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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 1356 Love Triangle

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Chapter 1356 Love Triangle

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“Situ Lin, what are you playing at?” Li Ruotong shouted immediately.

Situ Lin pointed at Ding Ping, and said, “Who does this brat think he is? He is just an outsider, a minor character that is merely in the Mountain River Tier! And you actually dare to be so close with him? What position are you placing me in?”

Tsk, this looked like a love triangle.

Ling Han and the others did not speak. This was a matter that was best left to the people involved to settle themselves.

“What business is it of yours who I am with?” Li Ruotong was also furious.

Situ Lin suppressed his anger, and patiently asked, “Could it be that you don’t know that our two clans have the intention to match us together?”

“So what? I don’t like you at all!” Li Ruotong declared resolutely.

Situ Lin burst into anger, and exclaimed, “What part of me is worse than him? In terms of cultivation talent, my bloodline is the purest in the last million years of our Situ Clan; how could this brat compare to that? In terms of cultivation level, I am already in the high extreme of the Sun Moon Tier, and how is that not millions and millions of times stronger than him? In terms of background, even my finger is thousands of times nobler than him! In terms of looks, I am handsome and dashing, whereas he is just ordinary and average!”


Hearing his final words, Ling Han and the others could not help but splutter in laughter.

‘Sorry, you are too fierce-looking, and still dare boast that you are incredibly handsome. This was really a little funny.’

As it happened, Jiang Yuefeng was very sarcastic. Forcibly suppressing his emotions, said, “It’s quite all right. His skin is just a little blue; he doesn’t have much green on his head[1]!”

“Damn you!” Situ Lin was furious, and shot out a punch at Jiang Yuefeng. A circular divine pattern had formed on his fist, shining brilliantly.

Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden moved, and with a soft tap, pa, the divine pattern immediately collapsed.

She was at the peak stage of the pinnacle level of the Sun Moon Tier, stronger than Situ Lin by who knew how many times.

“Missus is formidable!” Jiang Yuefeng immediately raised his hands and cheered.

Situ Lin’s eyes involuntarily narrowed, yet a bewitched expression also appeared on his face. This woman was very strong, but also very beautiful. He felt wary, but at the same time felt his heartbeat quicken. He withdrew his hand, and swept an eye over the group, asking, “Do you all plan to start a war with the Situ Clan?”

“Situ Lin, you are still unqualified to represent the whole Situ Clan!” Li Ruotong exclaimed immediately.

Situ Lin humphed, and retorted, “The union between the two of us is the wish of the elders of both clans, yet you are now fooling around with this brat. This would not only drive the Situ Clan into fury, but even the Li Clan… would not support your side!”

Li Ruotong’s expression shifted slightly. The clan indeed wished to betroth her to Situ Lin, and had given her much mental counselling, yet she had always rejected them resolutely. But now that she had pledged herself to Ding Ping without any of their approval, the elders of the clan would definitely be furious if this was known to them.

“It’s fine. Even if the sky collapsed, I will be able to hold it up,” Ling Han finally interrupted, and said, “Since you are now together with Ding Ping, you can also be considered my disciple. Here, this is a gift to celebrate our first meeting.” With a flick of his finger, a pill vial flew towards Li Ruotong.

Involuntarily, Li Ruotong caught hold of the pill vial. She felt as if the words Ling Han spoke had a supreme will interlaced within them, and she could only obey. This gave her a shock because while she knew that Ding Ping’s natural talent was outstanding, she had never thought that his master would also be very powerful.

She opened the vial, and poured out a blood-colored alchemical pill that was covered with divine patterns. The moment the alchemical pill appeared, it actually began to spin, wanting to flee out of her grip.


At first, Li Ruotong had not thought that Ling Han would be giving her any Divine Pill, but as a noble daughter of the Li Clan, she still had the ability to make discerning judgement. This alchemical pill was about to gain a will of its own!

Usually, only alchemical pills that were at least Level 10 and above had the possibility of gaining a consciousness of their own, but it was not impossible for alchemical pills below Level 10, either. However, this would have to be a Saint PIll in its grade, and only then could it possibly nurture out a consciousness.

The medicinal effects of this kind of alchemical pill would not decline as time passed. On the contrary, because it had developed a consciousness of its own, it possessed its own life and vitality, and would be able to absorb the essence of the heaven and earth, making the medicinal effects even stronger.

