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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 793: Smooth Sailing

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Chapter 793: Smooth Sailing

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Tang Shaoyang opened his eyes with a content smile on his face. Yesterday was a wild ride. After the Malecia Kingdom surrendered, he had a great day with the Queen. Yes, The Queen gave up her body in exchange for his uncle's family. Not that he planned to kill that pitiful man and his family, and he told Jasmine that he did not plan to execute Everett Duncan and his family.

However, this was a similar case with Ava, where the girl did not believe his words. Jasmine wanted the equivalent exchange in order to trust him, and just like that, they made a contract. It was not a slave contract but a similar one. He came to pick up the Queen for the oath, but he ended up staying in Lukan.

'I wonder what happened with the Earth Tournament. We have passed into the Playoff Stage, so maybe it will take two or three days for my next match. There's also an elimination stage for second place.' Tang Shaoyang was slightly concerned about the tournament since they had not measured the time between Lukan and Earth. One day on earth, how many days and hours on Lukan, he did not know yet about that, but should not be far considering the time passed on Earth after he entered Lukan.

His eyes focused on the crystal on the ceiling. He was currently in the Queen's bedroom, which later would be transformed into his room. This room would be his lodging if he wanted to stay in the Malecia Kingdom's territory. 'I still have time, so I can spare my time to make a short speech.'

Jasmine planned to hold a ceremony to greet the new ruler, and he must show his face and speak to his people. It was just another formality that could not be avoided as an Emperor. It was a hassle, but it was a must. It would be weird if his people did not know the face of the Emperor.

"Mnnn~" The girl who was sleeping on his chest was moving. The limped little Shaoyang immediately went straight as it was still inside Jasmine. Yes, Jasmine was sleeping right above him, and Ava slept next to him. Sensing the thing inside her getting bigger, Jasmine slowly opened her eyes and looked at Tang Shaoyang.

Her breathing was slightly hurried, and her cheeks reddened. She was almost in her mid-thirties, but she maintained her purity as the Queen of the Malecia Kingdom. Last night was her first night, so she was still shy about it. Despite her embarrassment from losing control, she still moved on her own.

Tang Shaoyang sensed her movement as she moved her hip up and down. The hurried breathing turned into a moan as Jasmine completely sat above Tang Shaoyang. She had learned her lesson last night, and she moved on her own without guidance. He also sat up and buried his head onto her breasts.

I wenty minutes later, both reached climax. Jasmine closed her eyes as she made a satisfied look on her face. She could feel that he was being filled inside, warming her up. Ava stood on the bed and hugged the satisfied Jasmine from behind. "Now it's my turn." The former Elven Queen was woken by their morning activity, so she wanted her share for the morning.

Jasmine nodded and moved to the side as Ava replaced her position. Instead of looking away, Jasmine intended to watch them. As a newbie in this field, she wanted to watch for learning purposes. Watching Ava making out with the Emperor, she realized their difference. Ava was wilder than her as they changed into various positions.

After being on top, Ava crawled on four and let The Emperor rammed her from behind. Jasmine observed Ava's expression and each position, Ava would make a different expression as well. From this, Jasmine learned that positions mattered. After that, they flipped their position with Ava's back on The Emperor's chest, and The Emperor held the former Elven Queen's thigh, moving her up and down from that position.

Jasmine never thought that they could do it in that position. That position just never crossed in her mind. As their private parts exposed to her, Jasmine could see directly that the former Elven Queen was being filled up. The white liquid overflowed from the private region and fell to the bed sheet.

'I have to get rid of the bedsheet before a strange rumor about me spreads to my people.' Jasmine took another note. She thought the couple was done, but she was wrong about it. To her surprise, The Emperor brought Ava close to the glass door to the balcony. He opened the curtain, and they continued there.

Ava was holding onto the door while the Emperor pushed her from behind. Jasmine subconsciously placed her hand on her private region. She felt a little bit sore from last night and just now, but she did not think Ava could last longer than her. 'I guess she has more experience than me… Wait a minute… Doesn't Ava has a husband?'

Jasmine realized something off immediately upon realizing Ava's actual status. She had her eyes widened in shock upon realization, 'She did tell me that her husband becomes the Emperor's battle slave to save their son's life, but…' The idea of trading her body for her Uncle's Family came from Ava, and then she realized what had happened. 'Did she give up her body for her husband's life too?'

Jasmine then looked at Ava's face, and that face did not reflect someone sacrificing her body for the others. From her perspective, Ava enjoyed the affair, and it was more personal instead of sacrifice. 'Haha…' Jasmine laughed by herself, ridiculing herself for judging Ava. It was not like she did not understand how good the Emperor was. She was not in the position to judge Ava.

They finished the morning activity an hour later, and Jasmine immediately scheduled for the Emperor's speech, announcing the new ruler to her people in the Capital… She planned to make a festival to welcome Tang Shaoyang, but the latter came to pick her up for the oath.

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