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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 2613: Breaking through to the Fifth Heaven

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Chapter 2613: Breaking through to the Fifth Heaven

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Thunderclouds rolled out, and the heavenly tribulation was about to arrive. Lightning flashed within the thunderclouds, exuding a frightening aura that would strike fear even into the heart of a Seventh Heaven Celestial King.

Luo Fuming paled in shock. Ling Han was actually going to undergo a tribulation at this moment?

This young man’s strength was extremely powerful. As a Fourth Heaven King Tier, he was capable of matching Seventh Heaven, and now he was going to undergo the great tribulation of the Fifth Heaven. Would the might of the tribulation be comparable to the Eighth Heaven?

Clang, the first bolt of divine lightning had already descended.

Ling Han was unafraid, and charged forwards with his fists raised.

Lightning struck his iron fists, and the Regulations of Lightning exploded, creating boundless flashes of lightning, as if an ocean of lightning had been spilt. It was extremely terrifying.

Dumbfounded, Luo Fuming was watching in shock. Though he knew that Ling Han was very strong, the fact that the latter was strong to this extent still struck him dumb with astonishment. He could not believe it.

That was because Luo Fuming knew that it might be that he himself could bear this kind of tribulation, but he would definitely have to pay a massive price for doing so. Even if he was not severely injured, he definitely couldn’t take the second blow and be completely unscathed a second time.

But would a tribulation have only a single strike?

It would barrage one for a whole day!

Indeed, Luo Fuming had cultivated a secret technique, so his battle prowess had soared greatly, but that was when his target was other beings. If one used spiritual attacks on a tribulation, would the tribulation slow down even for the slightest instant?

Hence, when faced with a heavenly tribulation, he was actually still the original Seventh Heaven Luo Fuming, without the slightest improvement.

This kind of might from the heaven and earth made him tremble. Even if he was a Celestial King, and was the same level as Regulations.

How could he dare to make another move? To say nothing of whether the might of the tribulation would be magnified due to his cultivation level after he was pulled into the tribulation, even if it was exactly the same, his only fate would definitely still be death.

“How is this brat so freakish?” he mumbled, his expression extremely ugly.

And in the surroundings, everyone was similarly popping their eyes out in shock.

“Heavens, what have I seen!”

“A Fourth Heaven Celestial King is actually capable of matching a Seventh Heaven great elite!”

“Moreover, he is even breaking through in the midst of battle.”

“The might of this tribulation is too terrifying, isn’t it? Why does it give me the feeling of a Ninth Heaven Tribulation?”

In the thunderclouds, Ling Han was battling the tribulation intensely.

To him, a tribulation was not hard to undergo. Thus, he drew the Divine Demon Sword, and being tempered by the tribulation, he drew this terrifying lightning into the body of his sword. It could allow the Divine Demon Sword to gain the power of lightning, and it was possible that the Divine Demon Sword would be able to unleash the might of Eighth Heaven.

This naturally was extremely difficult. How could the power of heaven and earth be stolen?

Yet Ling Han was unconcerned. He was going to undergo a heavenly tribulation anyways, so even if there was just a single bit of benefit, that would still be pure profit.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The heavenly tribulation struck down endlessly, every single lightning bolt seemingly capable of crushing Ling Han into dust, but in truth, it was all unsuccessful attempts.

Luo Fuming hesitated. Should he stay here and continue to wait until Ling Han had finished undergoing his heavenly tribulation, or should he leave immediately?

Leave? He was not satisfied with that. The enemy who had killed his son was right in front of him, and he previously had also gotten the absolute upper hand in terms of battle prowess. But if he didn’t, what if Ling Han finished undergoing the heavenly tribulation, and his battle prowess spiked, so he turned the tables to kill Luo Fuming instead?

Hence, Luo Fuming was very hesitant, conflicted between two difficult choices.

After hesitating for a very long time, his expression finally became determined. He had decided to stay.

Firstly, Luo Fuming wanted to avenge his son, and secondly, Ling Han definitely had to be hiding some extremely great secret. Otherwise, there was no way he could be so strong. Luo Fuming was determined to snatch this secret for himself!

…If this had been before he’d entered into the Ancient Tomb, perhaps he would have chosen evasion as his best option. While strength was indeed great, his life was clearly more important. But now, he was affected by the black Qi, and his greed could no longer be contained.

Moreover, he had absolute belief in the might of the spiritual attack, and thought that once he used this move, Ling Han would definitely end up like how he had previously—pummeled heavily and mercilessly.