If an even longer time passed, the alchemical pill would be even be capable of taking human form and stepping onto the path of cultivation. It was not impossible for it to become an elite in its own right, either.

“A Berserk Blood Spirit Pill!” Her discerning ability was extraordinary. She immediately recognized this alchemical pill, and she was overjoyed at this. This could possibly allow her to save 10,000 years’ time of cultivation.

“What?!” Situ Lin was also extremely stunned. The Berserk Blood Spirit Pill has always had no lack of buyers, but with no one willing to sell. Even he had only heard of this kind of Divine Pill, yet had never had the opportunity to ingest one.

If he had a few Divine Pills like this, he would have been able to reach the peak stage of the Sun Moon Tier a few hundreds of thousands years earlier, and have more time to attempt breaking through to the Heavenly Body Tier.

Li Ruotong was both stunned and ecstatic. She held onto the alchemical pill, not knowing what to say.

“Quick, thank my master.” Ding Ping elbowed her gently.

“Many thanks for the gift, Master!” Li Ruotong hurriedly bowed fully.

Ling Han waved her off dismissively. As the Alchemy Emperor, and with a treasure like the Black Tower, the least of his concerns were alchemical pills.

Situ Lin’s eyes turned and focused on Ling Han.

A billion True Origin Stones, and casually tossing out a Berserk Blood Spirit Pill, added with the hatred from having his betrothed snatched from him, caused his killing intent to boil.

“Humph!” He turned and left.

Presently, he was weak on his own. Even if it was just Li Ruotong, he might not be able to handle her, what more when there was that exquisite beauty whose abilities were superior to his. If he chose to make a move, that would be the action of an idiot.

“Don’t mind him. When the auction ends, we will leave this place,” Ling Han said calmly. Though he was still only in the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier, he might still have the ability to put up a fight even against an opponent in the peak stage of the Heavenly Body Tier.

The important thing now was the Highest Jade Essence Heart. This was what he had promised Old Man Xu, and he was not a person that would go back on his word.

Since they still had time, Ling Han studied new pill recipes. Now that he was now in the Heavenly Body Tier, he had also extended the maximum limit of refining alchemical pills. He could now concoct Level 9 to Level 12 alchemical pills.

On the other side, he took out that bottle of spiritual liquid from the Stone Emperor and added a large amount of precious herbs, causing its effects to become even more outstanding.

This could greatly increase cultivation level, though it was not as amazing as the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill. However, it should be known that he was now in the Heavenly Body Tier, and increasing a minor level would add another 10,000,000 years to his lifespan. Correspondingly, increasing his cultivation level had also become incredibly slow.

After all, this was the Immortal Realm, not the Celestial Realm. There were no methods that could be so nature-defying.

Ling Han did not rush things. His lifespan was still incredibly long, and taking it step by step to strengthen his foundations of every cultivation level to the maximum and establish a sturdy dao foundation would qualify him to compete with the great prodigies of the Celestial Realm once he managed to make his way there.

The Stone Emperor was a descendant of Rock Spirits, and had a pure bloodline. Thus, the spiritual liquid extracted from his body was also extremely nutritious, involuntarily causing Ling Han to feel much longing. Should he look for this friend of his in advance and have the latter supply a little more spiritual liquid?

But he quickly shook his head. If this was found out by the Stone Emperor’s old man, he would probably be beaten into pulp.

In these 10 days, Ling Han’s cultivation level advanced steadily, but he was still very far from the middle stage of the low extreme.

And presently, the auction was finally about to begin.


The Situ Clan Residence.

Situ Lin was respectfully accompanying a young man. This was an esteemed guest. If it wasn’t because there was an auction for the Highest Jade Essence Heart being held in this place, he could not possibly have been tempted to come here, and the Situ Clan had also paid a very heavy price to attain the right to entertain this noble guest.

If Ling Han was present, he would have been able to recognize with a single look that this so-called noble guest was Zhao Ku.

“Young Master Ku, I saw a beauty a few days ago. She is exquisitely beautiful, and can be considered an unprecedented beauty!” Situ Lin smirked cunningly. He wanted to lure Zhao Ku over to Ling Han. This pervert would definitely have designs on the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and with that, conflict would definitely arise between Zhao Ku and Ling Han.

[1] When a man is said to be having green on his head, especially when it’s a green hat, it means that his wife/girlfriend has cheated on him.

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