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«Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 1273: Vomiting Blood Out Of Depression

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Chapter 1273: Vomiting Blood Out Of Depression

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“What? They want me to return the slaves?” Grina flew into a rage immediately. ”What’s so great about the Illuminati? Are they really going to fall out with me for the sake of that Tower of Dusk!?’

At this moment, the Four Divine Generals also understood what was going on. They didn’t think that the Illuminati would really be willing to offend the Giant Shark Clan, which was the leader of the seven hegemons of the sea, just for the sake of the Tower of Dusk.

“Prince, why don’t we go out and take a look? Maybe it’s just someone from the Illuminati who got bribed by the Tower of Dusk, and came here to persuade us,” Divine General Zorro said with a look of disdain. Although the Illuminati was a powerful force in the Endless Ocean, it didn’t mean that everyone in the Illuminati would suppress others using the power of the Illuminati.

Grina had also thought of that point. Hence, he waved his hand nonchalantly, and said, “Alright, go check it out. Show the Illuminati some basic respect and send them away, don’t let things blow out of proportion.”

“Rest assured, Prince!” Zorro said and bowed before walking away with the guard.

With Zorro, a Sanctuary-level Divine General, Grina believed that the Illuminati would back off after knowing that it would be difficult to convince them… Thus, he started thinking about the seahorse slaves again.

However, just a few minutes later, Grina suddenly felt that the entire underwater castle was trembling violently, as if there was a volcano below the castle that was about to erupt.

The guard who led Zorro out stumbled over, and loudly exclaimed, “Prince, Divine General Zorro has been captured by the people from the Illuminati. They said that they will throw this castle into the sky unless we hand over those slaves!”

Although the strength of the Four Divine Generals was in the lower tier, they were ultimately real Sanctuary powerhouses. Zorro had only gone out for a few minutes, and yet he had already gotten captured. How strong must the other party be? Grina was dumbfounded. While trying to stabilize his body, he asked, “Who exactly is the person who came?”

“It’s Saint Edmund of the Illuminati!” the guard answered stammeringly.

Although Grina was a prince of the Giant Shark Clan, he was still shocked by Saint Edmund’s identity. He initially thought that the person who came should be someone from the Illuminati who had been bribed by the Tower of Dusk, and was here to ask him to hand the seahorse slaves over as a lobbyist. In that case, it would mean that the representative of the Illuminati definitely didn’t have a high status, and could not really represent them.

In fact, not to mention an Illuminati member of ordinary status, even if it was someone who was of the same status as Elder Zumar, Grina definitely would dare to completely disregard him. However, Saint Edmund was different. As one of the four greatest saints of the Illuminati, Edmund was definitely qualified to represent the Illuminati. If Grina disregarded Edmund, he would really be disrespecting the Illuminati.

That made Grina feel incredibly indignant and resentful. Not only had the Gilded Kingdom shown favoritism towards the Tower of Dusk previously, now even the Illuminati was getting involved and taking the Tower of Dusk’s side. What’s the big deal with that tiny Tower of Dusk? They’re just a nameless force no one heard of. So what if their president is at the Sanctuary-realm? So what if he can create a Guru-level mageweath scroll? Must the Gilded Kingdom and the Illuminati go to such great lengths to suck up to them!?

However, before Grina could think of a countermeasure to deal with the matter, he suddenly felt the castle shaking violently again. At this point, the castle disintegrated and broke apart like a waterlogged sand sculpture. Be it the sturdy deep-sea gemstones or precious magical metals, they all seemed to have broken down into extremely small particles by a certain force in an instant.

With the collapse of the castle, everyone in the castle, including Grina, was naturally exposed to the outside immediately.

That made the Giant Shark Clan dumbfounded. Although the underwater castle wasn’t the palace of the Giant Shark Clan, it still represented their status and pride. Besides, as the prince of the Giant Shark Clan, Grina was here as a representative of the Giant Shark Clan. Hence, insulting him would be tantamount to insulting the Giant Shark Clan.

Now that the castle was gone, there was naturally no need for his guard to relay the message, because Grina and the others who were in the castle immediately saw Saint Edmund.

