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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 3165 Prodigy

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Chapter 3165 Prodigy

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In a place like the main entrance, Gu Tianhe ultimately could not ignore the reputation of the Formations Association. Thus, after he reprimanded them for a while, he stopped. Then, he very kindly called Ling Han to follow him in.

Ling Han quit while he was ahead. After all, he didn’t have much of a relationship with the Formations Association. Moreover, if he were to beat someone up himself, that would be more satisfying.

This would be considered as interest. He would collect a little interest first, while the total debt would be accounted for later.

Ling Han followed Gu Tianhe into the main hall and into a study.

This entire hall was made up of rocks, and since it was the Formations Association, there were naturally traces of formations left everywhere. The moment Ling Han entered, he felt as if a blade was piercing his back. If he committed a crime here, the formations would suppress him first without anyone interfering.

“Uncle Niu sent you here, so what message do you have for me?” Gu Tianhe asked.

Uncle Niu?

No wonder Gu Tianhe was so amicable. So that was the case. However, that old geezer with such a laidback personality actually had such an identity.

Also, that old geezer’s surname was actually Niu.

Ling Han shook his head and said, “Senior Niu only said that he wanted me to come find you, but didn’t say what it was for.”

Gu Tianhe was taken aback. What did Uncle Niu mean?


He suddenly recalled that he had previously gone to visit Niu Huaqing because of the competition that would be held in the Imperial Capital after the New Year. He wanted to ask Niu Huaqing’s opinion on who Niu Huaqing would send as representative.

However, at that time, Niu Huaqing looked impatient, and didn’t even bother to pay him any attention. He didn’t expect that only a few days had passed, and Niu Huaqing would actually send someone over.

Could it be that this was the candidate recommended by Uncle Niu?

A brat that wasn’t even from the Formations Association?

Gu Tianhe thought for a moment, then said, “Little friend, are you a Formation Master?”

“I know a little,” Ling Han said.

“When did you start cultivating Spiritual power?” Gu Tianhe asked.

“About a few months ago.”

Gu Tianhe choked, feeling an indescribable awkwardness.

Was this Uncle Niu deliberately messing with him, recommending such a rookie to make things difficult for him?

If he ignored Ling Han, it was inevitable that he would have the bad reputation of disrespecting his elders, but if he agreed, sending a rookie to the Imperial Capital for a competition would be extremely embarrassing, wouldn’t it?

Sigh, this was too difficult.

He thought for a moment, then said, “All right, let’s test out your spiritual power.”

Huh? Why are you testing my spiritual power?

Ling Han found this strange. He had only come to deliver a message, so why was he being tested on his spiritual power now?

What the hell was going on?

Gu Tianhe took out a pen and placed it on the table, saying, “Try to lift it.”

Ling Han had never tried using his spiritual power like this before, so he couldn’t help but feel curious. His Spiritual Power surged out, turning into invisible tentacles that touched the pen. However, this pen was about seven feet away from him, and after his Spiritual Power crossed this distance, it had declined to an extremely weak state.

Gururu, this pen suddenly moved. Just as it was about to fall, Ling Han became anxious, and his Spiritual Power took the form of a hand. With a grab, this pen instantly stopped in midair.

“En?” Gu Tianhe looked stunned. Though he had made such a request, in truth, he had not expected that Ling Han would really be able to do it.

To accomplish this, one’s spiritual power would have to reach the Elementary Level, at least.

However, he had never imagined that Ling Han would actually succeed.

F***, this guy had really only cultivated his spiritual power for a few months? It ought to be known that to reach the Elementary Level of Spiritual power, even a prodigy like Yan Jun had spent five years.

If this was true, then this brat was definitely freakish.

He finally understood why Uncle Niu had sent Ling Han over.

Talent… no, prodigy!

He couldn’t help but feel slightly tempted. Should he really send Ling Han as the representative of Huju City?

However, two days ago, he had already discussed with a few Attendants, and they would send Yan Jun as their representative. Now, if he suddenly said that he wanted to replace him, it seemed a little inexcusable.

Furthermore, Yan Jun was also a prodigy of formations, and had boundless future prospects. If he was withdrawn at the last minute, wouldn’t that be disappointing him?

What city would not welcome such a talent with open doors?

But Ling Han?

This was someone that Uncle Niu had recommended. If he didn’t allow Ling Han to do it, wouldn’t that be disrespecting Uncle Niu? If his master found out, it was probably possible that he would skin him alive.

Furthermore, Ling Han was really too prodigious.

He was really stuck in a dilemma. Say, couldn’t your Uncle Niu have sent this person over earlier? Then, he wouldn’t have to be so hesitant.


“Young friend, are you interested in joining our Formations Association?” He looked at Ling Han smilingly. This kind of talent naturally had to be seized into the Formations Association.

Ling Han smiled, and said, “I need to consider.”

“All right.” Gu Tianhe nodded. He thought that since this was a person that Uncle Niu had recommended, he probably wouldn’t leave the city.

He thought for a moment, then took out a silver badge and handed it to Ling Han, “Take it. With this, you only need to show it in future, and no one would stop you.”

“All right.” Ling Han nodded. This was not a bad idea. He was very interested in formations. They could assist in battle, and could also be used to concoct alchemical pills, and as for formation techniques, he couldn’t keep hoping that Niu Huaqing would give them to him, right?

The two of them were completely unrelated.

Ling Han bade farewell and left. He felt that this Chairperson Gu was quite amiable, not putting on any airs at all.

——If this was known to others, they would definitely say that Ling Han must be blind.

Gu Tianhe didn’t put on any airs?

What kind of joke was this? Wasn’t he putting on too much airs? There were countless noble clans in the city that wanted to ask him to create formations, but in his case? He ignored them completely. Even if they piled up mountains of gold and silver, he couldn’t be bothered to give them a second look. In fact, he wasn’t even willing to meet them.

No airs? Hehe.

When they arrived at the entrance, Ling Han didn’t see Yan Jun or Yang Ziqing. They probably didn’t have the face to stay here any longer.

However, it was very obvious that this enmity had been formed.

So be it. Would they dare to go to the Xuanqing Banner and provoke him in public?

Ling Han smiled faintly, and returned home.

“Young Master Jun, we’ve already found out where that brat is staying,” Yang Ziqing whispered into Yan Jun’s ear in a restaurant.

Yan Junjing stood by the window, arms crossed behind his back. This was a tall building with 69 floors. Looking down from here, everything seemed very insignificant. And at such a height, even if an elite of Twelve Meridians jumped down, it was guaranteed that he would be smashed into mush.

“All right.” He nodded, and did not say anything else. There were some things that he could not possibly let Yang Ziqing know.

“Young Master Jun, I don’t know what relationship that brat has with Chairperson Gu. Let’s not make a move on him rashly, all right?” Yang Ziqing said. He was a little scared, fearing that Ling Han had an incredible background, and he would be in serious trouble.

Yan Jun smirked coldly. This kind of person had no backbone, and was afraid just like that?

“Don’t worry. Firstly, you didn’t do anything, and secondly, who is Chairperson Gu? How could a country bumpkin like him be worthy of having a connection to him?”

He waved his hand, “You can go back now.”

Yang Ziqing pondered for a moment before gritting his teeth and saying, “Young Master Jun, I’m willing to advance and retreat with you!”

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