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«Archean Eon Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 716: Rejection

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Chapter 716: Rejection

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Celestial Thearch Myriad Star had quite a long lifespan left at his level. He naturally wanted to take that one last step to become a true Eighth Tribulation Eminence! By jumping out of the River of Spacetime and taking in the changes in spacetime, he could make the time flow in his body almost stop. A moment in his body would be a billion years or even longer in the outside world… Just the thought of it made Celestial Thearch Myriad Star yearn for it.

Although he was a half-step Eighth Tribulation Eminence, he was ultimately a Seventh Tribulation Eminence. He could only live for hundreds of thousands of years, and he couldn’t jump out of the River of Spacetime’s restraints; he was ultimately a big fish in the river.

If I carry out the second plan in the future, Meng Chuan and White Avian will probably be my greatest threats, thought Celestial Thearch Myriad Star.

He was very careful when devouring middle-level worlds.

In history, there were more than one million middle-level inhabited worlds that had historically produced Seventh Tribulation Eminences! Many of the countless treasures in the universe’s history were in these middle-level inhabited worlds’ treasuries.

Celestial Thearch Myriad Star chose to attack the aging middle-level inhabited worlds. This was because aging was… closer to a form of natural annihilation. However, Celestial Thearch Myriad Star had long destroyed over 100 middle-level inhabited worlds. Three of them were homeworlds of half-step Eighth Tribulation Eminences. The wealth he obtained was still astonishing.

Over 100 medium-sized worlds had been destroyed. All of them were homeworlds that had given birth to Seventh Tribulation Eminences. Regardless of how old they were, it was still very abnormal for them to be consecutively destroyed over tens of thousands of years.

Hall Lord White Avian, Realm Ancestor, and the other powerful factions had long realized that something was amiss. They were wary of Celestial Thearch Myriad Star.

I’m very careful. They don’t have any evidence to prove that my subordinate did it. However, devouring a middle-level world is ultimately a huge taboo. If I go too far… they’ll report it to an Eighth Tribulation Eminence. It’s very likely that an Eighth Tribulation Eminence with a strong sense of justice will take action. In fact, Celestial Thearch Myriad Star wasn’t afraid of any present-day existence. Even Hall Lord White Avian was only on par with him. He was only afraid of the Eighth Tribulation Eminences that hadn’t appeared in this period.

Eighth Tribulation Eminences had different personalities. However, there was no doubt that they had one thing in common—their time was precious, and they couldn’t be disturbed.

For example, Dragon Ancestor. Even if one was a member of the Dragon race, they had to be a Seventh Tribulation dragon before he would pay attention to them. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the time to pay attention to them. As long as it wasn’t something that shook the dragons’ foundation, the entire River of Spacetime’s foundation, or something that involved his cultivation, Dragon Ancestor wouldn’t appear.

Even if the entire universe was in excessive skirmishes and 99% of the cultivators died, it was only an era. What was it to Dragon Ancestor?

For example, Black Fiend Hall’s owner, Fiend Mountain’s owner, and so on were more self-centered. They didn’t have any sense of justice.

Thankfully, it’s very difficult to contact an Eighth Tribulation Eminence. Even the dragon clan leader can’t easily disturb their Ancestor, thought Celestial Thearch Myriad Star. As long as I’m careful and don’t make them feel the pain, an Eighth Tribulation Eminence shouldn’t appear in this era.

Even though he knew that it was a taboo to devour middle-level inhabited worlds, Celestial Thearch Myriad Star still wasn’t willing to give up. This was because it was too easy to obtain treasures through such means.

Having sufficient treasures was also a resource for his cultivation!

There’s also that Fiend Mountain owner. It’s no wonder he wants to collect Life Cores so badly. Life Cores are too helpful for cultivation. Celestial Thearch Myriad Star’s eyes were filled with desire. Unfortunately, there are too few Seventh Tribulation forbidden creatures. Almost all the Seventh Tribulation forbidden creature Life Cores in history have fallen into the hands of Fiend Mountain’s owner. In this era, I’ve only managed to obtain eight Life Cores after trying everything I can. The few Seventh Tribulation forbidden creatures that are still alive in the Chaos Turbid River are even more cunning and cautious.

Eight Life Cores. I reserved three to have them devour a middle-level world under my control. I can only use five of them. That’s too few.

Celestial Thearch Myriad Star didn’t dare to buy the Life Cores publicly. This was because there was only one existence in the entire River of Spacetime that publicly bought Seventh Tribulation Life Cores—Fiend Mountain’s owner!

If he dared to buy them publicly and caused Fiend Mountain’s owner to descend in this period, what should he do? The strength of Fiend Mountain’s owner was ranked in the top few among the dozens of Eighth Tribulation Eminences in the River of Spacetime’s history. He was definitely not someone a half-step Eighth Tribulation Eminence could provoke.

I have to be careful and take it slow. Celestial Thearch Myriad Star was very patient.

Planet Blackjade.

After Meng Chuan completely refined Blackjade’s array formation, Realm Ancestor left.

Planet Blackjade. Meng Chuan stood in front of his cave abode and looked at the planet beneath his feet. He was in a good mood. The endless production of Blackjade Crystal Sand here shall be Archean Eon Realm’s heritage.

