against the Saharian Guild. There was no need for them to wait for the result as the Saharian Guild surrendered without fighting.

"Huh!? I thought Saharian Guild is part of the Uprising Guild, not the World Government." Wei Xi was confused that the Saharian Guild did not try to fight the World Union. He thought the Uprising Guild was in a beef with the World Government.

"I think that's the instruction from the Uprising Guild. The Uprising Guild is more compassionate for their allies than the World Government, who self proclaim to build a better world." Tang Shaoyang mocked the World Government. He could see that the Uprising Guild's leader was communicating with the Saharian Guild from their respective booths. The World Union enticed the Amazon Guild to weaken the Tang Empire and told the small factions to weaken the Major Factions.

Since the fourth match ended without a fight, the System continued to the fifth match of the day. The names flashed on the screen until it stopped with a name. The first faction was The Polar Guild. The System rolled for their opponent afterward.

"We have a guest, Your Majesty," Revalor informed Tang Shaoyang that they had a guest come to their booth.

Tang Shaoyang did not wait for the Polar Guild's opponent as he looked to the side. There were three people standing next to their booth, and he did not recognize any of them. "Your acquaintances?" He asked Zhang Mengyao. From their looks, the three were Asian for sure. 'Are they from the Great Wall?'

"You did not know them?" Zhang Mengyao was surprised that Tang Shaoyang did not recognize the three. He faced one of them in the group, the Legion Guild from Korea. She informed him of the identity of the three guests, and the man in the middle was the Legion Guild's leader, Park Nam Hoon.

"Don't you remember the girl? She was your second opponent in the group stage." Kang Xue also spoke up as she remembered all of Tang Shaoyang's fights.

"Maybe they are not that good, so they don't leave any impression on me." Tang Shaoyang shook his head and waved his hand at Revalor. "Bring them in!" Revalor bowed his head and walked toward the three guests.

"Don't say unnecessary or insensitive things in front of them. If I guess correctly, they come to be our vassals." Zhang Mengyao guessed about the Legion Guild's visit. "The small guilds have realized that the World Government will not stop harassing them until they join the World Government. So the small guilds with no ally to the major faction only have two choices. First, they join the World Government. Second, they make an alliance with the other major factions. It seems the Legion Guild is choosing us, so let me do the talk."

There was a flaw in the World Government's plan for using force to deter the small factions to join them. It could fire back at them because the small guilds would choose to join another faction instead of joining them… Just because the small factions did not like how the World Government threatened them.

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