The three Divine Generals around Grina immediately roared in unison, and pounced onto Saint Edmund. Although Saint Edmund of the Illuminati had a great reputation as a veteran Sanctuary powerhouse in the Endless Ocean, he seldom fought with anyone in the past thousand years. In the opinion of the three Divine Generals of the Giant Shark Clan, since they were all Sanctuary powerhouses, their strength shouldn’t be too far off from Saint Edmund’s, even if they might be at a lower level than the latter.

However, before the three Divine Generals of the Giant Shark Clan could get close to Edmund, they saw three huge palms emerging from the void and smacking all three of them to the ground immediately. Regardless of how they tried to struggle and release their power, they still couldn’t break free from the palms.

The three Sanctuary powerhouses were defeated by Edmund before they even had the chance to exchange blows with him. Including Zorro who had been captured just now, the Four Divine Generals that Grina relied on were beaten up into a pulp and rendered defenseless. No one would believe that the four of them were Sanctuary powerhouses.

Looking at Saint Edmund who was opposite him, Grina’s face was incredibly sullen. His castle had been destroyed, and the Four Divine Generals were now in such a wretched state. Saint Edmund showed no mercy at all!

“Saint Edmund, when all’s said and done, the Giant Shark Clan and the Illuminati have been cooperating for more than 1,000 years. You’ve gone overboard with your actions!” Although Grina was a bit timid, he was still the prince of the Giant Shark Clan, so he had to say something to preserve his pride.

However, since Saint Edmund had demolished Grina’s castle, he naturally didn’t intend to save him from any embarrassment. He humphed coldly, and said, “Grina, I’ve already shown you enough respect by asking you to hand the slaves over. If someone else had come over instead, you might not have been alive now.”

Grina was still trying to put up a strong front, but when he felt the aura emanating from Saint Edmund, he was not only incapable of speech, he was even almost pressed onto the ground. He felt extremely depressed and perturbed as he didn’t expect Edmund to have a similar stand as the Gilded Kingdom. Do they really value Felic of the Tower of Dusk so greatly?

Grina simply couldn’t figure out what was going on with the Gilded Kingdom and the Illuminati, but Saint Edmund wasn’t in the mood to explain. The castle had already collapsed, and everyone including the seahorse slaves had naturally been exposed. Edmund didn’t say anything else, and simply waved his hand, after which a gigantic palm emerged from the void to grab all the seahorse slaves.

After glancing at Grina coldly, Edmund said in a deep voice, “Grina, you’d better not mess with President Felic for the sake of the Giant Shark Clan. Otherwise, I might not be able to save you again next time!” After saying that, he took those seahorse slaves with him and left.

Hearing Edmund’s words, Grina was so depressed that he almost vomited blood. So he came to destroy my castle and snatch the slaves while putting me to shame just to save me? How can there be such a thing in this world!?

However, even if Grina was feeling indignant, he couldn’t think of a good way to take revenge at this point. As the prince of the Giant Shark Clan, he naturally knew to judge the situation and choose his battles wisely. Now that the Gilded Kingdom and Illuminati were clearly trying to protect the Tower of Dusk, he would get himself in more trouble if he insisted on going against the Tower of Dusk. If he were to end up offending the Gilded Kingdom and the Illuminati, he wouldn’t be able to answer to his father and the elders. He might even lose his position.

After thinking about it, Grina had no choice but to suppress his resentment, and turned to the Four Divine Generals who had walked up to him as he said, “Get to the bottom of this matter, and find out the intentions of Gilded Kingdom and the Illuminati, regardless of what it takes.”

“Yes,” the Four Divine Generals answered awkwardly.

On the other hand, after snatching the seahorse slaves, Edmund brought them directly to the embassy of the Tower of Dusk. Although he seemed to have gone overboard with Grina, he knew that he was indeed saving Grina and the Giant Shark Clan.

Edmund could still remember clearly how Lin Li waved his hand to destroy a god in front of the rift on the Cursed Island. Even though that god was somehow only at the demigod-level, he was still considered a nearly invincible existence to normal Sanctuary powerhouses.

The Four Divine Generals of the Giant Shark Clan were all Sanctuary powerhouses, but they couldn’t even last a single round against Saint Edmund. The difference in their strength was worlds apart. Although Edmund was still unaware of how strong Lin Li was now, he could at least guess that Lin Li was probably unbeatable in the Sanctuary-realm.