Meng Chuan only needed time to accumulate treasures that weren’t inferior to Ancestral Master Archean Eon’s. Of course, they couldn’t be comparable to the single Eternal treasure.


Suddenly, a blurry figure descended.

An old, gray-robed farmer appeared on Planet Blackjade as he smiled at Meng Chuan.

Celestial Thearch Myriad Star. Meng Chuan naturally recognized the other party. The other party had only sent an embodiment. He didn’t have a true body, so he posed no threat. If his true body wanted to enter, Meng Chuan probably would’ve immediately activated Blackjade’s array formation to stop him.

“In this era, you are indeed the most suitable person to manage Planet Blackjade,” said Celestial Thearch Myriad Star with a smile. “If I were Realm Ancestor, I also would’ve given it to you.”

“You flatter me, Celestial Thearch. What brings you here today?” asked Meng Chuan politely.

“As you know, the two greatest factions in the River of Spacetime are Six Directions Heaven and White Avian Hall,” said Celestial Thearch Myriad Star with a smile. “Although Origin Realm is also rather active, it doesn’t affect Six Directions Heaven and White Avian Hall much.”

Meng Chuan also knew that.

Origin Realm couldn’t snatch the core places.

“Six Directions Heaven and White Avian Hall have been fighting for a long time. Furthermore, I’m afraid this fight will continue far into the future,” said Celestial Thearch Myriad Star. “White Avian Hall’s resources and treasures mainly fall into Hall Lord’s hands. You other Seventh Tribulation Eminences can only share a portion of the credit. Since that’s the case… why do you have to risk your lives? For example, Lord of the East Abyss, Lord of Shadows, Palace Lord Food God, and Sect Master Mental Demon… Although they are also members of White Avian Hall, they are only in an alliance with White Avian Hall. They won’t be the vanguard at the front line.”

“What do you mean, Celestial Thearch?” Meng Chuan looked at him.

“I hope that you just help White Avian Hall a little, just like how Palace Lord Food God, Sect Master Mental Demon, and Lord of Shadows do. There’s no need to risk your life for it,” said Celestial Thearch Myriad Star.

Meng Chuan understood what the other party was getting at. There was indeed a huge difference between an Essence Soul Seventh Tribulation Eminence that was fighting with all their might and an Essence Soul Seventh Tribulation Eminence who was slacking.

“Six Directions Heaven and White Avian Hall are opponents, but there’s no conflict between us. We can even be good friends; don’t you think so?” Celestial Thearch Myriad Star smiled. “I’ve always been generous to good friends.”


Celestial Thearch Myriad Star waved his hand, and a treasure appeared across spacetime. It was a palm-sized golden ring.

“This is a World Loop,” said Celestial Thearch Myriad Star with a smile. “It’s a rare treasure suitable for an Essence Soul Seventh Tribulation Eminence. It was refined with materials left behind by a Chaos Lord. Furthermore, it uses the Chaos Hole law as a catalyst. With this, it can absorb enemies and store them in the World Loop. It can also be used to cast illusions…

“When a World Loop descends, it will trap enemies in an illusion. This rare treasure is worth about ten million cubes. It’s very useful for you to study an Essence Soul World’s structure and the spacetime laws.”

Materials left behind by a Chaos Lord? With Meng Chuan’s status, he knew the difference between a Seventh Tribulation forbidden creature and a Chaos Lord! A Chaos Lord was an Eighth Tribulation forbidden creature. Any of the materials they left behind were extremely valuable. Furthermore, they contained all sorts of magical powers.

“Celestial Thearch, you sure are generous,” said Meng Chuan.

“There’s no need for you to do anything. All you need to do is agree to be an ordinary member of White Avian Hall like Palace Lord Food God. Hall Lord White Avian can’t force you to do your best for him, right?” said Celestial Thearch Myriad Star.

“I’m indebted to Hall Lord, so I can only let you down,” said Meng Chuan directly.

Celestial Thearch Myriad Star Star smiled and shook his head gently. “I didn’t stop you from being good friends with Hall Lord White Avian. You are good friends with him, just like me.”

Meng Chuan didn’t say a word. When he was at the Sixth Tribulation realm, Hall Lord White Avian had given him precious treasures. Having accepted the gifts, he couldn’t let Hall Lord White Avian down.

Now that he was at the Seventh Tribulation realm, he wasn’t lacking what Celestial Thearch Myriad Star had to offer.

“How about this? I don’t care what you do in White Avian Hall. Even if you fight the Six Directions Heaven for it… I don’t care.” Celestial Thearch Myriad Star smiled at Meng Chuan. “I’m giving you a gift just to make you my friend.”

“A gift accepted spells the formation of karma.” Meng Chuan shook his head and said, “I’m indebted to Hall Lord. If I receive such a great gift from you today, I’m afraid I’ll let Hall Lord down in the future.”

Treasures moved people’s hearts, but it also implied karma. The more valuable the treasure, the greater the karma.

Since he had chosen to accept Hall Lord White Avian’s gifts, he definitely couldn’t accept the gifts from the enemy’s leader.

“Eastcalm.” Celestial Thearch Myriad Star glanced at Meng Chuan. “You are truly a loyal person.”

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