He sat quietly on the sidelines, recovering to his strongest condition. At the same time, he was also building power up for his strongest attack.

Now, he completely had the initiative. Attack was only the matter of a single thought for him. He had more than enough time to prepare for a powerful move.

His strongest move was the three Evil Bone Needles. He would need to prepare for more than 10 breaths’ time just to shoot out a single needle. In a battle of equal power, what time would he have to prepare for this attack? But now, not only could he shoot out the Evil Bone Needle, he could even shoot out all three of them.

Luo Fuming couldn’t help but show a hint of pity in his expression. He had obtained these three Evil Bone Needles in an ancient site before he had entered the Celestial King Graveyard. They were extremely valuable, and had astonishing destructive power. He had also used them to assassinate several Celestial Kings whose cultivation level surpassed his, but every time he used them, a few more cracks would appear on the Evil Bone Needles. He would probably only be able to use them one last time.

This pity only flashed past on his face, and Luo Fuming quickly steadied his resolve. As long as he killed Ling Han, what he would gain would far surpass the value of three Evil Bone Needles. To speak of nothing else, merely the Celestial Tool that this brat had was worth the sacrifice.

Time passed quietly, and a day’s time was just about to be over.

Luo Fuming suddenly stood up. He raised his head to look—the tribulation clouds were dense, but no lightning was unleashed. Taking into account the factor of time, they were clearly building up for the final, as well as the strongest, blow.

He set his eyes on Ling Han, his divine sense also locking down on the latter solidly. Once the last strike from the heavenly tribulation descended, Luo Fuming would also quickly follow up by shooting the three Evil Bone Needles. In these circumstances, he really could not believe that Ling Han could still survive this safely.

Clang, the last bolt of lightning from the heavenly tribulation descended. It was extremely grand, as if a lightning dragon had taken form, roaring towards Ling Han.

At the same time, Luo Fuming also waved his right hand.?Xiu, three Evil Bone Needles were shot out.

And that was not all, either. Luo Fuming was waiting. Once the heavenly tribulation struck down on Ling Han, Luo Fuming would deliver a spiritual attack. Otherwise, even if he interfered in the heavenly tribulation, nothing good would definitely happen to him.

Ling Han smirked coldly. Luo Fuming had been waiting all this while at the sidelines, so how could Ling Han be unable to think that the other party was planning to snipe him after the heavenly tribulation?

Ling Han flicked the Divine Demon Sword, meeting that final lightning bolt from the heavenly tribulation. Then, he stretched out his left hand, and pressed down on the three Evil Bone Needles. Regulations of Time flared, and the three Evil Bone Needles instantly slowed down drastically. A shadowy light dimmed and brightened, as if they wanted to pierce through the chains that the Regulations of Time ensnared them with.

Luo Fuming was stunned. The Evil Bone Needles were terrifyingly powerful. When he himself had been a Second Heaven Celestial King, he had used them to assassinate a Third Heaven Celestial King. This was definitely a precious tool that had been forged by a Ninth Heaven Celestial King. Aside from Ninth Heaven Celestial King Tier, they should not be affected by Regulations of any other level.

Yet Ling Han actually made the Evil Bone Needles stop. Just how inconceivable was this?

This guy had only just advanced to the Fifth Heaven. Was he really that terrifying?

However, Luo Fuming was only taken aback for an instant. Immediately, he delivered a spiritual attack against Ling Han.

It surpassed Regulations, or was another kind of Regulations. It had no concept of distance at all. The moment it was delivered, the attack instantly blasted into Ling Han’s mind.

A hint of self-satisfaction appeared on Luo Fuming’s face. Ling Han would definitely lose his control over Regulations due to the effects of this blow, and even if it was just an instant, the Evil Bone Needle would be able to stab towards Ling Han again. Furthermore, it could not possibly be blocked this time.


Xiu, the spiritual attack had already landed, but what shocked Luo Fuming was the fact that the three Evil Bone Needles were actually still motionless.

‘How is this possible?!

Luo Fuming could not accept this at all. This scene had completely overturned his common sense.

Ling Han grinned proudly. It was not something as simple as a breakthrough that he had done. He had also completed the spirit cultivation part of the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll.

This kind of spiritual attack was indeed still capable of affecting him, but when used by Luo Fuming, it was actually not much different than if it was used by that large gorilla and old woman from before. It would only cause Ling Han a slight stinging sensation for a while. This was completely within the range he could tolerate.

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