Hence, Edmund had no doubt that if Lin Li came to confront Grina instead, the consequences would never be as simple as destroying Grina’s castle and insulting the Giant Shark Clan. Perhaps Grina and the Four Divine Generals of the Giant Shark Clan would die here.

When Edmund brought the seahorse slaves to the embassy of the Tower of Dusk, Lin Li was having a meeting with some guests from the Octopus Clan.

After learning about Lin Li’s attainments in the field of inscription, Great Monarch Hegel and Grand Elder Hayes of the Octopus Clan became even more determined to get on good terms with him, the human Guru of Inscription. In fact, when Lin Li was away on the Cursed Island, they would show up at the embassy once every two or three days to ask if Lin Li had returned yet.

That was exactly the reason that Hayes and Hegel immediately paid Lin Li a visit as soon as he returned to the embassy. Of course, Harquess, the prince of the Octopus Clan, had also tagged along. After all, he was the first to interact with Lin Li, even though the encounter wasn’t exactly pleasant.

Harquess’ face was clearly sullen. Previously, he had been procrastinating in apologizing to Lin Li, but his father and Grand Elder Hayes eventually found out anyway. As a result, he ended up being reprimanded by his father and the few other elders. Hence, he still felt like their scoldings were ringing in his ears.

However, Harquess did not resent Lin Li for it, and he now even seemed ashamed, awkward, and guilty. In the past, he might have really put the blame on Lin Li, but now he was already well aware of how shockingly accomplished Lin Li was in the field of inscription. It probably wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that he was in awe of Lin Li.

Harquess stood in front of Lin Li, and said in a sincere tone, “Master Felic, it was my fault for offending you multiple times previously. I hope you can forgive me.”

Lin Li had always preferred a softer approach when dealing with a conflict. Besides, Harquess hadn’t gone particularly overboard, so Lin Li merely waved his hand nonchalantly, and said, “Save the apology. It’s just an exchange of inscription knowledge, it’s no big deal.”

Everyone knew that competent and capable people were generally ill-tempered. Besides, the things that Lin Li had done in the Gilded Kingdom before seemed to prove that point too. Hence, the Octopus Clan had come prepared to incur a huge monetary loss, and had even braced themselves for Harquess to suffer a little. For them, as long as they could get on good terms with Lin Li, a Guru of Inscription, it would definitely be worth it even if he had to pay a huge price.

However, instead of making things difficult for them, Lin Li chose not to put the Octopus Clan down to shame, and even showed them due respect, which was to their pleasure. Putting aside the minor conflict, Lin Li’s conversation with the Octopus Clan immediately became much more enjoyable. After all, they didn’t have a strong feud with each other in the first place.

At this juncture, someone came in to report that Saint Edmund of the Illuminati had returned the seahorse slaves whom the Giant Shark Clan had forcibly snatched away previously.

Lin Li couldn’t help but smile after hearing this news. Naturally, he could guess why Saint Edmund stood up for him and got the slaves back on his behalf. However, he didn’t blame Edmund for it. Anyway, regardless of who had done it, he was satisfied that the seahorse slaves had returned unharmed. As for Grina of the Giant Shark Clan, he was just a nobody to Lin Li, so Lin Li wouldn’t really bear a grudge over this matter.

Out of courtesy, Lin Li excused himself from the few Octopus Clan members, and went outside to receive Saint Edmund.

Watching Lin Li leave, Hegel and Grand Elder Hayes couldn’t help but look at each other. They could already tell from this matter regarding Edmund how much the Illuminati valued Lin Li. For the sake of getting the seahorse slaves back for the Tower of Dusk, Saint Edmund, one of the four greatest saints of the Illuminati, had even intervened personally. That was enough to show the Illuminati’s firm decision to stand on Lin Li’s side.

At this moment, Lin Li headed outside the embassy, and saw Edmund, who had brought the seahorse slaves over.

Edmund was in fact a little worried. Given how much Lin Li detested being taken advantage of, Lin Li might blame him for resolving this matter in case Lin Li was trying to take this opportunity to teach Grina a lesson. Hence, when Edmund saw Lin Li, he immediately smilingly said, “President Felic, I hope you won’t mind the fact that I have taken matters into my own hand to bring those slaves back to you.”


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