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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 3587: Consecutive wins

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Chapter 3587: Consecutive wins

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


The fist landed on the Battle Armor, and the shockwaves surged out. This was something that the Battle Armor could not completely disperse, and was still spreading out towards Ling Han.

But for Ling Han, who had cultivated to the true pinnacle of each cultivation level, what was this kind of blow worth?

Ling Han merely channeled his mystical power slightly, and was able to turn this shockwave into nothing.

“What!” Seeing this scene, everyone was speechless.

How was he supposed to break through such a sturdy defense?

If they couldn’t penetrate Ling Han’s defenses, they wouldn’t be able to wound him at all, so how could they defeat Ling Han?

The remaining people all frowned. If they wanted to get first place, they could possibly encounter Ling Han, so how would they deal with him?

They racked their brains, and felt that after wearing this tortoise shell, Ling Han’s defenses were really invincible.

“Can Ye, do you dare to fight honorably?” Liu Huayun roared in fury. At present, his whole body was furry, and he was basically a large gorilla.

Ling Han was surprised, “Did I sneak an attack on you?”

“No,” Liu Huayun answered subconsciously.

“Did I sneak attack you from behind?” Ling Han asked.

“No,” Liu Huayun shook his head, not understanding why Ling Han would ask such a question.

“I didn’t sneak attack you, nor did I use any hidden weapons to wound you. How is that not honorable?” Ling Han asked three times.


Liu Huayun was instantly rendered speechless. That’s right. It seemed like Ling Han was indeed very upright and honorable. You see, he was just standing there and allowing him to hit him as he liked.

However, why did he feel like something was off?

He thought for a moment, then said, “Take off your Battle Armor, and we’ll have a fair battle!” He finally realized that this was the key point.

“No!” Ling Han resolutely refused.

Yi, you don’t play by the rules. Shouldn’t you be heroic, and say that we should have a fair battle? Your strength is not inferior to mine at all, all right? What need is there for you to fear a fair battle?

Liu Huayun gritted his teeth. He really wanted to pounce over and bite Ling Han to death. Was it really appropriate for you to bully him like this?

“You don’t even dare to have a fair battle?” he continued to provoke.

Ling Han chuckled, and said, “I snatched this Battle Armor with my own abilities, so why should I take it off before fighting you?”

F***, that made a lot of sense.

Everyone was speechless. Not only was this Ling Han’s defense like a tortoise shell, the thickness of his skin was not to be outdone either. He could not be pierced through at all.

Liu Huayun was at his wit’s end. He looked towards the Foundation Building elite that was supervising the battle, hoping that the latter could uphold justice.

“Are you going to fight or not? If not, then admit defeat,” the Foundation Building elite said impatiently.


Liu Huayun thought for a moment, then shook his head and said, “I forfeit.” Fight my a*s, he couldn’t hurt him at all, all right?

Meanwhile, Ling Han said, “Good battle, good battle. I am presently nurturing my body and mind, and can subdue others without a battle. My character is indeed noble.”


Liu Huayun instantly spluttered out a mouthful of blood. Do you still have any shame?

This was called using virtue to convince others?

Convinced your sister!

Even the Foundation Building elite’s expression darkened again. Yesterday, he already knew that Ling Han was very… weird, but today, his shamelessness had risen to a new height.

Ling Han snickered. That was because they had not seen the large black dog yet. Now, if it was the large black dog that was standing here, just his iron underwear alone would be enough to blind them.

This battle not only caused Liu Huayun to throw up blood, but also gave the others a headache. They were all thinking, what would they do if they encountered Ling Han?

Thinking about it this way, it naturally affected the level of excitement of the following battles, which was greatly below standard.

Because there were only eight battles, they were all finished by noon.

Thus, after the meal, they continued in the afternoon.

There were also a great many disciples of the Primordial Sect that had come to watch. Most of these people were Extreme Bone Tiers and Inscription Tiers. They could watch the battles of Mystery Realm Tiers. Furthermore, it was a contest among prodigies, so it was naturally very beneficial for their growth.

Ling Han soon took the field, still wearing the Battle Armor.

His opponent was… Sima Huai.

What a coincidence, what a real coincidence.

Sima Huai’s expression was slightly ugly. If he wanted to get first place, it was inevitable that he would have to pass Ling Han’s test, but encountering him so quickly, his expression was still a little dark, because he had not thought of how to break through Ling Han’s defenses.

He slowly walked onto the arena, then drew out an axe.

This axe was completely black, but the sharp blade was flickering with a red light, as if it had just drunk its fill of blood. Anyone who saw it would involuntarily tremble.

He roared loudly, and brandished the axe in a slash towards Ling Han.

He had used his full strength in this strike.

However, right at this moment, Ling Han lightly took a step to the left, causing his axe to miss its target. He then threw a punch at his opponent.

F***, you are being shameless here!

Sima Huai was about to cry. Previously, when you were fighting with Liu Huayun, didn’t you not dodge or evade, and merely relied on your defense to force the latter to admit defeat? Why was it that when it was his turn, he actually dodged?

He had not expected that Ling Han would do this at all. Thus, when he delivered a slash with the axe, he had completely focused all his power on the attack, turning it into an attack to the extreme, with no room for defense.

Hence, he could only watch helplessly as this punch flew towards him.

Peng, the fist landed, and Sima Huai felt as if all his internal organs were boiling. He could not help but lean to one side, and vomit endlessly.

He forcibly raised his head, and looked towards Ling Han.

Ling Han winked at him, “My acting skills are not too bad, right?”

Pu, Sima Huai instantly spat out a mouthful of blood. He had died!

No, he had just passed out in fury.

In the arena, everyone was speechless.

Ling Han’s punch could not be considered stunning at all. He had completely made use of a weakness that Sima Huai was completely unguarded against, and that was why he had defeated his opponent in a single move.

Sneaky, shameless!

The remaining people looked at each other. Could it be that they would have to allow such a shameless person to step on everyone’s faces and ascend to the summit?

The Foundation Building elite was also extremely speechless. The purpose of this martial arts tournament was to select talented people. Though the first place had already been decided internally and would be awarded to Liu Jun, in truth, if someone could defeat Liu Jun, the Primordial True Lord would only feel happy. This was the ideal disciple that he had in mind.

But if this person was Ling Han… the Primordial True Lord would definitely grit his teeth as well.

“Third Senior Brother, didn’t Master teach us that strength is the way to go? But that person was wearing a Battle Armor, and defeated his opponent with a single punch.” Among the disciples of the Primordial Sect who were watching the battle in the surroundings, a young man who was only thirteen or fourteen years old had a dumbfounded expression, as he asked a slightly older Senior Brother.

“This…” That Senior Brother was directly rendered speechless.

This was practically destroying their worldview.

The four battles in the afternoon ended, and there were only four people left that could continue tomorrow. They were Ling Han, Liu Jun, Kong Rui and Ma Ruo.

Ling Han’s next opponent was Kong Rui. This was a young man who was brimming with drive, and his abilities were quite extraordinary.

A night passed, and Ling Han had still finished his cultivation and had breakfast, before he arrived at the public square.

There were even more people who had come to watch the battle today. After the two battles in the morning, it would be the finals directly afterwards. The disciples of the sect naturally came to curry the favour of their Senior Brother Liu Jun.

Ling Han took a look. The Primordial Sect was indeed protecting Liu Jun, because Liu Jun’s battle was the first, and he had to wait until Liu Jun finished his battle to begin the second battle.

Most importantly, after the second battle ended, the finals would immediately begin.

This was naturally extremely unjust…

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